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United vs. Qantas Business Class to Down Under

My wife and I recently enjoyed a great trip to New Zealand.  To get there we flew United Polaris Business Class.  For our return...
Qantas $30 discount email signup

(EXPIRED) Qantas: Save $30 Per Booking When Signing Up For Email Newsletter

Qantas is trying to encourage US residents to sign up for their email newsletter by giving $30 off all round trip flights to Australia...

(EXPIRED) Book now! Qantas Business Class to Australia from 55K each way

Update 2:00 Eastern: I'm not going to mark this expired yet, as there are still a couple dribs and drabs out there (possibly due...
Qantas Airplane

(EXPIRED) Qantas Amex Offer: Spend $1,500 & Get $200 Back

A new Qantas Amex Offer appeared today which can save you $200 on paid flights Down Under or awards that have high taxes and...

(EXPIRED) Qantas Premium Economy to Australia starting at 47.5K miles

Update 3/6 - Western Australia is now open to vaccinated tourists, making the Perth option discussed below viable.  Availability has lessened quite a bit in...
American Express Membership Rewards Transfer Bonuses.

(EXPIRED) Wow! 12 Membership Rewards Transfer Bonuses (Aeroplan, Avios, Virgin Atlantic & More)

It's not unusual to see a Membership Rewards transfer bonus on the 1st of the month. What is unusual is seeing 12 of them! That's...
Qantas Sweet Spots

Qantas Sweet Spots for award tickets (economy and business class)

Qantas sweet spots are governed by the distance from the start point of your trip to the end point. While Qantas has a distance-based...

Extend your Qantas points – don’t delete that email

Qantas Frequent Flyer sent a targeted email today to some customers about points expiration. In my case, it basically said that I have points...
Qantas Transfer Bonus

(EXPIRED) Qantas Transfer Bonus: Get Up To 25% Bonus Points & Earn Status Credits...

Qantas is offering a bonus when transferring points into their Frequent Flyer program and also offering Status Credits based on the number of points...
Citi ThankYou Qantas

(EXPIRED) Get 25% Bonus When Transferring Citi ThankYou Points To Qantas

Citi is offering a 25% bonus when transferring ThankYou points to Qantas. The transfer bonus is available for more than four weeks, so there's...
Qantas 20% bonus

(EXPIRED) Qantas: Get 20% Bonus When Transferring Credit Card Points (Targeted)

Qantas is offering a 20% bonus when transferring credit or charge card points to your Frequent Flyer account. This appears to be a targeted...
Membership Rewards Qantas 20% Transfer Bonus

(EXPIRED) Get 20% Bonus When Transferring Membership Rewards To Qantas

American Express has been offering a large number of bonuses when transferring Membership Rewards to travel partners recently. They launched a new one a...

(EXPIRED) 33.3% transfer bonus from Capital One to Qantas

Capital One is offering a transfer bonus on points transferred to Qantas. This bonus began last month, but we just realized that we never...
Qantas Transfer Bonus

(EXPIRED) Qantas Transfer Bonus: Earn 15-25% Extra When Transferring Credit Card Points (Targeted)

Qantas is offering a bonus to members of its Frequent Flyer program when transferring credit card points to your account. The bonus is either...

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