(EXPIRED) [Update] $100 back at T-Mobile with new card-linked offer

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Update 7/9/21: Just a quick update to confirm that two $50 payments to my existing T-Mobile account did trigger this offer for $100 back. The expiration date on my offer was 7/9/21, so if you have the offer and haven’t yet made a payment, don’t forget to do so.

There is a potentially awesome new offer out today on some business and personal credit cards that’s good for $100 back when you spend $50 or more in each of up to two transactions at T-Mobile. Check your logins for this targeted Chase Offer (perhaps some will also find it on Bank of America cards?. The offer says it is for those who switch to T-Mobile, though I’ll be curious to see if it works for existing customers since I can’t imagine there is a difference in how payments are processed.

The Offer

  • There is a new Chase Offer out on some business and consumer cards that is good for $100 back “when you switch to T-Mobile and make two transactions of at least $50 each”.

Key Details

  • Expires 7/9/21
  • Must make two payments of $50+ by 9/7/21
  • If cancelled, credits may stop
  • Max 4/acct
  • Offer valid one time only (note that this isn’t actually a contradiction since you have to make two transactions to trigger the $100 one time).

Quick Thoughts

The offer details say that you earn $100 back when you switch to T-Mobile and make two transactions of at least $50 each. I’m not really sure how they would enforce that, though farther down in the terms it does say a max of 4/acct, so maybe T-Mobile is financing this (hence the limited number of times it works per T-Mobile account) and as such I suppose they could be reporting whether an account is new or not. That might explain why it says it expires 7/9 but then says you need to make two payments by 9/7.

Still, I’m going to give this a shot as I’d be happy to save $100 on my T-Mobile bill if I can. The worst case scenario here is that I end up with 5x on my Chase Ink Plus card, so I won’t have lost much. Unfortunately, Chase Offers tend to be quite slow to post, so I’m not sure we’ll know whether or not it works for paying an existing customer’s bill before the offer “expires”. Like I said, I think it’s worth a shot and we’ll see what happens.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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I got the $100 offer and made the 2 $50 payment. How ever, I received an email today saying I redeemed the offer but only $50. I check the t$c and it now suddenly says only $50.


Chase just extended my date to 7/16, anyone else ?


I usually don’t comment but I had to Thank Nick for posting. 🙂
I received an extension on my Chase offer (*which btw I also activated) in order to get the credit when I use my cc & switch by July 16.
Which was perfect because my family and I were in the process of switching our cell service to TMobile from ATT after 23 years. I was just confused what else I needed to do because I wasn’t sure what Chase meant when it says we needed to make two $50 payments before 9/7. Especially because when we switched we had also signed up with autopay with TMobile to give us an extra monthly $5 off each phone. Thankfully I searched and saw Nick’s post. Thank you again Nick.

  • I logged into my TMobile acct and just made a $50 payment today and will schedule another $50 payment again tomorrow. I think paying my cc twice even if I am on autopay with TMobile works. (Sharing this in case others have the same set up as I do)
  • For those wondering like the earlier posts. How will Chase know if we switched carriers? I do not know the answer for that but for my case Chase should see my charge because I paid the taxes for the phones we upgraded and the activation fees before the offer expired.

I will check back again in a week to share if I received the $100 credit from Chase. 😀

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I can not see any Chase offers from my PC at all.
Where do you find them on the site?

Kevin Doherty

I think I found what you are looking for on their website…right hand side….scroll down past the Covid 19 Support, Rewards, Plan, track & manage, and My info.
I also have 3 Chase cards, and am a T mobile customer, but I didn’t receive that offer on any of my cards.


I just found this offer on one of business ink card but mine is $50 back after 2x $50 payment and exp 7/16.


Strangely, when I log into my Chase account today, the offers area isn’t even loading into my browser. Has Chase moved where they are located? Is there any way to force the Offers to show up?


I didn’t see any offers either on the website today. But I was able to find them on the app & sign up for it. I hope that helps you.


No T-Mobile offers for me. Too bad since I have T-Mobile service.


Can you make 2 payments on the same day? Thanks, Nick for the head’s up today! I didn’t move on it when it was uncertain that the credit would post, but I’m doing it today.


Thanks for your quick reply, Nick. I love reading your posts and get a huge kick out of your and Greg’s podcasts!! Your banter together gets me to laugh out loud as well as learn a lot from your different perspectives.


Well I’m a Sprint guy but now Sprint is part of T-Mobile. Can I get the credit?

Joseph N.

I paid my Sprint bill last week and the bill shows SPRINT *WIRELESS.

IDK if that disqualifies you from the Chase offer.


Thanks for the update, Nick. How long after the 2nd payment did you know it was triggered? I made my 2nd payment on 7/7 and haven’t seen anything, yet. Deal is still even listed in the Chase offer section for that card.


Oops, didn’t see your screenshot before I posted. Looks like 5 days.


I wondering if I’m able to use it to buy accessories


So any Updates? We’re you successful?


Doctor of credit link going to a Marriott offer?


I tried this with an ATT offer and nothing posted yet. I even created a new user ID before paying the bill in case that helped. That would be incredible deal if you get the $100 back. Good luck!

Buzz W

I’m a T-Mobile subscriber but no offers on any of my Chase cards.


I have 3 Chase cards and have T-mobile promotion on all. Would it work for all cards ? I don’t have tmobile but switch and make a total of $300 payments.