(EXPIRED) Citi Offer/Simply Miles: 30% off wine.com and 1400 AAdvantage Miles/Loyalty Points

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It’s been a slower couple of months after a blazing Q1 for the AA Loyalty Games. But there’s a good opportunity now as Citi has a new merchant offer on Wine.com for 30% off $100 or more at Wine.com. This is more or less the standard offer that comes around with Amex as well. However, because it’s a Citi Merchant Offer, if you find it targeted on a Mastercard (like I did on my Citi Premier) it will stack with a concurrent Simply Miles offer for an additional 1400 AAdvantage miles/Loyalty Points.

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The Deal

  • Spend $100 at Wine.com and get $30 back with a targeted Citi Offer. Must activate offer before making purchase.

Direct link to offer (must log in to find out if targeted)

  • Stack with Simply Miles offer for 1400 AAdvantage Points/Miles when spending $100. Must enroll card before making purchase.

Direct Link to Simply Miles (must log-in to see offer)

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Terms and Conditions

  • Both offers expire on June 30, 2022.

Quick Thoughts

Some may call it tunnel vision or just being the new guy, but I usually end up being the one to write about the new wine offers. There are quite a few of them out there (see: winning by wine-ing), but they usually are for subscription services with custom-bottled wines that can be somewhere on the spectrum from drinkable to mediocre to downright bad…and they require you to manage a cancellation.

The nice thing about this Wine.com Citi Offer is that you can use it to purchase anything that wine.com sells, which is just about everything wine-related. Thus, it’s much easier to gaurantee that you end up with something you like. Even if you don’t care for wine (gasp!), you can buy a $100 Wine.com eGift card to get $30 back which should it make it profitable by reselling the card.

If you order an eGift card, you’ll get an email with a redemption code, then they’ll send a physical gift card with that same number in the mail…but you don’t need the physical card in order to redeem or sell it.

As always, be sure to click through a shopping portal in case the gift card tracks – here are the current rates.

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Just did this and used your spread sheet. Total was 101.48 and expected $30 off. It spit out 5.11 CPP. Isn’t that very high?

Francisco C

Sorry for asking simple question. Can you clarify when offers give loyalty points versus redeemable miles?


SM has an offer for 700 miles for any purchase at Mercado. I ordered $10 worth of veggies. T&C says any purchase. My closest store has a $10 minimum. Have to pick it up because I’m not in their delivery area. Couldn’t find anything on Amex, Citi, BOA or AA portal to stack.


I get annoyed by CMO. It’s not as good as Amex and I feel like I am always fighting to get them honored. Anyone else have this issue?


I just did vinesse wines – 2000 AA portal stacked with simply miles for 700. Easy to get just over $50 to trigger the simply miles. No cash back but I thought it was a good deal for 8 bottles of wine.


Actually, I don’t drink. Hence the head shaking from my husband. But I do cook a lot and will use it for cooking. I’ll also use it as gifts.