Wyndham promo: Earn 7.5k bonus points when staying 2 nights (limit 15k points) + 5k points as cardholder


Wyndham Rewards is celebrating its annual Member Month and has kicked things off with a new promotion giving 7,500 bonus points when staying two paid nights.

Wyndham member month promo 7,500 bonus points every 2 nights

The Deal

  • Earn 7,500 bonus points when staying two nights at Wyndham Rewards properties.
  • Wyndham cardholders also earn 5,000 bonus points after staying two nights.
  • Direct link to registration (depending on when you register, you might need to click the ‘Week 1’ tab further down the page).

Key Terms

  • For every two (2) nights booked and completed in accordance with the Booking & Stay Requirements (which nights may be consecutive or nonconsecutive), an Eligible Cardmember will earn 7,500 Wyndham Rewards bonus points, up to a maximum of 15,000 Wyndham Rewards bonus points (each, a “Regular Bonus”), plus 5,000 additional Wyndham Rewards points for being a cardmember (the “Cardmember Bonus”).
  • For clarity, there is a limit of two (2) Regular Bonuses and one (1) Cardmember Bonus per Eligible Cardmember regardless of how many nights an Eligible Cardmember consumes in accordance with the Booking & Stay Requirements. For example, and without limiting any term or condition of these Offer Terms, an Eligible Cardmember who books and completes five (5) separate one (1) night stays in accordance with the Booking & Stay Requirements would earn two (2) Regular Bonuses and one (1) Cardmember Bonus, for a total of 20,000 Wyndham Rewards bonus points, and an Eligible Cardmember who books and completes a one night stay, and a separate two night stay, in each case, in accordance with the Booking & Stay Requirements, would earn one (1) Regular Bonus and one (1) Cardmember Bonus, for a total of 12,500 Wyndham Rewards bonus points.
  • Qualified Stays are subject to certain restrictions and do not include third party online bookings or Go Free/Go Fast award nights; see the Program Terms for more information about Qualified Stays.
  • The bonus points will usually be posted to an eligible Member’s Member account within two to four weeks following the completion of the applicable stay. For clarity, any stay that (a) is booked or consumed (in whole or in part) prior to registration for this Offer, (b) begins before February 28, 2024 and/or (c) ends after May 13, 2024, will not be counted towards this Offer.
  • Members who have elected to earn airline miles in their Member profile will earn base miles in accordance with the Program Terms and the Promotion Bonus and the Additional Bonus in the form of points.

Quick Thoughts

One of the nice things about this latest Wyndham promotion is how flexible it is. You’ll earn the bonus points after staying two paid nights no matter whether those are consecutive nights or not. You can earn a total of 15,000 bonus points by staying at least four paid nights during the promo period and those could be four separate one night stays, a 4+ night stay or at least two stays amounting to at least four nights.

Another useful feature of Wyndham promos is that they stack with each other provided the requirements don’t conflict. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see at least one other promotion of some variety in the next few months, so that could make a stay even more rewarding.

Something important to note is that if you’ve already made reservations during the dates for this promotion, those stays won’t be eligible unless you cancel and rebook them after registering. Before doing that you’ll want to ensure that prices haven’t risen during that time and that the rate you’d booked was refundable, but you might get lucky and find that prices have dropped since making those original reservations.

That’s the fortunate position I’ve found myself in. I’d booked a couple of one night stays at Wyndham properties in the next month or so when we drive from Indianapolis to Idaho and hoped that there’d be some kind of promotion running during our stay dates. Our first one night stay is now $16.59 cheaper than it was when I booked a month or two ago, while the second one night stay is $3.68 more expensive. I’ve therefore rebooked both of those and so will be saving $12.91 while also earning 7,500 bonus points.

Update: The landing page for this promotion doesn’t mention 5,000 bonus points for cardholders, but that was sent out in an email to members today. When taking advantage of a similar promotion last year, Wyndham neglected to award the 5,000 bonus points and it was a lot of hassle getting them out of them which resulted in me having to submit a BBB complaint. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are similar issues with this year’s promotion, so here’s a screenshot of the offer from the email I received in case you need it; I’ve also updated the key terms above with the wording that was in the email.

Wyndham 5,000 bonus points for cardholders

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Hi Stephen, trying to confirm the paid stay part. I’ve gone through the terms and don’t see a mention of it


Ah makes sense, that’s how they word it. Thanks, Stephen!


Does this work if you book two different hotels for the same night?

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