(EXPIRED) Target gift cards 10% off on 12/2. Leverage w/ 20% off coupon

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Update 2: This deal is now live.

Update: This offer will be available both in-store and online on Sunday. It was originally rumored that it would only be online, but Target has released official confirmation indicating that it will be in-store as well. H/T: Doctor of Credit

Target will be offering its annual sale good for 10% off on Target gift cards this Sunday, December 2, 2018, but this time the word on the street is that it will only be available online. That should more effectively limit people to the $300 in gift cards per household cap ($270 after discount). Pay with a Target REDCard to save an additional 5% REDcard apparently does not get a discount on gift card purchases (Thanks Mark).

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Limit one order per household good for 10% off on up to $300 in gift cards
  • Gift cards can not be redeemed until 10am on 12/3/18
  • Excludes reloads
  • Excludes Target Visa Gift Cards, Target Mastercard Gift Cards, other Visa Gift Cards, etc — only includes Target store gift cards

Quick Thoughts

Last year, this was valid both in-store and online. The limit was supposed to be $300 in Target gift cards per customer, but enforcement was up to the cashier in stores. Some cashiers allowed multiple transactions and many people made the rounds to multiple stores stocking up. There were subsequent reports of some gift cards being zeroed out by Target, though that did not happen to everyone. This year, it appears that Target intends to control the sale a bit more tightly by only offering it online.

I’m happy to see that the sale is coming back this weekend as it should be a good opportunity for those who scored a coupon on Black Friday to leverage additional savings. If you purchased $50 or more in-store on Black Friday or simply scanned the Target Wallet app in-store and spent at least $0.01, you should have gotten a coupon good for 20% off from 11/27-12/8/18. You can of course apply that coupon and then pay with gift cards, so this sale enables you to stack some additional savings. If you shop regularly at Target, that combo should offer some nice savings.

Keep in mind that the gift cards purchased on 12/2 will not be redeemable until the next day — at 10am on 12/3.

H/T: Danny the Deal Guru at Miles to Memories

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Kathy (will run for miles)

any idea which shopping portals would work?

Probably not any. I tried the BA portal just in case it works, but I don’t have high hopes.


Too bad the 20% coupon excludes most of the good stuff


Can you buy a Target gift card online using a prepaid Visa card?


Before with the gift cards you could use them to buy disney cards I was told you can’t now is this true

Mary F.

Are you saying use your 20% Black Friday coupon to purchase the $300 giftcard online or are you saying use the 20% Black Friday coupon and the $300 giftcard. on Dec. 2 or after to purchase Target items?

Mary F.

Thanks for the explanation, I am kind of dense at times! lol


Possible to buy other gift cards using the Target gift card?


Yes this died earlier this year.


I just had this pointed out to me as well and checked the terms. REDcard does not get the 5% discount on Target gift cards. Doesn’t really make sense to me but that is the case.