(Update: Orders Canceled) Stack Drop + Chase/BOA offer for ~$56 or more in profit with The Farmer’s Dog


Update 1/20/21: Nick received an email this evening advising that his order had been canceled:

Hello Nicholas,

We’ve recently flagged some suspicious activity regarding your promotional code, and your order has been canceled. If you have questions, you can reach out to your contact at Drop.

If you’d still like to try our food, we would be happy to offer you a 50% discount on your first box which you may redeem here. We thank you for your understanding, and would love the chance to share our fresh food with you.

Suspicious activity that….people placed orders?! Seems to be more a case of The Farmer’s Dog not thinking through their promotion with Drop properly and having seller’s remorse.

It looks like many other people are getting similar emails, so they’re presumably batch-canceling orders that came from click-throughs from Drop.


Update: Stephen points out that there is an Uber Visa Local offer for 20% back that should stack with this provided you pay with a card that is also loaded to the Uber app.

Doctor of Credit posted on an interesting stack this morning that is available via the Drop app and a Chase or Bank of America offer. Even if you do not have the credit card special offer, you’ll still potentially come out more than $56 ahead (and you may earn another $25 on top if you do have the credit card offer). That made this one worth it to me.

a screenshot of a phone

The Deal

  • The Drop app is offering 75,000 points (worth $75 in gift cards) for signing up for The Farmer’s Dog (fresh dog food delivery service). Points are guaranteed to post within 8 days.
  • If you’re new to the Drop app, feel free to sign up using one of our referral links with out thanks. Note that I think both parties get 5,000 points worth $5.

Key Terms

  • Member must be a new Farmer’s Dog customer
  • Member must shop through the link in the Drop App.
  • Points will not be earned on gift card purchases or returns

Quick Thoughts

Even if you don’t value the dog food (which I’ll note may be possible to donate to your local animal shelter if you aren’t going to use it), this one is a nice little profit. That profit comes in the form of Drop app points, which can be used at a value of $0.01 each toward popular gift cards.

The cost of your first order from The Farmer’s Dog will vary depending on how you answer the survey questions about your pet. The lowest total I’ve seen so far was $17.37 before tax.

Keep in mind that The Farmer’s Dog is a subscription service. It seems that the Drop app points will post in 8 days. Don’t forget to cancel if you don’t want to pay $75 for the next box (and $150 for the next one after that).

Some people have a Chase Offer or Bank of America offer for $25 back at The Farmer’s Dog, which would make this an even better deal. Unfortunately, we didn’t have that on any of the cards in my household.

a screenshot of a website

Some people are noting that they found this offer in the Drop App under “Pets”. I found it under a heading that says “25,000 pts and more” when I scrolled down from the initial log in / home page of the app.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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Just got an email from drop saying it was their fault, not farmers dog. Credited 5000 points for their mistake


FYI, I just received this in an e-mail this morning:

“We’ve recently flagged some suspicious activity regarding your promotional code, and your order has been canceled. If you have questions, you can reach out to your contact at Drop.”

They proceed to say I can still try their food with their regular 50% off the first box discount.

Douglas J Godesky

Appears deal is gone from the Drop app but good to know about it. Do you agree it’s dead deal? Chase has the $25 on several cards.

Douglas J Godesky

Also didn’t find on Uber offers. A day late to the party, correct?


@nickreyes what’s your invite code? The link above just went to a generic Drop App page. I’ll manually type it in.

Nick Reyes

vxjnp. Just added it to the post, thanks!


So in addition to Drop, Chase Offers and Uber, additional potential stacking opportunities:

  1. Caesar rewards card linked offers (1800 pts). Emirates (900 pts) and Jetblue (750) also are possible.
  2. Pei–I see 28% back. Not sure this one will also stack.