JetBlue nixes Amazon 3x except in-flight as of 3/27


JetBlue has sent an email out to TrueBlue members announcing that they will cease to offer 3x for Amazon purchases on the ground — only offering 3x when connected to Fly-Fi in-flight Internet on JetBlue. It was previously possible to earn 3x on Amazon purchases starting through the JetBlue site (see: Earn 3X JetBlue Points Per Dollar Shopping on Amazon), setting it apart from most shopping portals (which only pay out in select categories).

This change is taking effect March 27, 2018. This changes the dynamic for stacking — see Extreme Stacking [New] for information on what still works. It’s further disappointing since I just learned that TrueBlue points can be converted to Aeroplan — a day late and a dollar short as they say, having mostly ignored this partnership in my purchases. If you have any big Amazon purchases to make and you were counting on earning JetBlue points, you’ve got about two weeks left to earn before you’ll have to make those purchases in the sky.

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[…] Remember that you can shop through JetBlue for 3x, but only for a few more days on the ground (See: JetBlue nixes Amazon 3x except in-flight as of 3/27). […]


Despite going through the JetBlue portal for Amazon purchases, they have rarely (3 out of 30) posted to my account. Doubt this change will really matter to me.


I seem to have better success than that, but it’s so difficult to track and the money involved so modest (I probably spend about $100 at Amazon a month) that I’ve never truly monitored it.

Is there now no program that earns cashback on all Amazon purchases? I’ve seen those category bonuses, but those don’t seem to work too often for me and they’re obviously a hassle to keep track of.


How weird, jut yesterday, I was thinking, as I was using my JetBlue link on Amazon, ” this is truly too good to be true!”
Blame it on me….

Jonathan Sawyer

My understanding is that this was the only portal that was not specific to particular shopping categories. Bummer! Hopefully something else fills the gap…