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Save Money Everywhere

How to save money on travel and almost all other purchases by utilizing discounted gift cards and shopping portals.

Discover Deals portal is back.

Sorry for the false alarm issued earlier (Discover appears to have dropped their cash back portal. Will it return?).  The portal is back, along...
Discover drops portal

Discover appears to have dropped their cash back portal. UPDATE: It’s back

Update 2:55 pm EST: The portal is already back Not only has Discover recently announced a disappointing selection of 5% categories for the 4th quarter...
ebates birthday

Ebates Birthday Celebration – 16% Cashback at over 150 Stores

Ebates is offering 16% cashback at 150+ merchants in celebration of their 16th birthday.

CashBackMonitor adds configurable point values

CashBackMonitor has unveiled yet another groundbreaking new feature.  They now let you set your own point values within their system.  Here’s why I’m excited… Background Online...

2% Cash Back on Amex Gift Cards Through the Ebates Mobile App

The Ebates shopping portal currently is offering 2% back on the purchase of American Express gift cards when using their mobile app.

Misleading portal deal details: how to make sense of them

You would think that email promotional advertisements would be pretty straightforward, right?  You would think that the vendor would want you to know if...

CashBackMonitor adds an awesome new feature. Here’s why you should care.

Over the weekend, CashBackMonitor unveiled a new feature called “Best Rate History”.  Here’s why that’s awesome… Background Online shopping portals are a great way...

Increased portal rates from a number of merchants: Boden, Lands End, Macy’s, more…

As found in today’s Frequent Miler Portal Alerts, a number of portals are offering enhanced bonus miles, most likely today only (4/7/2015): Alaska...

AA and Alaska portal offers: Home Depot, Crate & Barrel, Eddie Bauer, Sears, Sephora,...

The American Airlines AAdvantage eShopping Portal and Alaska Airlines MileagePlan Shopping Portal are offering increased bonus miles at a number of stores.  Offers that...

Staples 6X Per Dollar & More Increased Portal Offers

Both the Southwest and AAdvantage portals have increased offers today at a variety of merchants including: Staples, Kohl's & Sears.

Other Ways to Earn Points & Miles

Earning miles through shopping portals, gift cards, category bonuses and more.

Today’s portal offers: up to 10X AAdvantage, up to 6X United and Southwest

Increased portal offers have popped up today for a number of merchants.  These offers are most likely good only for today (Friday February 20th). ...

Here’s your chance to catch up with Bluebird, REDcard, portals, and more

The past few weeks here at the Frequent Miler blog have been a blur of activity including new blog features, breaking stories, and much...

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