(EXPIRED) Walmart: Save $10 Off $35+ Order With Instacart When Using Promo Code SPARKY2020 Or TURKEY2020

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Walmart and Instacart recently announced a partnership and one of the ways they’re promoting that is by offering a $10 discount when placing an order of $35 or more and using promo codes SPARKY2020 or TURKEY2020.

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The Deal

  • Spend $35+ at Walmart via Instacart & get $10 off when using the following promo codes:
    • SPARKY2020
    • TURKEY2020

Key Terms

  • Expires November 29, 2020.
  • Limit 1 use of promo code.

Quick Thoughts

I haven’t gotten around to trying out Instacart yet, but this promotion has me tempted seeing as it offers the opportunity to save more than 25% on a grocery shop. Based on some comments on Doctor of Credit, prices on Instacart aren’t any more expensive when shopping at Walmart, so that makes this deal even more worthwhile, although you presumably have to factor in other fees like a tip and delivery.

If you’ve never ordered from Instacart before either, click through from a shopping portal as you can earn up to $5 when placing your first order.

As for which card to pay with, there are a few good options. If you have a Chase Sapphire Reserve or Sapphire Preferred card, you can get up to $50 in credits for Instacart Express, as well as 5x Ultimate Rewards on the Sapphire Reserve and 3x on the Sapphire Preferred. See Chase summertime bonuses on Sapphire Reserve and Preferred for more details on those offers, as well as other limited time offers on those cards.

An added benefit of paying with one of those cards is that you might be able to stack it with an Instacart Chase Offer. That’s targeted, but it offers 10% back on up to $120 of spend, helping you save even more. (Update: The screenshot below is from a past Instacart Chase Offer, but check your accounts as there might be a newer version.)

Instagram Chase Offer

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Thank you … great for convenience, but with:

Delivery Fee
Delivery Tip
Service Charge

We are back to square one as the $10 coupon is evaporated with these fees! 🙂

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$10 is pretty much what you’d end up paying for fees, delivery, and tip, no? So you’re basically ending up not actually saving any money unless you’re already getting grocery delivery/unable to go out.


Oh, certainly; I just the people who will get value out of this offer are the ones who cannot or do not want to leave their homes during a pandemic, as it’s essentially a savings on delivery charges, not an outright $10 off your groceries.


I use it 2x a week for like $119 a year + tip + Booze Fees ($1.80) IF IF u order that . I don’t see Walmart (Cheapest) now but for 3 years Snow,Rain,Sleet order Early it gets DONE. Instead a $25 pizza order instacart!! Costco Love the 2lb 5* Frozen Shrimp $16 ..

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I love Instacart and use it all the time. (My shopper is shopping Costco for me as I type.) Yet, I don’t have Walmart on my Instacart store list. My 101-yr-old mother’s address is in my account so I can send her groceries. Even though Walmart & Sam’s Club are next to each other and across the road from her, Sam’s is an IC option, but not Walmart.

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