The NEW Deal of the Year: Preparing for Discover Apple Pay and $2,000


Discover Apple PayUPDATE 9/18/2015: Discover’s Apple Pay promotion now explicitly excludes gift cards. Please see details here.

Discover’s top execs have gone completely crazy.  Either that or their bonuses are dependent upon customer acquisition and retention and not on profit.  Either way, it means free money for us.  A lot of free money!

Earlier, I labeled Discover’s Double Cash Back for a Year promotion the Promo of the Year.  The ability to combine Discover It’s 5% categories with Discover Deals shopping bonuses and get all of that cashback doubled is absurdly generous.  Now, Discover execs have slipped completely off their rocking chairs and are offering 10% cashback for all Apple Pay purchases between September 16 and December 31 2015.

Here’s a quote from Discover’s press release:

From September 16, to the end of the year, cardmembers who pay with their Discover card using Apple Pay will automatically earn an extra 10% Cashback Bonus on up to $10,000 of in-store purchases. Discover it Miles, Miles and Escape cardmembers will earn an extra 10 miles per dollar on up to $10,000 of in-store purchases.

How good is this deal?  even by itself, it’s huge.  Discover has promised to give 10% cashback (or 10X miles for those with a Discover Miles card) up to $10,000 in spend per cardmember.  That means that each card holder can earn up to $1,000 in addition to rewards their card would have earned anyway.  Suppose, for example, you can find a store that accepts Apple Pay and sells $500 Visa gift cards, each with a $4.95 fee.  In that case, you could, over time, buy $10,000 worth of gift cards, pay $99 in fees; and earn $1000 from this promotion, plus at least 1% from your Discover card’s usual rewards (1% of $10,099 = $100.99).  In other words, the $1000 bonus would be pure profit!

How good is this deal when combined with Discover’s Double Cash Back offer?  It’s crazy.  Nuts.  Insane.  $1,000 in cashback will eventually double to $2,000!  And, that’s on top of the crazy amounts of cash back you’ll already earn through Discover It’s 5% categories (doubled to 10%), and from shopping through the Discover Deals portal!

What you need

In order to fully take advantage of this deal you’ll need three things:

  • An iPhone that supports Apple Pay (iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, or 6S Plus)
  • A Discover card enrolled in the Double Cashback (or Double Miles) offer
  • Access to one or more stores that support Apple Pay and let you buy gift cards with a credit card

See below for advice on all three…

How to get an iPhone 6

Discover Apple PayIf you don’t already have an iPhone 6, you can obviously just go and buy one (but you might want to wait a few weeks until the 6S is available) and/or upgrade from your existing phone.  It will cost you, though.

For those with AT&T service, or those willing to switch to AT&T service, I’ll remind you of another option…

Free iPhone 6: You can get a free iPhone by signing up for the Citi AT&T Access More card and spending $2,000 (details here).  Doctor of Credit published a link to the phone’s available through this deal.  Both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are currently available.  I expect that the 6S models will be available soon as well.  Just FYI: It has been reported that signing up for new AT&T service results in a hard credit pull so be prepared for two credit pulls if you’re new to AT&T and you sign up for the Access More card.

You can find the signup link for the AT&T Access More card on my Best Offers page.  FYI: I do not earn a commission for this card.

If you go this route, do it soon.  You won’t be eligible for the free phone until after you’ve met the $2,000 spend requirement.  And, obviously, you won’t be able to use Apple Pay until your phone arrives.

When you signup for the Access More card, you’ll be given a unique phone offer link from which you can purchase a new phone. The cost of the phone will even count towards the $2,000 spend requirement!  Once you’ve met the $2,000 spend requirement, Citi will then credit your account for the cost of the new phone, up to $650 (exclusive of taxes, shipping, fees & wireless service).

Authorized user option: I have to admit that I don’t know for sure that adding an authorized user card to Apple Pay will work, but I expect it will. The idea is to find a friend who has an iPhone 6 and then add that friend as an authorized user to your Discover account.  Then, drive your friend to the closest Apple Pay friendly store that sells gift cards and ask them to use Apple Pay to buy those gift cards for you.  Finally, take that friend out for a nice dinner – they just helped you make a bunch of money!

