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Don't Need Them

Wells Fargo promotions sux. They had a big one for opening a business account. I had to make an appointmentthat they made me wait for. I had all documents that I have ever needed to open any other commercial account but was told that all owners of the business had to physically come in. Then I was informed it would take an hour to an hour and a half to complete the process. Say what? Guess they expect us to pay for the internal problems they had with employees creating ficteous new accounts to get credit for them. I said see ya later and left. Just tried the promotion in the article, couldn’t approve online is the message I got. If they think I am going to waste more of my time with their idiotic system they are wrong.

Judi guerriero

How do I get started?


if both p1 and p2 have it, can we get a joint p1p2 for the bonus?