50% Bonus for US Airways Mastercard Holders


us airways mastercard bonus

Barclaycard is offering US Airways cardholders a 50% bonus on all miles earned from using the card. With this offer, the card will earn 1.5 miles per dollar spent on everyday purchases during the promotion.

According to the terms, the offer is targeted, but I received it on all of my family’s cards. Other have reported receiving it on all of their cards as well, so it seems to be widely available.

To see if you have been targeted, login to your US Airways Mastercard account and look for a banner that says “Register now to earn 50% more miles.” It is located on the right side under the “Barclaycard extras” tab.

Key Offer Terms:

  • Register by June 30, 2015
  • Bonus is earned on purchases from March 1, 2015 through June 30, 2015
  • Maximum bonus of 10,000 miles

For more details and analysis, see this Miles4More post.

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Has anyone received these bonus miles yet?

Chris B.

Nothing in my account yet.

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Should we cancel the Barclay US Airways now so we can get the bonus later by applying for the AVIATOR product? What do you suggest?
Thanks in advance.


*** For those that don’t see the offer – According to customer service everyone w/ a US Air card can get this bonus!! Just call in! Here is the response I got from customer service to my secure message asking about the offer since I didn’t see it in my account online.

“Dear Jeremy xxxxxx:

Thank you for contacting us regarding your US Airways Dividend Miles World MasterCard. We can certainly address your inquiry regarding the miles on your account.

In an effort to ensure the most positive cardmember experience, all cardmembers whose accounts are open and in good standing will receive an offer to earn 50% more miles for every purchase made on either card from March 1 – June 30, 2015, up to 10,000 bonus miles. They must register via web, IVR, or through a representative. Bonus miles will be awarded into cardmembers’ Aviator statement. We hope you find this information helpful.

If you have any other questions and concerns, please reply to this message.


Customer Care”


It is now an phone option when you call in to your account. You need to listen to all the options and you will be asked if want to sign up for the 50% bonus.

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Actually a great promo. May as well max this and go for the 10k eqm.


Someone mentioned getting 10k EQM/PQM for spending ($25k) on this card. Can anyone confirm this is true (or not)? I seem to recall that is a feature that no longer exists with this card. Thanks.

Max M

Finally targeted for a Barclay’s promo. Thanks for the head’s up!!


How does this work with the US Airways bonus category spending? Will you earn 3 miles per dollar or 2.5?


only done 3000 on this card on redbird. no cash advance, earned miles. no warnings yet…


that’s certainly lovely news, thanks Sam!


I am surprised nobody did but let me be the first one to ask: how are Barclay cards doing when it comes to loading Redbirds? Cash Advance Fees? Warnings from them? Account closures even?


Also, will my retention offer spend of $500/month spend x3months to get 15k miles count towards this promotion as well?


This should be additive to the bonus they already offered to some users where if you spend minimum of $750 in Feb, March and April you receive an additional 15,000 miles?
Feb spend $750 get 750 miles
Mar spend $3333 get 5000 miles
Apr spend $3333 get 5000 miles on spend + 15,000 mile bonus
Total $ spent: $7,416
Total miles received: 25750
Miles / $ = 3.47 (not too shabby)


Do you have to sign up for each US Air barclays card you have or just once for all of them? I’ve got 2 cards, one had an offer, the other one did not


Thx for the great tip. Next month will be month #2 of the $750 per month bonus for 15,000 miles, so this is an easy 750 miles over 2 months.


So just to clarify the maximum bonus…I can spend $20K and earn the maximum 10K mile bonus? $158 ($7.90 X 20K in GC) to buy 30K US soon to become AA miles. Sign me up.


Can you clarify the fees you listed? My typical AGC and VGC have different (more costly) outcomes.


Thanks. Not my typical source due to distance and tend to forget all about it sometimes.


Simon mall GC are $3.95/$500


As a follow up — when I log into my account. I only have three offers: “Get your 2014 Annual Summary Statement,” Merger News” and “Earn More Miles with Rewards Boost”.


That’s what it said for my Arrival card, as it uses the Boost Portal. Make sure you’ve clicked on your US Air card instead of your Arrival card.


Nope. I didn’t get it, so YMMV. Granted, I haven’t used the card much after paying the $89 AF and getting the bonus, but you’d think they’d target people like me, to incentive more usage. I’ll keep checking…


Very cool. Thanks for the info. But is it enough to entice me to use the card?? 🙂


Probably not haha