Chase Offer: Get 10% back on up to $170 spend


In addition to the Chase Offer giving 10% back at Home Depot, there’s a separate – and seemingly more widely targeted – offer giving 10% back at Staples. While the overall spending limit isn’t as high, it might prove to be just as useful.

Staples Chase Offer 10% back

The Deal

  • Get 10% back at with a targeted Chase Offer.

Key Terms

  • Expires April 30, 2024.
  • Maximum $17 back.
  • Offer valid one time, online only.
  • Offer only valid on purchases made directly with the merchant.
  • Offer not valid on purchases made using third-party services, delivery services, or a third-party payment account (e.g., buy now pay later).
  • Payment must be made on or before offer expiration date.
  • Offer not valid on gift cards.

Quick Thoughts

As with the Home Depot Chase Offer, this one for Staples is only valid on online purchases. Staples sells a wide range of digital and physical products online, so it could prove to be useful for many people even though you can’t use it for in-store purchases.

Chase Offers can be loaded to each of the cards you find it on and can be redeemed on each of those.

Be sure to click through from a shopping portal – here are the current rates.

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Any DP’s on if this will work in store (even if it says only)?

If not, then seems like it’s still worth buying a visa/mc GC on (for example, a $200 Visa GC will cost you 207.95 (with the activation fee) – 10% back ($17 max), you still only pay $190.95 for a $200 visa gift card

@stephen: I assume purchases on will code as office supply and get 5x on chase biz cash cards? (I’ve only purchased in person, not online).


since the MC GC’s are available this week at staples w/o an activation fee it would be great if the chase offer would be triggered by an in store purchase


any DP’s on whether purchasing Visa GC’s will actually trigger the offer? (T&C says no), but sometime it still does.