Hyatt & American Airlines Partnership Now Live – Link Your Accounts Now


Back in March, Hyatt and American Airlines announced that they’d be partnering to offer reciprocal benefits for World of Hyatt members flying with American and AAdvantage members staying at Hyatt properties. That partnership has gone live and so you can now link your two accounts.

Link World of Hyatt American Airlines AAdvantage

The Deal

  • Link your World of Hyatt and American Airlines AAdvantage accounts to earn bonus points/miles and receive additional benefits.
  • Direct link to registration.

Key Terms

  • You must link your AAdvantage account to your Hyatt account to receive these benefits.
  • The name in your AAdvantage account must match the name in your World of Hyatt account.
  • Register by October 1, 2019, to be eligible for an exclusive World of Hyatt status offer.

Quick Thoughts

You can read more about the partnership here: Hyatt & American Airlines Announce Partnership – Reciprocal Earning, Status Challenges & More.

As a quick summary, American Airlines AAdvantage members with Gold status or above will receive the following benefits:

  • Earn 1 AAdvantage bonus mile for every eligible $1 you spend on qualifying Hyatt stays and experiences.
  • ConciergeKey members can receive World of Hyatt Globalist status.
  • AAdvantage Executive Platinum, Platinum Pro and Platinum members can earn World of Hyatt elite status at an accelerated rate.

World of Hyatt members will receive the following benefits:

  • Discoverist, Explorist and Globalist members will earn 1 bonus point per eligible dollar spent on American Airlines flights.

While it’s not an earth-shattering partnership, earning bonus miles/points on paid stays/flights is a nice little bonus.

If you happened to be targeted for the complimentary American Airlines status offer a few months ago, that gives you an opportunity to parlay it into status with Hyatt. That’s because one of the benefits is that ‘AAdvantage Executive Platinum, Platinum Pro and Platinum members can earn World of Hyatt elite status at an accelerated rate’. It’s not entirely clear what that accelerated rate might be as you have to link your accounts first. I was targeted for that American status offer, but I already have Globalist status with Hyatt. My wife on the other hand only has Discoverist status from the Hyatt credit card, but she has no status whatsoever with American.

If you were targeted for that complimentary status with American, it ends on Wednesday May 15. You therefore only have a couple of days to link your accounts if you’re wanting an opportunity to accelerate your Hyatt status.

Update: I’ve just registered my account and as an AAdvantage Platinum member it offered me the opportunity to “upgrade” to Explorist even though I’m already a Globalist member. Here are the terms of the status challenge:

  • Register by October 1, 2019 to receive Explorist status for 90 days.
  • Stay ten qualifying nights at any Hyatt hotel or resort within 90 days of registration to maintain Explorist status through February 28, 2021 and earn 4 Club Lounge Access Awards.

Let us know in the comments below what offer you received if you’re a Platinum Pro or Executive Platinum member. I’m guessing that Executive Platinum members (and possibly Platinum Pro members) will receive a Globalist status challenge, but it’ll be good to have actual data points. It sounds like ConciergeKey members receive Globalist status automatically upon linking accounts without the need to complete a status challenge.

Update 2: Upon checking the detailed terms of the status challenge, my Explorist offer refers to Platinum and Platinum Pro members. It therefore does sound like that those members receive an Explorist challenge, while Executive Platinum members will receive a Globalist challenge.

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[…] an additional 3x AAdvantage miles on that would’ve been a sweet deal. The good thing is that Hyatt already offers 1x AAdvantage mile per dollar spent for those with AA Gold status or above, so it’s only the additional 2x we’d be missing […]

[…] be launching a partnership that would allow reciprocal earning, status challenges and more. That partnership went live a couple of months later in May, while late last year some World of Hyatt members with Globalist […]


AA Plat / Hyatt Discoverist here. For some reason I had to take the long way to finally find and register for my offer of Hyatt Explorist…after linking my accounts on hyatt’s site I initially didnt receive an offer/challenge, only after I logged into AA, then searched for AA partners, then got to the page that says my accounts are linked, did I scroll thru the small print and found a link “world of hyatt elite status offers”. Once I clicked on that it took me to a landing page to input my hyatt login info again, then I finally landed on a page stating the following, with a button to register and the following offer…

Now that your American Airlines AAdvantage® account is linked to your World of Hyatt account, you have an exclusive opportunity to fast track to Explorist status.
You’ll enjoy the benefits of Explorist status while you’re working your way toward it.
Here’s how it works:

Register by October 1, 2019 to receive Explorist status for 90 days.
Stay ten qualifying nights at any Hyatt hotel or resort within 90 days of registration to maintain Explorist status through February 28, 2021 and earn 4 Club Lounge Access Awards.


I’m Hyatt Globalist with no AA status and got the following offer:

Plus, Opportunities to Fast Track to Elite Status in AAdvantage®
Explorist and Globalist members may receive opportunities to fast track to higher AAdvantage® elite status.
Current Offer:
Because you are a Globalist member, you now have the opportunity to enjoy AAdvantage® Platinum status while working to achieve up to Executive Platinum status through January 31, 2021.

Once you’ve linked your accounts, please allow 1-2 days to view this offer in your AAdvantage® account. Be sure to register by September 30, 2019.


I’m EXP and linked my accounts. Received Dicoverist which I already had since I’ve got the Hyatt CC. Waste of time


Do award nights count as qualifying stays for the 10 night minimum in order to complete the explorist challenge?


So I’ve linked my accounts using my temporary Platinum status. To take advantage of the Hyatt Status Fast Track Offer, do I need to register while I’m still a Platinum AA member or will I be able to register in a few months after I’ve lost my Platinum status? I’d like to register closer to the Fall when I might be able to make Hyatt stays.


Looks like you need to have minimum gold status on American to get any American miles on Hyatt spend.


Well I linked my accounts. I’m a Hyatt Globalist and have no status on American. I’m not sure if I understand this or not but it sounds like the only way I benefit is if I buy American tickets, I’ll earn Hyatt bonus points. I guess that I won’t receive American bonus miles when staying at Hyatt since I’m not an AA elite? Well this is worse than I originally thought.
I pretty much swore off AA after their Alaska Mileage Plan all but disintegrated so I’ll get exactly nothing from this. AA in my experiences was an operational nightmare.
So accounts linked for nothing. Lovely.


I’m a Globalist without AA status as well, and frankly this is awful for us. There will be a ton of new American top elites enjoying every benefit we have and competing with us for upgrades while we get absolutely zero AA benefits for being top elites with Hyatt. This is a sucker deal, and I really can’t understand why Hyatt would go for it, intentionally making things worse for their top customers.


True, but that comes with any elite status.


I’m EXP/Discoverist, and I received a tiered trial offer to Explorist and Globalist — 10 QNs in 90 days to maintain Explorist or 20 QNs in 90 days to maintain Globalist. You do NOT get any suite upgrades so this is pretty useless IMHO.