(EXPIRED) (Targeted) American Airlines Emailing Instant Status Invitations – Platinum & Platinum Pro

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Check your emails as American Airlines has sent out another round of targeted invitations to get an instant – and free – upgrade to Platinum or Platinum Pro status.

American Airlines Platinum Status

The Deal

  • Receive instant Platinum or Platinum Pro status with American Airlines.
  • Registration link (only targeted members will be able to register though)

Key Terms

  • Register by January 25, 2019 at 11:59pm CT.
  • Status will be valid through May 15, 2019.
  • Travel completed before registration doesn’t count toward this challenge.
  • Eligible tickets include purchased, published fares flown between the date you register and May 15, 2019 Qualifying eligible flights must be operated by American Airlines or marketed by American, American Eagle, British Airways, Finnair, Iberia or Japan Airlines.
  • Flights marketed and/or operated by codeshare partners not listed above aren’t eligible for this promotion.
  • Bonus EQDs and EQMs don’t count toward this offer.
  • After you reach the required thresholds, your elite-status membership benefits will be extended immediately through January 31, 2020.

Quick Thoughts

I’ve just received an invitation to upgrade to Platinum status instantly. There have also been reports of Platinum Pro invitations going out, something my wife received last year.

We’re likely to be flying American Airlines up to New York in March, so that should give us an opportunity to take advantage of some of the Platinum benefits, although it’ll be a puddle jumper seeing as we’ll be flying out of Norfolk VA.

This offer comes with a challenge to maintain the status or possibly earn an even higher level with reduced requirements. To retain Platinum status beyond May 15, 2019, I’d need to earn 12,500 EQMs and $1,500 EQDs versus the normal requirement of 50,000 EQMs and $6,000 EQDs. Similarly, I could earn Platinum Pro with 20,000 EQMs and $2,400 EQDs rather than 75,000 EQMs and $9,000 EQDs.

As mentioned earlier, this offer is targeted. The email I received had the subject line ‘Free Platinum status for you’. If you have been targeted, you’ll see an option to register for the promotion after entering your details at the link provided above; otherwise it’ll just show your regular account information.

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Can this be used to status match to Alaska, or do they require you to actually earn the AA status?


Can you use the 500 mile upgrade when filying on AA metal on a OW award leg?


can’t use it even on AA awards so no


I wasn’t targeted with one of these offers after missing Gold status by 2 EQSs in 2018. I sent a message to customer service requesting an offer. Probably won’t happen, but worth a shot.


I’m in a similar boat


My wife got targeted for Platinum and her status was changed within 30 minutes or so, but she still doesn’t have the twenty 500 mile upgrades. Anyone else having this issue?


I got the email and signed up for Platinum. Platinum appears to be equal to United Gold. It also appears that one cannot upgrade on transcontinental flights. If I read it correctly, upgrades would be limited to North America. True? The 20 free upgrades are nice – does that mean I use 5 – 500 mile upgrades to go from SFO to NY? Sorry for the questions. Trying to figure out which airline to book my Feb. SFO to London trip as I also have Gold on United. It’s coming down to $500 for E with an upgrade to EP or burning points for business class. I don’t see AA Plat. being much help. If Im wrong, someone correct me.

iolaire mcfadden

Yes the upgrades are miles/500 = upgrades needed, so PHI -> DCA might be 1-2, but SFO -> NYC will be something like 4-5. I did this last year and did three flights DCA to the Westcoast and was upgraded twice from DFW -> CA (once with wife as well) and then once with wife PHI -> DCA.

I saw the most “benefit” from same day standby and access to the slightly better economy seats, once was probably an international configured plane SFO -> ORD as that has more premium economy like seats (that one was via standby where I didn’t pick seats).


Wife received gold offer. I didn’t receive anything. I’m not planning to fly AA any time this year though… so oh well.


I received one of these Platinum signups last year. I excitedly signed up, and then purchased 15 one-way segments during the 90 day period. Not once did I receive an upgrade during the period. It seems so many of these offers are sent out that no one is able to take advantage of the benefits. When everyone is platinum, then no one is platinum


Ha ha yes you’re exactly right. But I didn’t even get an offer.


I received the Platinum status email… clicked the link in the email… logged into my AAdvantage account, and from there, there is no button to register for the promotion. Is it not yet live or something?

The page shows a link to the “registration details” but there is no “register now” button. It just says “register by January 25″…


omg… scroll bars were hidden. Now I see it. Thanks!

G650 captain

Also received a Gold offer


Or just a Gold offer, like I got


Title needs changing (American Express)