How to enroll in Double Cash Back or Double Miles

Discover Apple Pay

There was a period of time when it was possible to enroll existing Discover cards into the Double Cash Back for a year offer.  Unfortunately, in late June, Discover stopped allowing existing cardmembers to enroll.  If you enrolled in-time, then you’re good to go.  Or, if you signed up for a new Discover card since the promotion began, then you’re good to go as well – you would have been automatically enrolled.  What are your options if you’re not enrolled?

Sign up for a new card: If you don’t already have a Discover card, I absolutely recommend signing up for one now.  For many people, the Discover It card is the best bet thanks to its rotating 5% categories and its access to cash back from the Discover Deals portal.  For those who prefer keeping things simple, the Discover It Miles card is hard to beat.

Sign-up links for both can be found here. FYI: I do not earn a commission for Discover cards. For the Discover It card, though, we’ve published a friend’s referral link.  If you signup with that link, both you and my friend will earn $50 cashback, which will later be doubled to $100.

Sign up for a second card: If you already have a Discover card, it is possible to get a second one, but you must be a cardmember for at least a year. According to Doctor of Credit, this is the official word from Discover:

A cardmember can be the primary cardholder on two Discover accounts, and can only be considered for a second account once they have had the first account for at least a year

Ask a relative to signup: If there’s someone in your family that would trust you to manage their account (a spouse, perhaps?), then consider asking them to signup for a Discover card, and to add you as an authorized user.  You can then earn double cash back (or miles, which are really cash back too) for a year with your authorized user card.  Keep in mind, though, that all rewards will post to your family member’s account.

Stores that support Apple Pay

Apple provides a list of stores accepting Apple Pay.  The list includes interesting stores such as:

  • BI LO
  • Duane Reade
  • Meijer
  • ToysRUs
  • Walgreens
  • etc…

I don’t know how well the list is kept up to date, though.  The same page says to look for the following symbols when checking out:

Discover Apple Pay Symbols

I’d recommend looking for these symbols in stores you frequent.  When you find stores that sell useful gift cards and let you pay with Apple Pay, please report your findings in the comments below.

Wrap up

This is seriously one of the best deals I’ve seen in a long time… In fact, I’m having a hard time thinking of a better deal ever.  My niece recently signed up for the Discover It card and so now I’ll look into getting her upgraded to an iPhone 6 so that she can participate in this deal.  I might just sign up for the Access More card so that I can get her a phone free and clear.  And, of course, my wife will apply for her first Discover card soon.  Let’s just hope that Discover is still in business a year from now when they have to start paying out on all of these Double Cash Back promises!

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I bought iphone 6s from sam’s club with current promotion to get $250 gift card, when you buy iphone on att next installment plan. Now is there a way to pay off phone using apple pay ?

[…] or not gift card purchases would work…  You can find full details about the promotions here and […]

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I had an idea today concerning this deal. If you don’t have an iphone6 and you want one, ask a friend who has an iphone 6 to allow you to link your discover it card to apple pay on their phone. Use their phone to buy a new iphone 6 at the apple store and get 20% cash back!


@Vicki … Go to the Post Office and ask for a moving package. Inside is a 5% off for Best Buy. I bought an Apple Watch @ Best Buy using my Wife’s Discover & Apple Pay. You get the 22% cash back from Discover and 5% off for a total of 27%.


I purchased an Apple watch on 10/12/15 specifically for this promotion. Bought the watch using the 5% off Best Buy moving coupon from the USPS & my Wife’s Discover card using Apple pay for a 27% discount.

I paired the watch w/ her iphone 6, which is in my name, using ios9. I experienced a problem where the Apple watch would not sync for Apple Pay. I would get to the point of verification w/ Discover and my Discover card would not get verified. I called Discover and they said it was an Apple problem. I called Apple and they said it was a Discover problem.

I called Discover again and they remotely followed me trying to sync the watch. I come to find out that that Discover is really, really sorry, but Apple watch does not work w/ Discover as of this date. They have been well aware of this issue. They are working on the problem but do not know when it will be fixed. I told them I got the Discover card & the Apple watch specifically for the 22% cash back promo. I was led to believe there is a very good chance that the 22% promo will be extended past 12/31/15, due to this issue.

