(EXPIRED) (Targeted) Citi Custom Cash: Earn 4x Bonus Points In Select Category (Grocery Stores, Home Improvement)

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Citi has sent out targeted emails today to some (or all?) Custom Cash cardholders offering an extra 4 ThankYou points per dollar in a particular spending category. What’s particularly great about the offers are that at least some of them overlap with existing bonus categories on the card which mean you can earn up to 9x ThankYou points on up to $625 of spend.

Citi Custom Cash +4 ThankYou Points

The Deal

  • Earn 4x bonus ThankYou points on the Citi Custom Cash card in one of the following categories if targeted:
    • Grocery stores
    • Home improvement which includes:
      • Hardware Stores
      • Home Improvement Stores
      • Lawn & Garden Supply Stores
      • Home Furnishing Stores

Key Terms

  • This offer starts upon enrollment and will end on 08‌/‌31‌/‌2022. Earnings associated with this program will equal 4 bonus ThankYou Point(s) per $1 spent on eligible purchases and may overlap with other special offers in which you are currently enrolled. Bonus points awarded with this offer are subject to a maximum of 2,500 additional points.
  • This offer excludes purchases made at discount stores, supercenters, warehouses, and independent contractors.
  • Grocery Stores purchases include purchases at supermarkets, meat/seafood stores, dairy stores, bakeries, and miscellaneous food/convenience stores. Excludes purchases at general merchandise/discount superstores; wholesale/warehouse clubs; candy, nut and confectionery stores. Purchases made at online supermarkets or with grocery delivery services also do not qualify if the merchant does not classify itself as a supermarket by using the supermarket merchant category code.
  • Hardware Stores are classified as merchants that sell a full range of hardware supplies for purchase by the general public. Products for sale may include small ticket electrical supplies, wiring, nuts, bolts, nails, screws, hammers, screwdrivers and other small tools, washers, keys, lights bulbs, brackets, and plumbing supplies. Home Improvement Stores are classified as home supply warehouse stores, lumber and building materials stores, paint and wallpaper stores, hardware stores, nurseries – lawn and garden supply stores and paints, varnishes and supplies stores. Excludes florists and florists’ supply stores; nursery stock; wholesale construction stores; and glass stores. Lawn and Garden Supply Stores are classified as merchants that sell nursery stock, trees, shrubs, potted plants, seeds, bulbs, mulches, soil conditioners, fertilizers, pesticides, garden tools, and other garden supplies. Home Furnishing Stores are classified as merchants that primarily sell furniture for homes.
  • ThankYou Points earned will be posted to the primary cardmember’s account in 1‑2 billing cycles.

Quick Thoughts

This is a fantastic offer if you’re targeted, especially if the spending category overlaps with one of the Custom Cash card’s existing bonused spend categories. I received an offer for grocery store spend, while Greg got one for home improvement stores, both of which offer 5x points on up to $500 spend per billing cycle as standard if it’s your top eligible spend category. That means we’ll earn a total of 9 ThankYou points per dollar in our eligible spend category.

With Citi offering up to 2,500 bonus points, you’ll max this out when spending $625. You’ll therefore need to spread out your spending across two billing cycles if you want to earn 9x on all that spend. That’s because you’re limited to that $500 of spend at 5x in your top eligible spend category each billing cycle, so if you spent $625 in one go you’d earn 9x on the first $500 and “only” 5x on the $125 extra. That’s still a decent return, but I’d rather earn 9x on all that spend.

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oh wow, just came across this post, and checked my inbox. (Had missed it before) Subject line reads: “Use Your Citi Custom Cash Card and earn extra ThankYou(R) Points on eligible….”

(then continues on with your category eligible… in my case groceries.)

Very nice catch Stephen. Am really warming up to this card. (and will try next to convert my legacy Diamond Preferred to “Custom Cash” too….)


I received an offer on one of my CCC cards (I have 7 of them) for home improvement stores, which stacks.


Finally! A blog post in which I received targeted marketing! I had used my Custom Cash exclusively for dining but gladly will switch until the end of August in order to qualify for 9%. I carry both the American Express Gold yielding 4% and Capital One Savor yielding 4% on dining. I shop quite a bit at Walmart Neighborhood market. I’ll have to use my American Express Blue Cash Preferred to receive my bonus there but it’s all good. Thanks for sharing!