This may be the single best current signup offer


25,000 points after $3,000 spend in 3 months.  That doesn’t sound like a great offer.  Credit card issuers routinely offer 40,000 points or more with similar spend requirements.  But, this one is special…


This offer, which is intended for Ameriprise Financial customers is not just a 25,000 point offer.  It is, more importantly, a first year free offer for an Amex Platinum card.  And… this is big… the first year is free for up to 3 additional authorized users.  While other Platinum cards offer more signup bonus points, this is the only one that waives first year fees.  And, since Platinum cards cost $450 per year for a single cardholder ($475 for the Mercedes branded card) and $175 more for up to 3 additional users, the “no first year fee” part of the Ameriprise offer is a big deal (up to $625 big).  It makes the Platinum card, along with all of its excellent benefits, affordable for almost anyone to try out.  Cardholders can get a year’s worth of benefits for free before deciding whether to continue with this card into the future.

$200 Airline Fee Credit times two

The primary cardholder is eligible for up to $200 in airline fee credits per calendar year.  Since your first cardmember year would span two calendar years (assuming you sign up mid-year), you could take advantage of this benefit twice.  In this way, you can get up to $400 worth of statement credits to cover expenses such as checked bags, in-flight food, change fees, gift cards, award booking fees, and economy plus upgrades.

Additional benefits times four

Most card benefits, beside the airline fee credits, are available not just to the primary cardholder but to all authorized users as well.  So, if you get this card for yourself plus up to 3 additional friends and/or family members, all four of you would get:

  • $100 Global Entry application reimbursement: Each cardholder can sign up for Global Entry and get the $100 fee reimbursed.  This not only speeds up reentry into this country, but also gives you TSA PreCheck so that you can speed through security for domestic flights as well.  If you fly more than once or twice a year, I bet you’ll find this well worth the effort of signing up and attending the required interview.
  • Airport Lounge benefits: Free access to Amex Centurion Lounges (including up to 2 guests), Delta Sky Clubs, and Airspace Lounges; and you can each enroll in Priority Pass Select at no additional cost.
  • Starwood Preferred Guest Gold status: Each cardholder must call 1-800-525-3355 to enroll in this benefit.  SPG Gold status benefits include 50% bonus on points earned, 4 pm late checkout, room upgrade when available, and choice of a welcome gift: free premium internet, bonus points, or a free drink.  It also entitles you to Delta and Emirates crossover rewards: Earn 1 SPG point for each dollar spent on eligible flights.
  • Car rental elite status: Free National Car Rental Executive status.  Choose cars from the Executive Aisle rather than the Emerald Aisle for no extra fee.
  • The Boingo American Express Preferred Plan: free internet with any Boingo hotspot worldwide for up to 4 devices.
  • And more: Please see “Maximizing value from Amex Platinum cards”.

If four people are involved, the perks listed above add up to a pretty amazing signup bonus in aggregate.

Can you qualify?

The offer for this card (found here) is described as “a special offer for Ameriprise Financial clients”.  Do you really have to be a client?  I’ve heard from many people (including Miles to Memories) in the past who have successfully signed up for this card, and received the signup bonus, despite not being Ameriprise clients.  Of course this could change at any time.

As pointed out in this Miles to Memories post, there is explicit language in the terms allowing Amex to cancel your account or switch you to another product if you are not an Ameriprise client.  I’ve never heard of this being enforced, but it is something to be aware of:

Your ability to have this Card product is contingent on a relationship between you and Ameriprise Financial, Inc. If no relationship exists, or if your relationship with Ameriprise Financial ends, American Express has the right to cancel your Card account or transfer your account to another American Express Card product that will have different features and benefits.

What if you’ve had other Platinum products?

Amex has a general rule disallowing people from getting a signup bonus for signing up for the same personal card they’ve had before.  If you’ve previously owned the regular Platinum card, the Mercedes Platinum card, etc. you might wonder whether you can qualify for this one.  Me too.  I haven’t heard any recent data points one way or another.  That said, my bet is that this is considered a different product and you’ll therefore be eligible for the signup bonus.

Here’s why I’m pretty confident about this: The regular Platinum card offer used to have terms that prohibited getting a bonus if you’ve had the Platinum card within the previous 12 months (since then, they’ve changed the language to say that you can’t get the bonus again ever).  Under the old terms, I personally signed up for the Platinum Mercedes card one year and the regular Platinum card the next year.  And, I received both signup offers.  The reason, I’m sure, is that they’re considered separate products.  I believe the same to be true for the Ameriprise Platinum card.