After speaking to Discover & Apple web support, it seems that there is problems syncing many different bank cards to Apple watch such as Capital One and Chase cards. Looks like they put the cart before the horse w/ this roll out!

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My statement closed. No apple pay cash back yet. Hopefully next cycle. I did receive cash back for buying things through the portal (not related to apple pay).


Discover customer service answered my wifes email saying it takes 2 cycles for 10% to go through. Any one else get this response


I had my statement close yesterday. 1 non gc purchase, 1 gc purchase. No apple pay promo cash back. Just 1%.


Anyone confirmed getting cashback on their statement yet? After buying GCs?


Correct. My statement closed Saturday and posted this morning. Several totally legit non-gc purchases more than 5 days out that did not get 10% back. So I assume that no 10% is going to post immediately after the closing of the statement.

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Where does it say that?


Clearly says on Apple Pay that gift cards are EXCLUDED


In reading the release I’m not convinced it’s actually 10% cashback. It looks like it’s a 10% bonus on top of the cashback you would earn on the standard purchase. So if you buy gift cards you would earn 1% cashback, with a 10% bonus, for a grand total of 1.1% cashback. I could be wrong but that’s the way I read it.

[…] I have no doubt, many readers will be flush with Discover Cashback (see: The NEW Deal of the Year: Preparing for Discover Apple Pay and $2,000).  That’s great, but some readers prefer earning miles.  And, I’m not talking about Discover […]


I don’t think one can get 20%. For instance, more strict terms are here:

For instance, if I have Discover Miles and I am enrolled in their Double Miles promotion, I get 3% on all purchases (1.5% * 2). If I purchase via Apple, I get 3 + 10 = 13%. That is, the double promotion does not double the cashback earned via Apple. Please let me know if I got something wrong.

Laurie Hsu

Which specific section are you referring to? I don’t see anything that contradicts what Frequent Miler has posted so far on this topic.


All miles earned will be doubled, yes. But no miles earned for gift card purchases.

Time will tell. This site’s credibility is on the line!


How does discover know what you purchased? Wouldn’t the transaction just show up as $500 spent on Apple Pay at Walgreens?


Nice, I may regret going with Miles instead of the regular IT now lol.


Bought a $500 Visa GC w/ a credit card @ Acme in NJ today. Asked @ two Acme locations if they accept Apple Pay, which they both do.


Have you seen anything on your online statement showing your 10% rewards on that $500 gift card purchase yet?


Have not seen anything yet. If I do, will post here. Did shop @ another Acme last night and used Apple Pay. Did require a signature on the pad. Walgreen’s also required a signature when I bought a $500 CG w/ Apple Pay.


I don’t see any terms and conditions on the Discover 10% offer, just a press release. Is that all the info they’ve provided?

[…] You can read all about the details on how to get set up here. […]


Saw someone who said that the phone needs to activated with a carrier in order to add cards to Apple Pay. Can anyone else confirm this?


Could you sign up for the AT&T card, get the iphone 6 or 6s thru the card promotion, then use the phone without activating it with AT&T or any carrier, but still use the iphone to sign up for Apple Pay and use it for the Discover deal ? I am reading reports that Apple Pay does not need a Wi Fi connection to work in the stores and that you can download Apple Pay to the iphone at home with a Wi Fi connection.


Something important…,,
When will you be paid by Discover?


I sent a referral for my IT card to my girlfriend, who was accepted for my card using my referral. When I check my referral status page, it shows the “click” under her email, but nothing for “opened”. Isn’t “opened” to reflect an account opening?


hubby just got approved for an IT card!!! yay… if i add myself as an authorized user could we do $20k or is it just $10k per account?


Square is coming out with an Apple Pay reader. Would it work. It’s still a money maker, after the 2.75% fee.

[…] Full coverage of this combination of deals can be found here: The NEW Deal of the Year: Preparing for Discover Apple Pay and $2,000. […]


Please start adding data points where we can buy 500 $ gift cards with apple pay and discover.

Just applied for It Miles card . Hoping to get it approved .

Toys rus – checked in my area. No visa/Master cards.
Walgreens has it but not sure whether they will accept discover or not.

Kroger – Has no apple pay.

BJs may be an option. But no club near me


just use the link to sign up discover it, love to support your blog.


