(EXPIRED) Update: $113-$150 profit coin deal next week

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Update: PFS has increased its offer to $113.10 over cost (a flat $200 payment).

Update: Blog Miles Per Day is now offering at least $150 over cost for this same coin. See more information under “The Deal”.

PFS Buyers Club is offering a deal to buy and flip a coin (see what I did there?) from the US Mint next week that could net you an easy $100 win. This deal is small but the payoff is nice: it requires buying a coin for $86.90 total and agreeing to resell it to PFS Buyers Club for $187. You’ll want to read the instructions carefully and see more detail below, but this can be an easy win for little effort.

The Deal

  • PFS Buyers Club is offering a deal where you buy a specific coin from the US Mint on November 14, 2019 at 12:00pm Eastern time for $86.90 with shipping included and PFS will pay you $187 to buy the coin from you. You must register and opt in on their site in advance to do this deal and follow their instructions exactly.
  • Direct link to this deal (not a referral / affiliate link)
  • Update: Blog Miles Per Day is alternatively offering at least $150 over cost for the same coin. Note that while I’m a long-time Miles Per Day reader, I’ve never done business with the blog or its author. My bet is that Vinh is an honest guy who sees room for profit and intends to pay you for your coin, but if Miles Per Day has a history of making this kind of offer, I have no experience with it. While PFS has demonstrated an ability to buy large quantities of much more expensive coins in the past, I’d at least stop to think about how much cash one person has on hand to pay out on these coins. For all I know, Vinh is a multi-bajillionaire with eight venture capitalists on hand willing to spot him a million each on this deal and/or he already has such a buyer lined up to buy him out of these for $200 a coin, but the point is that I don’t know. Do your own calculus in terms of what risks you’re willing to take. Direct link to Miles Per Day offer.

Key Terms

  • Must register with PFS if you are a new user and must opt in prior to purchase
  • Must be willing to commit to selling to PFS at a profit of $100.10 (which could become higher — if they increase the commission offer after you opt in, you will receive whatever the highest offer is). In other words, don’t opt in unless you can commit to selling it to them
  • Must read and follow all directions (e.g. must order with overnight shipping on this deal, must enter your order number on the PFS site by 1:00pm Eastern on Nov 14, must not open the box from the mint, etc). If you’re not detail-oriented, this might not be the deal for you.
  • The US Mint limits you to 1 coin per household (though if you have more than one billing/shipping address, PFS will allow you to opt in for multiples)
  • See PFS Buyers Club for full terms

Quick Thoughts

PFS is a buyers club that has been around for years. The basic premise is that something limited goes on sale (like this coin). You agree to try to buy the coin from the Mint and then sell it to PFS for a pre-arranged price if you’re successful. You’ll have to be fast when ordering as the deal is likely to sell out in minutes or perhaps even seconds. There is a bunch of fine print, but that’s the premise.

There are inherent risks involved (What if the coin gets lost in the mail? What if PFS runs off with your coin without paying you? etc). I’ve bought and sold much more expensive orders with PFS than this deal (and Stephen Pepper has as well) and with the cheap cost on this coin I think the risk level is tolerable for most people, but be aware that we have no direct affiliation with PFS and don’t vouch for it beyond the fact that we and many readers have had positive experiences thus far. You choose your own risk tolerance.

Like I said, the risk here is relatively low in the sense that this is a cheap coin. The reward is quite high considering the return on investment. Of course, I imagine the reward is high because PFS expects to get a good margin out of it beyond what they pay you, which means that you may be able to do better by selling it on your own. In my case, I’m not really interested in the time and effort necessary to sell it on my own when I’ve got an offer for an easy hundred bucks on the table. You do you if you want to buy this thing and sell it yourself, but please only opt in on this deal with PFS if you’re willing to commit to selling it to PFS. While this deal is low spend / high reward, other deals are high spend that help readers hit minimum spending requirements.

A quick review of the key things to know:

  1. Read the instructions that PFS provides. All of them.
  2. Follow the instructions.
  3. No really, read and follow the instructions. For example, one of them is to not open the box from the Mint but rather just slap the prepaid shipping label from PFS on the box. Another gives you the maximum time window from delivery to re-shipping. Read those things and follow them so you get paid.
  4. PFS provides a prepaid shipping label. While I don’t see this in the detail on this deal, I imagine it will be the same as in the past where you must be able get it shipped out within 24 or 48 hours of receipt of the coin (I’m sure they’ll provide that info once you’ve confirmed your purchase on 11/14). They usually require that you do not open the box from the Mint, so don’t do that.
  5. Make sure you enter your order confirmation number at PFS by 1:00pm Eastern. Once you have your order confirmation number, go to the PFS site and enter it. This is how PFS tracks the orders and knows how many were successfully purchased because….
  6. Not everyone will be able to get the coin. Most of the PFS coin deals sell out from the mint within a couple of minutes (or even within less than a minute). You’ll need to follow the PFS instructions in terms of setting up your US Mint login and getting logged in at just the right time and refreshing the page in order to have a shot at this. The US Mint site will likely get super laggy / crash / spin in circles and you’ll need to be able to accept that and try your best.
  7. Remember there are risks. While our experiences with PFS have all been positive, we do not personally know anyone at PFS nor can we control lost packages / problems. I think the reward is worth the risk on this deal for me, especially considering my past experiences with PFS, but you make your own call there.

