Stack Dosh, Amex Offer, portal, and T-Mobile Tuesdays for up to 51% savings on Adidas


There are a number of stacking deals currently available for If you’re looking to buy some workout gear for the summer season, you should be able to stack for a nice savings.

Steps in this stack

While there is always a chance that things won’t track properly, I wrote about a similar stack during the holiday shopping season and I successfully stacked Dosh, a shopping portal, and an Amex Offer. Adding T-Mobile Tuesdays may invalidate cash back from a portal, but here is how the stack would work if everything comes together:

  1. If you are a T-Mobile customer, save today’s T-Mobile Tuesdays offer for 30% off
  2. If you are an American Express cardholder, check your account for an Amex Offer for Adidas (there is currently an offer for 20% back up to $10 on some cards) and sync that to the card with which you’ll pay
  3. Connect that same Amex card to the Dosh app, which is currently offering 10% cash back when you check out with a Dosh-connected card
  4. Click through a shopping portal for up to 10% cash back (see rates here and keep in mind that there are currently a couple of active airline shopping portal bonuses)
  5. Load up your cart and check out with the Amex card sync in steps 2 and 3
  6. In the end, you should get about 51% off of the original price

An example in action

As an example, I tossed this pair of shorts in my cart. As you can see, they were originally $40. The T-Mobile Tuesdays code took 30% off and gave me free shipping, dropping my total to $28. Then I’d expect to get 10% back from a shopping portal ($2.80), 10% back via Amex Offer ($2.80), and 10% back via Dosh ($2.80) for a net total of $19.60.

I’d pay $28 at Adidas but expect to get a further $8.40 back if everything syncs and stacks.

It is possible that going through a portal won’t stack with the unique promo code from T-Mobile Tuesdays. However, last November, I was able to stack Rakuten, Dosh, and the Amex Offer successfully, so I know that at least that much works. Worst case, even if the portal doesn’t stack, you’re getting about 44% off, which isn’t bad if you need stuff from

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Another Jeff

T-mobile coupon excludes all the things worth reselling 🙁

Another Jeff

On the other hand you can stack all your free T-Mobile lines for BOGO chipotle