Wife has the Discover it card. I’ going to get one through her referral. She has an iphone 6 but I don’t, and don’t want to get one. Can we put two different Discover it cards on one phone / Apple Pay account? ….. or do we need to max out the $10K on one card, delete the card on Apple Pay and add the other card to spend another $10K? …. or do we need two different phones to take advantage of this deal?

The Value Traveler

I dont remember if you get the cash back every billing period or do you have to wait until the end of the promo to get ALL the cash back (the 10%)


I’m sure I’m not the only person that has paid zero attention to this discover business over the past few months. I’m now intrigued, but feel like I’m playing catch up and am a bit confused. A beginners guide would be very helpful!


i guess both. I know it’s not too complicated but I’ve just paid zero attention to anything discover related because I had other priorities with AOR. I know that there have been a lot of posts and this deal has evolved over the past few months I.e. Sears and portals. It would be nice to catchup with 1 post as opposed to reading 20 which may not all be current. Thanks!


Sorry for the typos. Siri thinks she’s smarter than me.


New to this world but have been Freeman cramping blogs and sites for weeks. I see a lot are buying MC/V gift cards. Can you withdraw the money from an ATM for free? I have the Bluebird card, do you just link the card as a debit card?

What about buying PayPal reload cards then transferring to your bank?

My finance and I both recently got the Discover It cards and I’ve really been researching this and other MS type stuff as we love on a low fixed income due to her being blind and me legally blind/disabled. It’s an opportunity to earn some extra money for our kids or a vacation.

[…] The NEW Deal of the Year: Prepare for Discover Apple Pay and $2,000 – Frequent Miler […]

Jan W

Point of reference: The iPhone 6 is available through Verizon for $99 with a two-year contract. With my existing business account and no fees for early upgrade or activation, that’s a sweet deal.


When i submitted online, I got the “We are reviewing your application and will notify you within 5-7 days once your approval status has been determined.” I got an error today when i tried to check the status online and when I called in…they could not find the app. I tried to do app online again and when I got to the submit, I got an “error submitting…” I finally just applied online and was approved. Just a warning if you are waiting the 5-7 days…


As a side note regarding Discover Deals, I recently made a purchase at Macy’s on August 31, the last day to get 10% back and it shipped the next day, September 1. For some reason Discover Card recorded that date and so I only received 5% back instead of the 10%. I used secure messaging to notify Discover of the exact date I made the purchase, gave them the order information, etc. and they corrected it. So it pays to pay attention to the email from Discover Card regarding your bonus amount which I don’t always do but will going forward.


Does anyone know the best place to buy an iPhone 6? I know there are plenty on Ebay, but if the iCloud account is already registered, does that mean you can’t use it for this purpose? I see that BestBuy has preowned iPhones for $549. Would those work?


In another forum someone mentioned that an ipad 2 and iPad Mini 3 are able to used for this promo. I read somewhere else that they don’t work for “in store” purchases for Apple Pay. Has anyone tried to do this and/or knows definitively one way or the other?

john d

Those devices only work for online usage, you need a 6* or a 5* and a watch to do this in-store.


Why $2000 potential profit for jumping so many hoops is crazy, but 150-200k amex points or 100k ba miles is just business as usual? Its a very good promo, but far from a crazy promo, like Months of miles few years ago on United or Lifemiles 250 miles per order or US Airways 18 miles per dollar on Booking Buddy. 🙂


It is no more hoops that either of the offers you mentioned if you already have the iPhone 6. Some inconvenience in waiting a year for half of it, but for those offers most would still have to go buy gift cards somewhere, depending on personal spending to hit the higher minimums in 3 months. Plus cash that doesn’t have to be used on travel will appeal to more people (not me but others).


I think you misread al613’s post. He was saying exactly what you said.


Its many more hoops then applying for a card and spending $10k anywhere you want without any hassle of Apple pay only at certain phones in person, unloading gift cards gift cards, etc. The only benefits are that its cash (but Amex points are easy to redeem for what you want) and that you don’t need an extra credit pull if you have a Discover that is already enrolled in 2x. Its an excellent promo, but far from “crazy”, like other promos with unlimited earnings potential.


