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Does anyone know if I have screwed myself. Due to WeBull’s strict deposit and withdrawal rules. I had to withdraw my funds to the same account that provided the deposit(WF Checking). Meaning, the $25K I pulled from WeBull for the WF Savings Bonus went to my WF Checking account first and then I immediately transferred it to my new WF Savings account. I am coming up on the end of my 30 day window(2/18) after completing the 90 day requirement and still no bonus. Have I shot my self in the foot?


Still holding out hope that by 2/18 a magical $525 bonus will appear. Though, chatted with a WF Banker today and she was quite certain I shot myself in the foot, but felt she could get it all overridden if I in fact did all that was asked with the funds minus the deposit directly to my savings and not by way of my checking.

Appreciate your reply – Will keep ya updated!

[…] Wells Fargo $525 Bonus for New Savings Account: This bonus does not require a direct deposit, but you do have to park $25k for 61 days. See this post on Frequent Miler. […]

[…] 【2024.1 更新】$525 开户奖励回归,这次仅限新用户。HT: FM。要求是开户30天内存入$25k,并保持此余额至少到开户起第90天。也就是说如果赶在第29天存入,最少存61天就够,当然最好不要卡的这么紧张否则万一到账晚一天就不好了。Wells Fargo savings 年利率是羞辱性的 0.01%;但是考虑到这笔钱只要存在里面至少2个月最多3个月即可转走,算bonus的年化利率其实蛮高的,大概有 8.4%~12%,所以比目前正常的存款利率还是要高一些的。 […]


Wells also has an offer for a savings account with 4.6% interest. For a full year guaranteed. $10k minimum. I’d do that over an extra $15k locked up for two months.


Assuming you have no accounts with Wells Fargo, it seems like the smart move would be to deposit $300 initially, to avoid a potential monthly fee, and then deposit the remaining $24,700 on day 29. To me, the big downside is having to visit the actual branch at least twice (once to open the account, once to close it). IME, opening an account in-branch takes at least 30 minutes, and closing it sometimes leads to a sales pitch about why you should keep it. Even if P2 and I did this together, each opening an account at the same time, I’m having a hard time justifying our time and hassle for a net $650.


The in-branch only requirement is a killer for me. All of the branches that were near me closed within the last few years.


Thank you. Quick note, under “The Deal” it says 61 days, while the offer page states 90 days.

  • Wells Fargo is offering a $525 bonus when opening a new savings account, depositing $25,000 and maintaining that balance for a minimum of 61 days.