(EXPIRED) 30% transfer bonus from hotels to United (60K Marriott = 35,750 United)

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United MileagePlus is offering a 30% transfer bonus on converting hotel points to airline miles. That’s not usually a great deal, but it looks like Marriott is included with this bonus — which means that 60,000 Marriott points should convert to 35,750 United miles under this promo. That’s an excellent deal if you’re in the market for miles. Don’t forget to register before you convert points.

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Must first register for this special offer
  • Valid on transfers through November 30, 2018
  • Earn 30% bonus miles on all points-to-miles transfers, up to 25K miles
  • Bonus miles will post by January 30, 2019

Quick Thoughts

Generally speaking, converting hotel points to airline miles yields abysmally poor value. You generally only want to do this if you have points languishing unused in your hotel account and/or you have a pile of airline miles about to expire without some activity.

However, Marriott is a notable exception. Normally, Marriott points convert to airline miles at a rate of 3:1. There is also a standard bonus of an additional 5,000 miles when you convert 60K Marriott points (i.e. 60K Marriott = 20K airline + 5K standard bonus = 25K airline miles). Further, United offers a 10% bonus when transferring to Marriott — which puts the ratio at 60K:27.5K. This 30% bonus would be on top of that, so you should get a total of 35,750 United miles for every 60,000 Marriott points transferred.

That’s a solid deal in the sense that 35,750 airline miles are generally more valuable than 60K hotel points (of course, it depends on how you would use either).

As always, we have added this offer to our Current point transfer bonuses page.

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i was at the transfer page, it showed 60000 (point) -> 22000 (miles), even if you add 5000 miles, it is 27000 miles. with 30% bonus you get 35100 instead of 35750? looks like the 10% only applies to 20000 original miles & not to the 5K bonus,


Hi, Does anybody know whether the 30% Bonus also applies to Marriott rewards travel packages redemptions? Normally they are 7 Nights + 110, 000 Miles with United. You would max out the offer but with 135K miles this would even be more UA miles then before the Starwood/Marriott merger…. one to keep in mind as united is doing the 30% promo for several years now. regards


When does the 30% bonus come in? I went to the transfer page and am at the last step before I press “convert”, but it is only showing the 10% bonus. Does it come in after “convert”?

Also is the 25,000 miles a one time thing? Like can I do 25,000 today and 25,000 tomorrow? Or is it 25,000 total?

Andrew B

Can one transfer 180000 Marriott points to United (thus getting pretty close to the best yield without going over) all in one calendar date, or does one need to transfer smaller number of points each day?


Just so everyone is aware, the bonus points on 60k transfers are not showing up on the transfer screen, but million mile has confirmed with Marriott that they will post. Still, probably worth taking screenshots: https://millionmilesecrets.com/news/transfer-marriott-points-to-airlines/


Can you please cover the Down Grade Amex SPG Luxe card is doing. Opened the card received platinum status and just received a letter they made a mistake and are downgrading me to Gold elite Status. I had the Ritz Card, then opened the SPG luxe to achieve Platinum for the merge and now I am being downgraded with a letter stating inadvertently sent incorrect information and on Jan 1 you are downgraded…. HELP! anything we can do?


if you sign up for the Ritz card before August, you will get Marriott Gold status which will convert to Platinum Elite status in August. I did this and received platinum status. Now I received a letter stating i will only get Gold status and it ends dec 31, 2018


The Marriott 5K mile bonus is on each 60K, then the UA 30% bonus. Last time it took right up to the last day for the bonus from UA to post (Jan 30?). But it did.


I transferred 180K Marriott points to United last week. My United Mileage Plus account currently shows a balance of 82,500 points. So the transfer went through AND the Marriott bonus went through. However, the bonus from the United side has NOT yet posted to my account. I just called United and was told that their bonus points would not post until Jan. 30 and she doubted it would be any earlier. This really throws a wrench in my plans because I was intending on using 90K points to book a trip to Hawaii. . .in early January. So now I’m going to have to spend $215 to buy an extra 7,500 United points just so I can book my rewards trip. : (

I wish that would have been made clearer on the front end. Generally speaking, I try to avoid United at all costs, and this has only re-inforced that sentiment.

Like some of the other comments, I have been using a Starwood AmEx for years and recently picked up the new American Express Luxury SPG Card. The 100,000 point initial bonus was nice, but after reading some of these comments, I doubt I’m going to continue using this as my primary card. It just seems like the SPG (now Marriott) program/points have been devalued too much.

[…] Hat tip:   Frequent Miler […]


I just might do this. I go through United miles quickly since I live in a United hub – they are just easy to use. Plus more and more for personal travel, I have been doing extended trips where I prefer to stay in an airbnb. Thanks for the info.


I will do this for the full bonus as it is the only way that I can send a message to Marriott without hurting myself.

I in effect bought well over a million Marriott points using plastiq and an spg Amex card in early July, points that I value

At about half of what I did at the time, due to a dozen things that marriot has and hasn’t done.

I also have perhaps too many united miles — the right amount if my family can travel, if the award chart (in economy) doesn’t change too much, and if availability remains fairly close to what it is today.

Thanks for posting this, and thanks for making it simple. Hope that Marriott hires you away from frequent miler .


How many maximum Marriott points I can move to hit 25K miles United maximum bonus?
I need now extra 55280 United points to cover all tickets for next trip.

[…] United MileagePlus is offering a 30% transfer bonus on converting hotel points to airline miles. That’s not usually a great deal, but it looks like Marriott is included with this bonus — which means that 60,000 Marriott points should convert to 35,750 United miles under this promo. That’s an excellent deal if you’re in the market for miles. Don’t forget to register before you convert points. LEARN MORE! […]


If this is a good deal then SPG points have undergone a huge devaluation as this equates to spending 1 cent on marriott cards to earn 1.19 united points. (30000 spend for the 60k->35750) Compared to before, even without any promotions or packages earning 1.25 united points for 1 cent spend on SPG (20000 spend for 25k united). Even chase freedom currently earns 1.5 united points for 1 cent of spend.


This is now the third year in a row where UA has offered a transfer bonus — each time beginning in the second week of October. Might want to put this in your calendar to avoid premature transfers next year.


What about the mileage plus bonus? Normally 60k Marriott points yield 27,500 United miles. If you are getting a 30% bump don’t you end up getting a bonus of 8,250 miles for a total of 35,750 United miles for your 60,000 Marriott points?


Are they talking about converting 60,000 Marriott points to 32,500 United miles or are they talking about staying at Marriott hotels and receiving United miles in lieu of Marriott points?
Is this a good deal Nick?


35,750 is pretty solid for 60k Marriott Points