After reading his latest post I realize that I was the one that misread his message. You were correct.


Did you have to show your card to match with ID? How does this work, when Apple Pay generates a unique number for the actual transaction? Can you just run it on the register without any help or approval from the cashier?

[…] Can’t understand what I’m talking about?  Click here. […]


I’ve have a Discover card for about 5 months now, so I can’t get a second one. My wife doesn’t have one so I’m going to sign her up so she can take advantage of this deal too. She has an iPhone but she doesn’t like doing MS. After I spend my $10K, any reason I can’t add her Discover to my iPhone, set it up with my fingerprint, then spend using her card?


Couldn’t you just be an authorized user on her account and link that card to your iPhone?


Will that work for sure? Do Discover AU cards have the same number? Does it matter?


Confirmed from Discover themselves…ALL Discover cards (with rewards) will receive the 10% CBB, and it is per card, not per card holder. So I have an IT and IT Miles…I will get 10% CBB on both cards


I hope I’m wrong, but I wonder if everyone is misinterpreting what the offer says, as it regards cashback. Please link to any other forum/blog that explicitly calls out this question with a concrete answer.

But the language is: “…will automatically earn an _extra 10% Cashback Bonus_ on up to $10,000 of in-store purchases. Discover it Miles, Miles and Escape cardmembers will earn an extra 10 miles per dollar on up to $10,000 of in-store purchases.”

All other bonus-bonus offers I’ve ever seen and participated in, were a percentage bonus *based on the main offer*. E.g. this “extra 10%” is 10% more than the 10%. So, 11%, not 20%.

The miles is quite explicit and quantitatively can’t be misinterpreted: extra 10 miles (quantity) per dollar. It’s where percentages get involved that it gets foggy.

It’s difference between the annoyingly-touted Chase CSP 1st Friday restaurant bonus being “extra 50% bonus points at restaurants on 1st Friday!” vs. “1 extra point!” (on top of the normal two).

Not looking to be Debbie Downer… but someone is required to be the 10th man.


I think you get 1% automatically on the IT, + 10% for the bonus, and if you are part of the doubled up promo it will double that 11% to 22%


Does apple pay work through WiFi? I dont have an iPhone and dont want to change from my android phone, but i was thinking of buying a used iPhone 6 and using my current phone as a hotspot for it when i go into stores. Anyone with iPhone experience know if this will work?


I’ve got the same question!


Now I’m confused. The press release makes it seem like the regular Discover IT (non-miles version) is not included. What is the reason for thinking it’s included?


So even people with the old Discover More or Discover Open Road will receive the extra 10% cash back?


I tried adding my discover it miles card to apple pay app for the apple watch and got an error message of “your issuer does not yet offer support for this card”. Did anyone else get that?


Apple Pay starts allowing Discover cards on September 16


correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Apple Pay have a $30 per transaction limit? It’s similar to the limits you don’t have to sign for on a regular card.


I don’t see anything to that effect on Apple’s webpage. There is a demonstration photo on the Overview page showing a purchase of $33.65. That would be an awfully big kink in this promotion though!

Oh, and that unneeded signature limit might be per store? I know I’ve had purchases up to $50 that were just a swipe.

Matt K.

I doubt its $30 but I believe there is some sort of limit. Not sure if its Walgreens imposed or Apple. At least that was my thought after my first experience with Apple Pay use tonight. My wife has an iPhone 6 and needed to work on some Amex SPG spend and Amex SimplyCash spend so figured it would be good time to try it out before applying for a Discover card. All the Walgreens by us accept credit card up to $500. Tried the SPG at the first store. The Apple Pay would get to “done” on the screen but show a “–” for the card’s most recent transaction. On the register side they said it was reading tender does not work. The cashier said its been working for other purchases on Apple Pay. The cashier thought it was due to card locked up from the transaction but that didn’t seem right as the Amex app never sent any alert, no text and no call which one of those normally happen right away when an Amex card gets locked up. Went to next Walgreens with SimplyCash and tried the Apple Pay and same results. Then used the same exact physical SimplyCash card and bought $500 without Apple Pay and it went through. So the cap either from Walgreens or Apple Pay theory seems to make sense. Anyways, that’s my experience and I’m curious if anyone else has had successful purchases at Walgreens with any other cards?

