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wondering how strict they are on OOS? I opened a Biz checking acct no problems OOS earlier this year, and was getting ready to close it. I wonder if having several personal cards and the Biz checking would be enough. That 3k funding would really help meet the spend on this new ink card


New to the US – is direct deposit just a term for a transfer of funds into the account (potentially from yourself from another one of your accounts)? It doesn’t have to be a salary payment or something?


Direct Deposit means salary/wage payment or something similar like a social security payment. They mean it to be a recurring payment by some 3rd party to you, but some times their systems for detecting which payments is 3rd party and which is just a secondary bank account isn’t very robust and you can fake a DD through a ACH transfer


I don’t think the brokerage account loophole works anymore. Anyone know another way to get in for footprint outsiders?


Add another. I was approved last night for USB Altitude Reserve with no prior relationship and out of state. Will probably go after this in a few weeks.


I am out of their area, and they wouldn’t open a brokerage account for me.


See my comment to Tim above. Try opening a credit card to get in the door.


Does it count as churning if I’ve had a business account?


Is having a business credit card good enough for those of us not in the footprint? (Rather than the brokerage idea). They seem to have decent business cards with $600 or $750 bonus offers, and it seems they don’t report their business cards to credit agencies.