(Extended + Stack) Webull: Earn at least $210 in stock when referring a partner and they deposit $500


Update 3/26/24: This promotion was due to end on March 19, but it’s been extended through April 16.

This promotion can get even more interesting if you’re able to refer three people. That’s because there’s a separate promotion offering either $500 or $1,000 in Apple stock when referring three people by April 16 and they each deposit at least $500. That separate Apple promotion stacks with this one which means it could be very lucrative if you’re able to meet that three referral threshold.

That’s because as the referrer, you’d earn at least $150 in stocks for each person you refer from this promo, as well as $500 or $1,000 from the Apple promo. That’s a total of $950 or $1,450 depending on if you’re awarded the $500 or $1,000 from the Apple offer. That doesn’t even take into account the value of the stocks the person you refer earns which can make it even better if they’re part of your household.


The stock trading app Webull has been offering a series of rewarding referral promotions in recent months and the latest one can net a household at least $210 if you refer your partner (or vice versa) and they deposit at least $500 into their account.

You’ll also earn 5% interest on the cash you deposit for as long as you hold it in Webull. There’s no requirement that you invest the money once you deposit it, nor that you hold it in Webull for any length of time (although 5% interest with no minimum balance is fairly competitive).

The Deal

  • Refer someone to Webull and you’ll each earn the following:
    • When the person being referred deposits less than $500
      • Referee earns 3 Fractional Reward Shares worth at least $9
      • Referrer earns nothing
    • When the person being referred deposits $500-$24,999
      • Referee earns 20 Fractional Reward Shares worth at least $60
      • Referrer earns 50 Fractional Reward Shares worth at least $150
    • When the person being referred deposits $25,000+
      • Referee earns 75 Fractional Reward Shares worth at least $225
      • Referrer earns 100 Fractional Reward Shares worth at least $300

How to Refer to this Offer

  • If you already have a Webull account, you can find the new referral promotion in the Promotion Center section of the Menu tab at the bottom right:

  • You’ll need to generate a referral link specific to this promotion. To do that, tap the card that says ‘Get 50 or 100 free fractional shares for every friend you invite’.
  • You should then see a link that says ‘Copy your referral link’ – that’s the one you’ll need to give the person that’s being referred.
  • Once you and the person you refer have earned your fractional shares, you’ll then need to claim them. Webull no longer seems to send an email when they’re ready to be claimed, so it’s worth setting a reminder to check the app if you’re likely to forget.

If you don’t have a Webull account, you must first sign-up, make any deposit, and then you’ll be able to refer (our referral links are below if you’d like to use them)

Tim’s referral link

Stephen’s referral link

Nick’s Referral Link

Greg’s Referral Link

Direct Link to Sign-Up without using a referral link

Key Terms

  • Expires March 19 April 16, 2024.
  • A successful referral is a new Webull user who
    • Is at least 18 years of age
    • Resides in the United States
    • Opens a Webull account using the eligible customer’s unique referral link during the offer period
    • Has a valid social security number
    • Has never previously applied or opened for a Webull brokerage account with that social security number
    • Makes a deposit of any amount

Quick Thoughts

The best option here is clearly to have the person being referred deposit at least $500. That’s because, if they deposit less than that, they’ll only earn 3 shares worth at least $3 each, while the referrer will earn nothing.

However, if they deposit at least $500, the person being referred earns 20 shares worth at least $3 each, while the referrer earns at least 50 shares worth that same amount.

That means that if you refer your partner or they refer you, you’ll earn a total of at least $210 between you. That’s an excellent 54% return on your money for a $500 deposit considering you don’t even have to invest that $500 in shares; you can just leave it sitting in a cash management account if you like (Webull offers 5% interest).

In my experience, there’s usually 1 or 2 more highly-valued stocks in each bundle of ten and the average total value ends up being between $40-50/ten stocks. The most expensive single stock that I’ve ever received was around $40. So, it’s worth noting that the $210 figure is the minimum that you’ll receive, in all likelihood it will be at least slightly more.

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This program is difficult to figure out. The problem is that the deskop app, the website and the mobile app all have different funtionality. I wasted many hours trying to find my referral link since the information provided above never mentioned that it is only in the mobile app. I found this out from a live person in cs, whose phone# I found in a Google search since that number was not in the online help. Due to the poor design and questions about shares, I withdrew my deposit and closed my account.



How soon after depositing funds, will the fractional shares be awarded?
If fairly soon, any reason not to deposit full $25k?


After receiving the bonus, can I immediately transfer out all cash back to my bank and stock shares to my Schwab account?


Does this stack with the 4.5% IRA Match offer? https://www.webull.com/ko-yield


I signed up through one of the referrals (PNW for life), deposit went in on MAR 14th, but haven’t gotten my 20 shares yet. All of the current offers have a “maintain balance for 30 days” for the bonus. Is it possible that requirement snuck into this offer?

Erick Ramos

Does it still show 50 shares per referral? I only see 30