(EXPIRED) Targeted InKind offers: up to $100 off of $200

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InKind made a play to be my Valentine last week when they sent me a most unexpected targeted offer to get $100 off my next bill of $200 or more by March 31, 2024. I didn’t report this because I had no idea whether others were receiving something similar. As it turns out, Travel With Grant reports also having received an offer from InKind, though his offer was for $25 off of $50. I imagine others may also be targeted, but YMMV as to the level of generosity you may have received.

While I received an email advising me of this offer, I found that it was already waiting in the InKind app under “Rewards”, with no need to activate or opt in. Grant reports the same regarding his offer — it was already appearing under “Rewards” in his app. No action was required beyond choosing that reward during the checkout process as you pay your bill.

To see if you are targeted, simply open the InKind app and click the “Rewards” tab at the bottom.

For those new to InKind, this is essentially an app you can use to settle your bill at select restaurants without waiting for your server to collect (and then return) your credit card. I used it for the first time last month and I was pleasantly surprised with the experience. We’ve seen occasional offers to buy InKind credit at a significant discount (such as the current Citi Merchant Offer, which could get you $65 in credit for $27). I had done a past (long-expired) deal last fall to get $350 in InKind credit for $100 and I picked some referrals (thanks to those who have used our links), so my wife and I enjoyed a very indulgent brunch in Las Vegas last month. At some point, I’ll get around to publishing a post about it, but the short story is that we found it really easy to use InKind.

I do wonder whether that recent restaurant visit is what caused the bigger offer in my case. We didn’t spend an exorbitant amount of money (our bill came to around $150, so a lot for brunch but not unreasonable for Las Vegas as it included a couple of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and both appetizers and dessert). Maybe because it was our first dine we got a bigger offer? Of course, it is highly possible that it was just random luck.

It’s worth mentioning that I think you can’t combine these types of rewards discounts with referral credit — if you use the $100 off of $200 reward, you’ll need to pay the difference with a credit card. Still, I’ll seek out an opportunity to get a hundred bucks off of dinner. Even if you don’t get the big offer than I did, I could imagine that saving $25 on a $50 meal would certainly be appealing to someone in an area with many restaurants on InKind.

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I got an $100 off offer as well but what’s weird is mine says $100 off $100 everywhere except one spot it says off $200. Literally says $100 in 4 spots and $200 in one. The terms says $100 so I better give this a try.


Same! Even the terms says $100 minimum spend.


Same, please let us know how it goes


Just used it right now
Gave us $100 off $105.44
We are shocked!!


For say $25 off $50, should 50 be before tax or it can be after tax? For eg, if my food item price is 46$ and total bill is 46+5 (tax) = 51, whether i can use this offer?


Can I pay for to-go orders with inkind app?


I got $25 off for $50, which is great because we spend about $70. I’ve used the app 3x in 12 months, all at that restaurant which I wouldn’t have tried if it weren’t for InKind. Very yummy and well-run too.


Does this work in combination with your own InKind credit from dining with InKind previously?


The best way to pay with this InKind offer and InKind credit is to do a partial payment that triggers the InKind offer (like $25 off $50), and then pay the remaining bill with your InKind credit. That has worked many times in the past for me.


I got $50 off $100!!!

Alvin Zhou

I got the $100 offer too. Used InKind once before in March 2023.
But I don’t remember how tips work. Does anybody have DPs on that? Do I have to pay tips separately?

Can I buy a $160 dinner, plus $40 tip, and the just pay $100? If so, that would be ideal.


Tips are paid separately by a credit card of your choosing.


You can’t use the inkind credit for tips and it’s not included in the total the 100 gets deducted from. Tax was included in the total the discount was deducted from which was nice but I don’t think it’s supposed to be.

The tip is paid by the credit card associated with your app within the app during payment. Also you can use your inkind credit any of these discounts I’ve tried so far.


lol didn’t get SQUAT. Maybe I’ve been using the too much (3x in Feb.)


I got the $100 offer too