Missing Amex Offers you’ve loaded? Check the app.


I had a weird situation yesterday where an Amex Offer wasn’t showing as being loaded to a card, despite me being 99.732907% sure that it should be there.

As it turns out, I wasn’t crazy. The Amex Offer was there, but to see it I had to check the Amex app rather than the Amex website.

Missing Amex Offers

What happened was that I needed to book a Marriott stay and I wanted to take advantage of the new round of Marriott Amex Offers (I was targeted for the one giving $100 back on $300 spend). The offer hadn’t been available on either of my Marriott Amex cards, so I’d begrudgingly added it to my Amex Gold card even though I’d only earn 1x Membership Rewards on the spend as that was the best and easiest alternative option (I always have my Amex Gold card easily accessible and don’t have a Blue Business Plus earning 2x).

I’d loaded the offer to my Amex Gold card about 10 days ago and was near certain it was there. However, any time I plan to use an Amex Offer I double check which card it’s on and the terms of the offer just in case. What was confusing though was that it didn’t show up on the list of my Amex Gold card’s loaded offers.

Loaded offers on my Amex Gold card on the website

Figuring I might’ve neglected to actually load it to my card, I checked the offers that hadn’t been loaded but I only had the Marriott Homes & Villas offer that wasn’t loaded. The next step was to check the loaded offers on all my cards in case I’d inadvertently loaded it to a different card, but it wasn’t on any cards.

That was when I remembered that the Amex website can sometimes be a little weird. In the past I’d seen reports of – and experienced myself – instances of available Amex Offers showing up in the Amex app, but not online. That made me wonder – does the same thing happen with offers you’ve already loaded as well?

As it turns out, the answer is yes. I logged into my account in the Amex app, checked the loaded offers on my Gold card and sure enough – the Marriott Amex Offer was there.

Available Amex Offers in the app

What was even more notable was the big discrepancy between the number of loaded Amex Offers showing on the website versus in the app. Online, my account showed four loaded offers. In the app there were nine loaded offers available – more than double the number showing online.

So if you ever find that you’re missing an Amex Offer (or more), you might not be going crazy. You might just need to check the Amex app.

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Website seems to have a view limit to 100 offers


Curiously, I had the exact opposite experience. I loaded an offer for Saxx onto my platinum card, but when, like you, I went to double check before making a purchase on the app, it wasn’t there. I ch3cked on my iPad and Pixel, but it wasn’t there. I reached out via chat to Amex and was assured it was loaded, but they had no idea why it wasn’t visible on the app. I took a screenshot of the conversation just in case, but when I made the purchase I immediately received an email confirming I’d just used an Amex offer so all ended well.


For the Marriott offer, can I do multiple transactions to reach $300?


Why don’t you have the BB+? It’s the only Amex card with 2x on general spend, and there’s no AF. This seems like a card anyone with a business (or a “business”) should definitely have.


I had a strange thing happen to me last week with Amex offers: There was an offer for something like $25 or $50 off Spectrum- a great offer. I didn’t click on it, and then a day later it was gone. Anyone else experience this?


I had this happen once to me with an AmEx offer for an airline (I think Alaska?). I saw it on my account and then got interupted and pulled away with work, but when I came back to it 2 hours later to click on it, it wasn’t there anymore. My assumption was that the offer had reached the max number allowed in the meantime.


Good to know! Checked the app- not there. Next time I’ll get on it. Thanks!