If I’m wrong, I expect that you’ll at least get the first year free.  And, to me, that’s the real signup bonus.

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“”$0 introductory annual fee for the first year, then $175 for up to three Additional Cards and $175 for each Additional Card after the first three.”

That sounds like it’s gonna cost $175 for the first 3 authorized users? I thought it was free up to the first 3?


Just to add a data point: Under the old terms I’ve received the sign-up bonus for the Delta SkyMiles Gold AmEx (exact same product) *three* times. I don’t think this is normally available if you just go apply on their website, but they sent me direct mailings that did not include the language about not being able to get the sign-up bonus if you’ve had the product before. I even called AmEx the third time just to double-check that I was still eligible for the sign-up bonus and they said, since the offer letter didn’t say I wasn’t, that I was eligible (and I did receive it.) Of course, I really wasn’t just trying to churn the card; I had legitimately decided I didn’t need it anymore, then my travel needs changed to where I did want it again, so that may have played into it. It was also at around a year and a half after I cancelled before they sent me another offer with a sign-up bonus.

[…] card offered a 25,000 point signup bonus and no first year fee.  I wrote about the offer here: “This may be the single best current signup offer”.  The no-first-year-fee part of the offer still exists, but the 25K bonus is gone for now […]


Can authorized users be kids? Less than 5 years old? I want both my kids to be AU so we can get global entry.


Is this still valid? Can you cancel after first year.


Do you know if kids can be authorized users? (<5 years) I want to see if I can get Global Entry reimbursed for them. Thanks!


Thanks for such a great post for this hidden gem – it is exactly perfect for what I’m looking for with these benefits, but being cost sensitive! I applied for myself and wife as an AU and, got a pending response, called reconsideration within and hour and was promptly and politely approved! No questions at all about Ameriprise.

Question: If I choose Southwest as my airline, will I get statement credits for up to $200 per year for charges like taxes on FF flights, and $12 express boarding charges, cumulative until I hit $200? I assume any Southwest Gift Cards have to be purchased directly for the airline, in $50 or $100 increments? Thanks Greg


I got this product and added two authorized users, but I don’t see the benefits (lounge & TSA Pre) under either of their listed account benefits? I do see, it clearly say Global Entry/TSA Pre is reimbursed in T&C, but I dont see lounge access?

Any idea/updates as to if the additional benefits apply to authorized users? Thank you.


Not Priority Pass… AmEx registration says I’m not eligible. I assume I can still get in the Centurion Lounges, but it doesn’t look like the authorized uses are getting anything else.

It does mention in the footnotes of the application that authorized users are eligible for the $100 Global Entry fee reimbursement, so I’ll see how that goes.


I didn’t call yet, as I was kind of scared off by one of the comments above about AmEx saying you have to call Ameriprise (I have no relationship with Ameriprise).

I guess I don’t want to call any unnecessary attention to myself 🙂 Getting a free year, free additional card, 25K, Global Entry, etc. seems pretty good to me and I hate to be one of those people that call in and screw things up for myself and possibly others!

I suppose until I find that I NEED Priority Pass on my card I’ll just wait it out to be safe, but I can confirm the others that have said it isn’t as easy as enrolling online for additional cardmembers.


What is the easiest way to trigger the $200 airline credit? Purchasing giftcards from where? I’m surprised award fees don’t count as an eligible purchase.


I got this card this month and the bonus and the perks (mainly airline credit). I also got my wife a card as an authorized user, but whejn I tried to register her for any of the additional free items (Airline credit, Priority Pass, Gogo) the website says she’s not eligible.

What’s this about?


Just chatted with Amex – the authorized user needs to call Ameriprise for the benefits !!


I’m an authorized user and when I tried to register online for Priority Pass it said I was not eligible.

Shawn Coomer - Senior Editor

It has been about a year since I got this card, but I was able to order the Priority Pass card for my wife and son’s authorized user accounts. The airline credit doesn’t apply to the authorized user account.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but you have to be flying on Delta in order to use your platinum card to enter a Delta Sky Club. If not flying on Delta, you have to pay to get in. The cost of which should be refunded back to you via your $200 airline fee credit, provided you choose Delta as your airline before being charged. This is not nearly as good as the Citi AA Executive card, which allows you entry into Admirals Clubs regardless of which airline you’re flying on.


