TD Bank credit card offer: 5% cash back for dining, grocery, gas, cable and utilty bills for 6 months


TD Bank is offering 5% cash back for six months for “eligible purchases”.  From their terms & conditions: “Eligible Retail purchases are limited to dining, grocery and gas purchases as well as cable, phone and utility bill payments.”

Hat tip Rick

Note that Wells Fargo has a similar offer of 5% cash back for 6 months, but their categories are: gas, groceries, and drugstore.

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Sound like a very wonderful offer it is!!! I hope for this offer a lot of response will be get TD bank credit card. Thanks for sharing up in such offer.

silver springer

I followed your link to the Wells Fargo cash back card that includes 5% cashback on drugstore. The terms say some purchases are excluded. Do you know if VL cards are excluded? Thanks.

Frequent Miler

I’m sure that Vanilla Reload cards would get 5%, but I don’t have the card yet to prove it.


So it doesn’t include pharmacy. Big deal. How much money can somebody really spend in a month at a pharmacy (insert evil laugh)?


CSP is 50K + 5k for AU today.


AF is $125 for that one.


Only available in a very few limited States, right?


er how is this news? this has been around for many months. you need to have a bank account open with them

Frequent Miler

Its news to me. Didn’t know about it before.


Around where?
Where do you get your CC info from?

Andrew C

i have no experience whatsoever with td bank, but i’m guessing that hitting this even a little bit hard on those categories will result in pretty quick action. certainly the same from wf. certainly you know this, fm, but everyone else, proceed with caution.


do you need to have a banking relationship with TD? AND/OR have any state residency requirements? I dont think there’s a TD in Texas.