Update: One-way car rentals from 4.95 per day


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Last night, we wrote about $8 one-way car rentals from Florida and Arizona courtesy of Hertz. The Gate reports that Avis has one-way spring rentals from just $4.95 per day!

Discounted rentals are available between April 1st, and June 30th, though the $4.95 rate is only available from April 1-May 31st. If you’re up for a late spring road trip, check out Brian Cohen’s complete analysis of the deal as well as our post last night about the Hertz $8 one-ways.

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[…] One-way car rentals from Florida for $4.95 per day (Expires 6/30/17) […]

[…] One-way car rentals from Florida for $4.95 per day (Expires 6/30/17) […]


It is still available for Enterprise too. I just booked two weeks from Orlando to Buffalo. A leisurely drive in the spring!

[…] need to move some inventory from Florida up north, so they have really cheap one-way rentals ($5 a day!) with the stipulation that you pick up the car in Florida and drop it off in a designated area […]


Budget is offering one way from Florida starting at $4.89 per day https://www.budget.com/en/offers/us-offers/spring-break-florida-one-way