(EXPIRED) Triple-stack Trifecta offer for 10 cheap meals

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There’s a new Trifecta Citi Offer out which is giving $50 back as a statement credit when spending $75+ with the meal delivery service. Stack that with a 50% off coupon code and possibly shopping portal cashback and it means you can get 10 meals for a very low cost.

Trifecta nutrition

The Deal

  • Spend $75+ with Trifecta & get $50 back with a Citi Offer.
  • Direct link to Citi Offers.
  • Our referral links – if you use one of our referral links, you’ll get 40% off your first order & we’ll get $40 credit with Trifecta. We don’t recommend using our links if a 50% discount code (like the one listed in the post below) is available.

Key Terms

  • Expires March 31, 2024.
  • May be redeemed 1 time(s) by the offer end date.
  • Valid for one order of $75 or more, including taxes and after any discounts, at Trifecta.
  • Valid for U.S. orders online.
  • Offers cannot be combined or stacked with other offers.

Trifecta Citi Offer Spend $75 Get $50 Back

Quick Thoughts

Last year there was a Trifecta Citi Offer giving $50 back on $50 spend which Nick took advantage of. This latest deal obviously isn’t as good seeing as it’s the same $50 back but now requires $75 spend. However, there’s a couple of additional deals which can make for a great stack.

The first is a 50% coupon code – LIFTED. I’m not sure how long this code will be valid for, but it was working last night when I scheduled this post. If you choose a 10 entrée plan and use that 50% discount code, you’re looking at a cost of ~$90 including shipping (the exact amount will vary depending on the tax for your state). That means that after the $50 statement credit you’re looking at an outlay of ~$40.

It might be possible to save even more though. The Capital One Shopping app is currently offering $21 cashback (the website is offering $17.50), so if that tracks and pays out your net cost is ~$19. There’s no guarantee it will track if you’re using a promo code, but it’s worth clicking through just in case. Otherwise, there are other portals offering up to $19.50 cashback at the time of writing this.

If Capital One Shopping does pay out, that makes each meal less than $2. If it doesn’t pay out, that’s a cost of $4. Either way, that’s a pretty good deal considering the meals come pre-prepared and so only have to be reheated.

Another option to lock in the value from the Citi Offer would be to buy $75 worth of Trifecta gift cards. They don’t have a $75 denomination on their website, but they do have $25 and $50 denominations. You could therefore buy a combination of those which should work as it looks like it’s Trifecta that processes payment rather than it being a third party like CashStar.

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I ordered these meals. The most, I could get off was the 50% off. I just received the meals today. They are semi-frozen TV dinners. Which is an insult to TV dinners. The vegetables are all mushy. These meals are disgusting! I called Trifecta and immediately canceled!!!

Before posting something for readers to buy, you guys need to test it! We have tried other meal services, such as Sunbasket and Blue Apron. They send ingredients to prepare the meal. Not trays of frozen globs of food.

And it isn’t cheap even with discounts! UGH! What a horrible service!

[…] There’s a new Trifecta Citi Offer out which is giving $50 back as a statement credit when spending $75+ with the meal delivery service. Stack that with a 50% off coupon code and possibly shopping portal cashback and it means you can get 10 meals for a very low cost. ➡️ Read more […]


it was still available on AA shopping portal a few days ago for 2000 miles (or more LP’s) but it has disappeared it seemed. Thanks for being transparent about the promo code. It’s why I trust this site. 🙂


Just a heads up that they make it time consuming to cancel. You have to jump through some hoops on chat to get there. Still a good deal, but that’s the trade off.

Kunal Kanoi

Thank you. I was able to triple dip!!


Cool. Will give it a try. When would I have to Cancel by to avoid a 2nd order of 10 meals? Cheers


we should not consider Cap1 shopping app as redemption rate is only GCs which works around 30% less than any other website like TPC or Rakuten.

Just checked Maxrebates has 40% coupon and 18$ cash back.
You can use my referral and earn upto 10$ for joining.

Last edited 3 months ago by rocky_nnc

TPC has no minimum & Rakuten has 5$ , Maxrebates makes u wait for 90 days 🙂


you are right. MaxRebates is the only option apart from Cap1.
Coupon 40% worked for Maxrebates that’s the reason i found it better. Cap1 coupons ain’t working if i enable cashback, is “either” “or” unfortunately.


After trying most of the meal services out there while playing the AA loyalty points game these are by far the worst. Tiny portions of very dry food that don’t taste good. Even free I wouldn’t do it again, we ended up throwing most of the meals out.

Ryan M

A friend of mine referred to their meals as “dog food” – I couldn’t agree more…don’t waste your time!



Last edited 3 months ago by Nun

Thanks. I just tried and capital one shopping automatically applied LIFTED. So that coupon shouldn’t invalidate the order. C1S offered me $21. Will see if both citi and cap one pay out.


I know Cap1 takes 30 days to pay, but they are not even tracking my order. And the Cap1 app applied the coupon itself

Harlan V.

Cap One “credits for shopping” is showing $60 statement credit for me! Wondering if it’ll work if I pay with a Citi card.


Good deal Stephen


How is their food?


If you can find anything up to $4 meal that is better than this deal, count me in.


Absolutely terrible. I would value the food at $0