Curious George

I’ve charged well over $30 on my SPG Amex per transaction using Apple Pay. It doesn’t make sense that there would be such low limit. In theory it’s more secure than using a physical card because you need to use the fingerprint scanner.


May I use my Iphone with my Discover Card *AND* as an AU of my wife’s card?



You can have only one discover card per year


Can you do a 2 browser trick for two discover cards?
Can you get this bonus on more than 1 card?


I wonder if the new Google pay is going to have the same deal soon?


How are people planning on liquidating that many visa gift cards?




My wife has a discover cash back card. Does it work for this promotion?


Alright, pulled trigger on a new Discover IT card. I have had the regular Discover since 2000…’s my longevity card. The new account approved tonight. Looks like I’ll be getting my new phone after all. 🙂


OK…Since I know nothing about iPhones or anything Apple here’s my question. My sister has the iPhone 6, and she does not use Apple Pay. If I buy an Apple watch and link them, can I then use Apple Pay with my Discover card since you don’t need the two devices with you when paying or does the Apple Pay account have to be mine. Thanks in advance, Charlie

Ashley renee burgoin

I like it the Mastercard


Walgreen’s in NorCal definitely has $500 GC but the question is will they accept Apple Pay for them? We’ll see and report back…….although I am very distressed that you didn’t predict this at the beginning of the year…….even if you had we would have just laughed you out of the room………


“Discover’s top execs have gone completely crazy. Either that or their bonuses are dependent upon customer acquisition and retention and not on profit.”

Obviously neither of us will ever be able to know what’s really going on here, but I’m fairly certain that Apple is paying for most of this promotion. I’m pretty sure Apple wants to grow Apple Pay more than Discover wants to increase market share.


You are probably right. However, I doubt very much that Apple is covering the doubled cash back. That’s still a huge amount of money that Discover will be paying out. I know FM was probably joking about Discover going out of business but if they keep on doing these ridiculous promotions they just might.


Oh hmmm the doubling…yeah I’m not sure who’s paying for that one. But you’re probably right about Apple not paying for that one.


Am I missing something or is Staples not already plenty good enough to make this work? 1% back on the IT + 10% back from Apple Pay is $22.76 off a $200 Visa GC with a $6.95 fee. So that’s $184.19 for a $200 card. So running up 43 gc’s over a reasonable period of time would net $almost $680 in profit *before* the doubling of miles. That would essentially mean you could at worst either get a free iphone 6 if you don’t already have one or make a cool $600+ in the next few months, plus, if nothing goes wrong, another $600+ next summer. Am I missing something? Obviously Walgreens is better if you find one that takes CC’s but this would already be plenty enough to get me to acquire an iphone 6. I’m somewhat risk averse but unless there’s something I’m missing it’s really hard to see what’s to prevent something like this. Discover has really lost its mind.


I think you got it, $200 cards more hassle to liquidate 48 cards, but small problem for $1800 or so


Why Staples? RA takes apple pay, and sells $500 GC to a CC and it’s only a 4.95 fee per 500, not 6.95 per 200




RA might be Rite Aid?


Why isn’t it listed on apple pay website?

Christine B

Just told my husband I WANTED him to upgrade to the newest iPhone, on condition that he join me on a few quick shopping trips. He’s confused, but happy.

I’ve been with Discover since 1988…my first credit card and a $800 credit limit back then. Currently I spend a ton on it, since it’s the only credit card accepted by my kids’ daycare center. So now I will be spending an additional $10K x2 (husband and me), loading those on Redbird, and using that to pay mortgage, etc. A lot of moving money around, but we will clear about $1500 even after the iPhone upgrade (which honestly, he was probably going to get anyway).

I’m going to start scouting out stores with $500gc and Apple Pay this weekend. The website says it’s currently accepted at my local grocery store, and will soon be accepted at Marriott. It’s even accepted at Walt Disney World…a 20% discount at Disney World would be amazing!


Is this only work for Discover miles? not Discover IT?

I am all confused with Discover product.


@Eric yes,there is a Discover Miles card. This is not the It Miles card. It’s much older. I still have one, which I don’t use anymore, so I’m thinking of switching it to a Discover It card.


