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Chase wouldn’t let me open an account. It gave me a pop up stating it couldn’t proceed with my application with the information given. FYI, might be harder to open one.

Joseph Giorgianni

I just received a 1099-INT for $600 for the 60,000 American Express Membership Rewards points I received for my Amex Business checking account I signed up for last year. I imagine this offer will do the same.


Hi Tim! I am wondering your thoughts. Does having a business checking account with Chase improve your chance of getting future business cards? Or no affect at all? Thanks!


Thanks, Tim! Word on the street is that if one is involved in MS at all with Chase cards then best to stay away from checking offers; I believe you wrote about this recently? So is this much less of an issue with Chase Biz checking accounts? Thanks!


I’m with you, Tim, not worth the risk! Call us crazy!


Please explain how there is any risk if you are MSing with an Ink and then depositing the proceeds into a checking account of another bank? Should be no issue opening a Chase Biz Checking then right?


The issue is that opening a checking account puts human eyeballs on ALL your Chase activity, and if you are doing heavy MS with Inks, then there is the risk of trouble


Is this true? Or just speculation?

Billy Bob

Is it possible to do both the $900 personal and $750 business roughly at the same time?

Sowmya L Varada

Both my husband and I tried to apply for a business checking account using our sole proprieterships but keep getting a message saying that we are ineligible to do so online, and to try applying in a branch. Any ideas why? Is it because we are applying as sole proprieters? We each have multiple chase ink business cards which were approved without issues.

Last edited 2 months ago by Sowmya L Varada

Same issue! Tried apply as sole prop and application keeps glitching out. Has anyone actually been able to get this through?


Same issue here too! I have multiple biz cc accounts in good standing

Joey Robbins

I and my wife have both received Chase personal checking bank bonuses in the last 24 months….would that disqualify us for this bonus?