(EXPIRED) Up to $100 back on DirecTV (even for existing subscribers) with new Amex Offer [targeted, enrollment required]

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A new Amex Offer came out a few days ago that will be a great deal for DirectTV subscribers: Get $50 back on $69.99 or more up to two times by April 14, 2024. While I guess that would make for a nice discount for someone who was already considering signing up for DirecTV, I think this deal is particularly hot for those who already have DirecTV anyway since I don’t see anything excluding existing customers.

The Deal

  • A new targeted Amex Offer is out to get a $50 statement credit by using your enrolled eligible card to make a single purchase of $69.99 or more at DirecTV up to two times (for a total of $100 in statement credits) by 4/14/24.

Key Terms

  • Expires 4/14/24
  • Limit of two $50 statement credits
  • Excludes DirecTV Stream
  • Excludes third party and authorized retailers
  • See offer for full terms

Quick Thoughts

While shopping portals do sometimes offer quite a bit of return on new DirecTV subscriptions, I’m not sure that an extra hundred bucks could make it worth letting DirecTV come and install a satellite dish (and even then, I’m not sure how easy it is to cancel service). I therefore don’t think this offer is probably going to move the needle and force someone to try out the service (and if you do want to try out the service, you might want to hesitate during the checkout process as I found they sweetened the deal when I did that a couple of years ago).

However, as someone who lives in rural America, I know plenty of existing DirecTV customers (including my in-laws). While similar offers sometimes state that they are only for new subscribers, I don’t see any such terminology in the terms for this offer. I intend to help my in-laws save a couple hundred bucks since both my wife and I have the offer and it seems like it will be easy enough for us each to make a couple of $70 payments toward their bill.

If you have DirecTV service, it’s probably worth hunting this out since I imagine you are probably spending enough on your service to max this deal out with the only effort being to switch your payment method.

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I clicked on the link paid and my charge came up as AT&T HSIA BUSINESS. I received receipt from Directv. Everyone I talk to with Amex doesn’t understand that AT&T owns them. So when you sign on it goes to AT&T


No longer required to have a dish installed, in fact most of the promo prepaid cards are now only available for streaming packages (as distinct from DIRECTV Stream)


Are you implying this Amex offer works with stream despite the terms? The charge posts as DIRECTV STREAM.


It worked for me with DIRECTV streaming, which is distinct from DIRECTV Stream bc nothing makes sense in AT&T world


Thanks. Can you share how it posts on your Amex when you have a chance?

Last edited 1 month ago by Nun

My DirecTV is billed as part of my AT&T account, so not sure how to make this work since the payment will show as AT&T- not DirecTV.


Hey Alan- Was wondering this myself and found that it doesn’t automatically trigger. I used the actual DirecTV link in the Amex offer to charge $70.00 towards my bill and it came through as ATT UVERSE PAYMENT. So no credit.

Called AMEX and they processed the $50 credit manually for me, and said they would do it again for the 2nd credit if they don’t have it fixed by next month. So hopefully a fairly easy $100 credit for all current subs.


I should clarify that I am a stand-alone DTV sub, not bundled with anything else AT&T.


Thanks Eric! Would be good to get the credit, but worst case I haven’t wasted $70.


Be VERY carefully of Directv, they promised $200 back to new subscribers in 2023 (1 of which am I : June 2023) & multi others if you care to research of Not honoring the pro-mo! 1st I was told I didn’t request when at sign up- then I didn’t request at 6 mn.: turned around during same inquiring and said I should of requested Visa 200 $ with in 2 wks. of sign up
Lots of people here in S.C. & other states R posting same Directv response.