US Airways 60K-ish offer


Update: The version of this offer that gives 10,000 anniversary miles is for US Airways Dividend Miles elite members only. There have been numerous reports of non-elite members being automatically denied when applying for this version of the offer.

Barclaycard has just enhanced their US Airways credit card offer. They are now offering 50,000 miles after first purchase (previously 40K).  That’s a fantastic offer considering that there is no minimum spend requirement.  The $89 annual fee is not waived the first year.

US Airways Preferred members (and others willing to risk it) can sign up for a special offer that gives 10,000 additional bonus miles on the first account anniversary.  In the past people have found that they can still cancel the card after the miles post in case they do not want to keep the card through a second year.


Keep in mind that these miles will become American Airlines miles in the second quarter of next year.  So, you can earn a total of 150,000 miles at once (plus 10K more, later) by signing up for the US Airways card and the two current American Airlines cards offering 50,000 miles each.

  • The US Airways offers can be found here.
  • The American Airlines offers can be found here.

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[…] I don’t see any upside to waiting, so I suggest that you link your accounts now.  Note that this probably also signals that they will cut off the US Airways Barclays Card, so apply now if you want to get those 50,000 miles for a sign-up bonus.  See my friend Greg’s post about that here on Frequent Miler Quick Deals. […]


Was denied 60k offer because I was not a Preferred flyer. But was told I was free to reapply for other Barclays offers after 30 days.

[…] cardmembers while they still can before their window closes. In recent months, we’ve seen the standard offer on the US Airways Mastercard rise to 50,000 miles with no spending requirement — all you have to do is use the card one time. There’s […]

[…] See also: US Airways 60K-ish offer. […]

[…] am try for a 3rd US Airways card though Barclaycard has rejected every one of my applications with them since 2012. I was going to […]


I’m a beginner and has very good credit score. I plan to apply all three cards (1 US and 2 AA). Is it ok to apply on the same day? Thanks


Thank you for your answer. I finally applied and got instant approval for US Air Way and Personal AA. For Business AA, they said they will give me an answer within a week. Is it normal or does it mean I won’t be approved? BTW, from what I read, the minimum spending is 2K in three months, not $3K like you said. Did I miss anything? Thanks


Thank you for responding. I got approved for Business card as well. My question for you is whether I’ll have to create two separate City accounts for Personal and Business cards. Can I combined all in just one account? Thanks

[…] used to get the offer and to give Greg referral credit.  Anyway, I was immediately approved with a 15K […]

Leo Nguyen

Thanks for the blogpost! I actually got approved last month for the 40K + 10K offer with no status. My first statement hasn’t posted yet. I called in earlier and the rep had no problem boost up my former offer to 50K + 10K after 2 billing cycles. I just created a new US airways account for the gf and got her approved for the 50k + 10K offer with no problem either.


[…] purchase. It is a good offer and an improvement over the old offer but most of the bloggers (except Frequent Miler) left out one key detail: There is actually an even better offer for the same 50,000 miles after […]

[…] purchase. It is a good offer and an improvement over the old offer but most of the bloggers (except Frequent Miler) left out one key detail: There is actually an even better offer for the same 50,000 miles after […]


Just applied, went to pending. Called in 3 times and each time was told I could not have more than 1 of this product (Opened US Airways card in March). I would suggest cancelling existing US Airways card before calling in because if you’re not auto-approved reps wont issue duplicate accounts


Already approved on 11/13 can I ask for the extra 10,000 points?


Also- forgot to mention – I have no status with US Air.


Data point – just got instantly approved for the offer for the 50K+10K. Already have one US Air card with barclays (still open, applied 12/2013) and got the the Arrival Plus in May 2014. Both still open, ~750 credit score, ~15 inquiries, none in the last 90 days.


If I was just approved for the 40K offer can I get them to match this new 50K offer?