What are the staple cards for “player 2” | Ask Us Anything | EP 37


Summer has been keeping Greg and Nick busy, but they finally returned for another Ask Us Anything, Live, addressing questions like what are the staple credit cards for player 2 (11:54 ), what are Nick’s fedora-drawer cards (42:04), and what did Greg and Nick do before they were “famous” (49:17).

Watch the full discussion below or click the timestamps to navigate to each specific question in YouTube.

4:17 – ​I know you guys love being able to transfer MRs to airline partners to book flights generally, but can you make a case for the Amex Business Platinum 35% rebate on “cash” fares booked with points?

9:21 – ​Hi Greg & Nick, I love listening to the podcast, but I had a quick question – could you quantify the size of the giant mailbag? My real question is… What are you both looking forward to in Sept?

11:54 – Welcome back guys! I had a follow up question from the recent podcast about reluctant p2’s. If you had a p2 that agreed to 5 cards, what would you suggest? What do you consider to be p2 staple cards?

19:35 – ​hey trying to get grandkids to thankgiving had to cancel last year have a southwest travel credit but it expires 11/3/2021 two weeks before needed any suggestion to get travel credit exteneded???

21:00 – ​Assuming the Hilton Aspires inevitable annual fee increase/devaluation, would you rather have the new rumored Marriott Brilliant or the Hilton Aspire longterm?

26:15 – ​At what point are annual fee cost getting out of hand? What would stop Amex from raising the Platinum again in another few years?

31:10 – ​What’s a safe number of Chase cards to have in order to avoid any reviews?

32:31 – Can you please do an entire episode on how to use MR points the best way in a few case studies. And what I mean by that is can you do a case study with multiple examples of using transfer partners

35:26 – Never fly Delta and need your wisdom! I bought very cheap Main Economy fares to Finland. Possible to upgrade the outgoing flight to Business class with Delta or KLM miles? It’s a KLM codeshare.

39:04 – Greg and Nick! Welcome back! Which card is the better “hub” card for your UR points?? The updated Chase Sapphire Preferred or the Chase Ink Preferred?

42:04 – ​Greg recently posted about his favorite sock drawer cards, Nick how does your list differ?

46:50 – ​If you cancel Amex Marriott card in January or before elite night credits post will you still get them by March 1st?

47:53 – ​are there any sites like milesfeed that possibly include other blogs/pages/etc? thanks, love the show guys

49:17 – What did you guys do for a living before you became celebs? No, seriously, how about a little about yourselves.

55:52 – ​Are either of you using the monthly subscription credits on the Amex personal plats? I’ve found these to be a hassle due to the weird renew dates each month

58:45 – ​Can you guys explain the timing for chase Southwest cards sign up bonuses and getting the longest companion pass possible? I thought I understood and now have confused myself beyond reason.

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thank you so much again for the video.