I received my card and was excited for the “Free National Car Rental Executive status” benefit. I don’t see that anywhere. Where can I find additional info on how that works. I’ll need a rental car next month and there doesn’t seem to be a good “points” option for rental cars….meaning the value of the points is more when used on other things.


National does not show up on this page for me. I used the Ameriprise application link from your site, signed up and got approved.

I received the card but don’t see anything that mentions Enterprise (or even Ameriprise). Should I? By all indications it is just an AmEx Platinum, however on the fees page it does say no annual fee the first year. It doesn’t mention free additional cardholders for the first year; in fact, it mentions $175 for up to 3 additional.

I did add my husband’s name on the app though and apparently his card is on the way. I wonder if they’re going to try to charge $175 for it…

Anyone else have this/these issues?

[…] This may be the single best current signup offer – A look at the increased Ameriprise Amex Platinum offer with a $0 first year annual fee. […]


Help. After reading this awesome post, I applied and got approved for this card. Now trying to add additional cardholders and running up against a fee. Anyone else encounter this? Any tips for newbies?


Log into you account, and try doing a live chat, explaining you have the Ameriprise version, are supposed to be able to add up to 3 authorized users for no charge, and could they help you do that. I’ve found them to be very helpful.


Does the $200 airline credit include straight airfare, or would just the taxes on an award booking count? Thanks.


The real question here is whether the waived annual fee is considered part of the bonus. If so, you can only get the first year free version once. I’d love to be able to keep churning this card just for the centurion access.

Rich C

Please clarify the gift card purchases for the $200 in airline credits. Is it possible? How do you request the credit. I had that offer with my Ritz Carlton card and it was a simple phone call no questions asked. Is it the same with Amex?

Clifford lau

Which deal do you this is better? Targeted 100k with annual fee or Ameriprise 25k without the fee?


@Clifford Lau:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe AMEX sees them as separate products; you are eligible for both. So, aside from meeting spend requirements, it’s really irrelevant as to which is the better offer. Do both.


I have my insurance through Ameriprise. Any idea if this would qualify? Thank you in advance…


I got this offer when it was offered last August (I am not an Ameriprise customer). The same quotd above language was there last year as well but I had no problems. Was definitely an awesome offer – on top of the obvious stuff like the sign-up bonus and the fee credit x2, providing my wife, dad, and sister with lounge access (albeit, crippled lounge access) was pretty cool.

I have never had a Platinum card of any kind before, so I can’t speak to how it interacts with that.


Not dead. I just applied without issue.


which link did you use?


I’ve tried 4 times now and I keep getting the same error.


My VPN was interfering with the connection. I got through after disconnecting. Thanks,


Looks dead. I’m getting the following error:

“Currently, our systems are not responding. Please try again later or call/contact us as follows:
To continue processing an application for this product, please contact your Ameriprise Advisor. To check the status of a previously submitted application call 800-637-1055 (Mon-Fri 6am-9pm MST).”


nice deal, any idea how long this will be around?

also, as a data point… I used to have Amex pers plat, Amex MS plat in the past numerous times… I signed up for Amex MB plat card this January… receied 50k bonus without problems. same experince reported by people on FT.

my guess is that each Amex plat card is still considered a separate product.

i would absolutely sign up for thsi if it still around next January. 🙂


So can you use the “airline credit” for tickets? and what does….. In this way, you can get up to $400 worth of statement credits to cover expenses such as checked bags, in-flight food, change fees, gift cards, award booking fees, and economy plus upgrades. Its says gift cards? airline gift cards??


But the fine print specifies that gift cards and mileage purchases are incidental transactions. Not sure if that language is added recently, but have you (or anyone) tried that recently?


I used mine to buy $200 SW Air gift card. It worked…


Did you buy as $200 lump sum or $100 x2 ?

Ivan Y

If you are in the military it is free as well. I got the 150k version from Amex plat last year and got it with 3 AU to boot for no AF. All you have to do is to be in the military. I also have the gold,spg and Delta plat and pay absolutely zero. God bless our army


I feel like it’s just a small token of appreciation for your service to this great nation!

Rick i

Greg, any idea how easy it is to become an Ameriprise customer?