10% back on Dell up to $1500 back w/ new Amex Offer


There is a new Amex Offer out today on some business cards that is good for 10% back on Dell purchases, up to $1500 back. This one is valid up through the middle of December, so it can make for a nice stack for those with the Business Platinum card.

The Deal

  • There is a new Amex Offer out that’s good for 10% back on Dell purchases, up to $1500 back through December 15, 2021. Note that this offer has been found on business cards (check your login)

Key Terms

  • Enrollment required
  • Terms state that you must purchase at Dell.com/amex or via phone, but in practice any purchase from the main Dell site works (including clicking through a shopping portal)
  • Does not apply to refurbished / outlet items
  • Not valid for gift card or e-gift card purchases (YMMV)
  • See offer for full terms

Quick Thoughts

I found this offer on our Business Platinum card and was glad to have the offer there since it plays nicely with that card’s twice-annual $100 credit for Dell purchases (once from January through June and once from July to December). Keep in mind that Amex has clawed back in the past on some cardholders when they used this offer in conjunction with the Business Platinum benefit to turn a profit. To be on the safe side, you’ll want to purchase stuff at Dell that costs a total of at least $111.12 if you’re stacking this offer with that benefit (since you’ll still end up paying a penny after the 10% offer and the $100 credit).

Keep in mind that you can also stack with a shopping portal payout, so it makes sense to keep your eye out for increased rates. With Prime Day coming on Monday and Tuesday of next week, I would be very surprised if we don’t see increased portal payouts for Dell in the coming days.

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Thanks for the heads up, Nick. Could you clarify this for me? P2 and I each have a business plat, looking to get her Bose headphones which are on there for $249. Since we’d split the charge with each of the cards, and we’d use the 10% benefit, it would be under the $111.12 you stated. After taxes it would go above the $111.12 number, but not before— is that number for pre or post tax? Thanks!


Makes good sense— thanks, Nick