This deal is essentially like buying a lottery ticket that you only pay for if you win.

Note that PFS also offers a referral of $20 per person who registers for PFS and completes the deal. You can find your referral link under “My Referrals” when you log in at PFS. Note that I did not post my referral link here as PFS explicitly says that they will not pay out referral commissions for links posted on blogs, generic message boards, or the like. They want you to refer friends and family. You may know some friends and family who suddenly have extra money on their hands and want to parlay that into another hundred bucks, so this might be an easy one to share with those who you recently introduced to the game. Please don’t share your link here as it will get caught in our spam filter and will not post.

Note that according to DoC, US Bank cards and the Elan/Fidelity card will not pay out any rewards for US Mint purchases, but you should be good to go with other major credit cards. While Amex has been tightening up as of late, I’ve never had a problem buying from the Mint with an Amex in the past and have also bought coins with most of the other major issuers with no issue.

Overall, this is an easy deal that won’t earn a ton in rewards but pays out nicely. I’ll be at my computer at noon next Thursday anyway, so I might as well try to pick up a hundred bucks in easy money.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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Kathy (will run for miles)

One just sold on Ebay for $580! (and seller had audacity to charge for shipping!)

American Eagle 2019 One Ounce Silver ENHANCED REVERSE 19XE **PRE SALE** See original listing
Item Sold
“Brand new never opened!Will ship with the original packaging from US MINT.”
Ended:Nov 14, 2019 , 1:10PM
Winning bid:US $580.00[ 36 bids ]
Shipping:$10.00 Standard Shipping
Item location:Maitland, Florida, United States
mend_dubo (16 ) | Seller’s other items


got it….lots of refreshing…changing browsers finally did the trick. Like everyone, was able to get it in the cart, but had problems checking out…


I gave it a shot for the heck of it. Spouse likes coins. I didn’t sign up for the offers. Site kept crashing and I just kept refreshing and getting a little further along in the process. I about gave up, but thought I’d keep trying until it said it was sold out. To my surprise after about 10 minutes and maybe 100 refreshes, I was able to complete the order.


I realize that this is late in coming but wanted to close the loop…I was able to get one too, with the above mentioned persistence and refreshing…shipped a few days later…received, shipped immediately to PSF…tracked and they acknowledged receipt soon after it arrived…$200 posted in my account a day later…requested transfer to PayPal and money arrived today. 11 days end to end for 15 minutes work. They are legit. Thanks for the tip Nick.


Well, I got to the cart at least 10 times, to the final confirmation once, and never could actually place the order. Oh well, just twenty minutes wasted fighting with their site.


Same here! 🙁


Yep, same!




I wouldn’t trust Vihn at Miles Per Day with a dime. Guy has a horrible reputation


Opted in, as I’ll be free that morning. I assume there’s no risk of buying the coin and then PFS deciding they have enough already and don’t want mine?


(Disregard my comment, I was incorrect)


IIRC many card issuers loss/theft protection coverage excludes PMs, coins, watches, jewelry as well as most items while in the possession of a commercial carrier (FefEx, UPS, USPS) .

Never done a PFS deal time has always been bad (flight, appointment, etc) during sales minute.

Not sure if like Pixel phone and you have physically sign for it. This deal has lower threshold of risk and higher reward than past deals might be a good one to get feet wet with.


Talked to us mint chat last night and they said sig required only for orders over $300 or precious metals. So it seems like no sig required which is the only way i could get in on this. It’ll be interesting to watch the ebay market and see how high the price gets on there


I’m curious how often similar deals have been sold out when you tried to get one.


The risk is they decide to increase mintage. Mint really does some dumb things. I have to wonder how much they are losing minting this thing. In any case if the mintage stays at 30,000 the best thing you can do is keep the coin and sell it on Ebay. Better yet, just keep the coin.

I collected coins when I was a kid. In 1964 US switched from silver half dollars, quarters and dimes. Given there were no computers to sort out silver coins AFAIK I used to go to the bank 3 times per day and exchange rolls of coins to get the silver ones.
Movie theaters were the best.


Sounds like Me always away to Do a deal..