The problem is I read that line out of context. After reading FM’s reply to me I figured out that he was right. It also didn’t help that before I posted I searched for “Discover Miles” on Bing and only the “Discover it Miles” card came up. Does your Miles card have any decent benefits? If not, it would make sense to switch to get 5% cash back but it’s too late for you to add the double cash back promotion.


Just to clarify… with the double miles after one year promotion for the it Miles card, you would be earning 20x miles?


Before I commented I DM’d Discover on Twitter, they said each promotion they offer gives its own rewards so you WOULD NOT earn 20x miles and only the miles offered for the promotions. I assume this is the same for the double cash back offer. Sorry to disappoint 🙁


But apparently Discover confirmed to PDXDealsGuy that the double cash back would work. Kind of confused.


Thanks for clarifying all this for me. Just to make sure, if the card earns 1.5x miles, adding 10 would give it 11.5x miles, and then the double all miles after 1 year promotion would bring it to 23 miles per dollar for this promotion?


Believe, I`ll sit on the sidelines on this one till the kinks get worked out…………main concern is which locations will accept Apple Pay / Discover and also sell $500 gift cards……wonder if this would work for certain mall gift cards ??


Does Duane Reade take Apple Pay / Credit Cards for Visa gift cards? In the days of vanilla reloads I know they definitely did not take credit cards for those.


“You won’t be eligible for the free phone until after you’ve met the $2,000 spend requirement.”

I’m confused… I thought you would just be reimbursed for the AT&T phone purchase after spending $2k on the card. How exactly does this deal work?


Do you know which credit bureau(s) Citi looks at for that card? Does Citi only allow a certain amount of cards per person?

Gabriel N.

Depends on the area you live in. I just got it and it was pulled from transunion.(Philadelphia)


Any way to take advantage of the More card deal without activating the phone on at&t?


Can you get the referral bonus for referring your spouse?


Wish they didnt have the in-store specification. There are some stores that take apple pay via their app but not in store yet..(:


If you don’t have/want an iPhone 6, I think you can use an Apple Watch for Apple Pay.


Interesting thought on the watch. Would it work for one to get an Apple watch & link it to their spouse’s iPhone? I don’t need an iPhone, but wouldn’t mind an Apple watch.


Have the Discover It card, definitely going to get a Discover It Miles as well, to take advantage of this, run up $10k using Apple Pay by y/e for $2k CB plus $300 regular 3x earnings, continue to use for rest of cardmember year for all non-bonus spend for 3% CB, then try to product change to Discover It thereafter so have a second card for 5% CB bonus quarterly categories vs 1.5x miles on Discover It Miles.


Thanks, understand it is a risk, but I’ve seen others say they asked and were told it was per card not per person, and I’m okay with having an unlimited 3% cash back card for 1 year even if it does not give me the 10% CB on Apple Pay.


Let’s say one has 4 Discover IT cards. Would it be possible to link all 4 to a single iPhone?


How did you avoid the limit of 2? Or are you talking about 2 for you and 2 for your spouse?




Never had luck from Wags for gc purchases, wish CVS accepts apply pay; Toys R us can be a good candidate, if you can find $500 cards in their stores.


Yea I think the biggest issue here is finding that 500 VCG in any of these stores 🙁


I believe there’s a mistake in the quote you got from the article that I have below. Shouldn’t it say “Discover it, Discover it Miles and Discover Escape”? The way it’s worded actually excludes Discover it and there is no “Discover Miles” card as far as I know.

“Discover it Miles, Miles and Escape cardmembers will earn an extra 10 miles per dollar on up to $10,000 of in-store purchases.”


Does Lucky have visa gift cards? Otherwise I really dont see anyone near me that has 500 dollar GC’s. Officedepot/max just have 100 dollar ones.

[…] more info and analysis of this deal, see this post. You can find the full press release on Business […]


My Walgreen’s doesn’t take credit cards for gift cards – does Toys R Us?


Instead of adding friend with an iPhone 6 as an authorized user on your Discover card, would just borrowing friends iPhone 6, logging out of their icloud account, and logging in with yours, do spending, then log out of icloud, and back in with owners account work? Or just have them add your discover card to their icloud account, borrow phone, spend, and then have them remove discover card from icloud account when done?