Win 111,111 Hilton Honors points or Diamond status with Roblox partnership


Hilton Honors and Roblox have joined forces to create a gimmick-laden virtual experience in the game that’s enjoyed by under 16s more than any other demographic. There is an interesting feature of this partnership though which is the opportunity to win 111,111 Hilton Honors points or Diamond status for a year.

Hilton Honors Roblox partnership

The Deal

  • Win 111,111 Hilton Honors points or Diamond status for a year in Slivingland on Roblox.

Key Terms

  • Must have no shame in order to write about this.

Quick Thoughts

I have a general awareness of Roblox, but not enough to be able to explain what you need to do in order to have a chance of winning the points or status. I’m therefore going to have to regurgitate some of the marketing bumf about this promotion in order to adequately explain it enough for Roblox users to decipher:

On January 22, Paris Hilton’s Slivingland will premiere an interactive Hilton hotel lobby where users can participate in a scavenger hunt to collect Hilton-branded items and claim free limited Slivingland digital wearables. In a first-of-its-kind metaverse-to-real-world activation, Hilton is giving away more than 12 million Hilton Honors Points through an exclusive virtual quest; 111 winners will revel in 111,111 Hilton Honors Points, and 11 winners will be crowned with Diamond Status for a year.

According to the press release, two million Roblox users have visited Slivingland which is named more dystopianly than it presumably is. On the one hand, two million visitors might mean that you’d stand little chance of earning 111,111 Hilton points. However, I suspect that a much smaller number of them will be old enough to create – or interested in creating – a Hilton Honors account, so that might improve your chances of winning 111,111 points or Diamond status.

Our Reasonable Redemption Value of Hilton points is 0.48cpp (cents per point) which means 111,111 points are worth well over $500. That makes this opportunity nicely rewarding if you’re one of the lucky winners. It might therefore be worth recruiting the assistance of a young person who knows what they’re doing to help you create an account and guide you towards Slivingland in order to meet a virtual Paris Hilton because sometimes we have to debase ourselves in order to get free hotel stays.

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The LT

Best article yet! Made my day


This was a bit buggy for me yesterday. Three different attempts and browsers to actual make the account linking work. Most of the instructions are on an X (Twitter) post under Paris Hilton. I think this is really for a media company Paris Hilton is involved with… Can only hope pool of 9 year old’s with Hilton accounts is small 🙂


This post is amazing.

Scott H

Did it, but probably a waste of time. Looking at the T&Cs, there will be 22 winners. Even is Stephen is right about the demographics being wrong, there will be enough people entering to make the odds incredibly slim. Wish I had back the hour and a half that I invested.


Press release now says 11,111 instead of 111,111. 🙁


Can I connect my Hilton account to my child’s Roblox, or is a new Roblox account needed?


Tonight’s mission: to convince my 11 year old to play the account that I create for the game for me and do this scavenger hunt….


He can then apply for business cards and a Roth IRA!

Scott H

Forget the Roth, he can get a Business CC!