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Tag: PFS Buyers Club

a woman holding shopping bags and a credit card

Using Buying Groups to Increase Credit Card Spend

There are many reasons that you might want to increase credit card spend. You may need to meet minimum spend requirements on new credit...
a cartoon of a woman sitting at a computer

Is a buyers club a good idea for you?

This afternoon, many of us will try our hand at scoring a super rare coin with the hopes of flipping it for a small...
US Mint American Eagle 2022 Gold Proof Four-Coin Set

(EXPIRED) New Mint Coin Deal: ~$5,250 Spend + $162.55 Commission (Goes Live 3/17/22 12pm...

Last year there were loads of US Mint coin deals that buyers clubs were offering a nice profit on. If you took advantage of...
a silver coin in a box

Striking out on my own with US Mint coins

Today there will be yet another new coin being released for sale by the US Mint. Over the past couple of years, we have seen...
American Eagle 2021 Gold Proof Four-Coin Set

(EXPIRED) New Mint Coin Deal: ~$5,000 Spend + $200 Commission (Goes Live 7/29/21 12pm...

There's a new US Mint coin deal coming tomorrow (July 29) which will get you ~$5,000 of spend along with $200 profit if you...
a boy and girl with their hands up in front of a laptop

[Update: Didn’t score after all] If I got a gold coin, I was going...

Update 11/7/20: I got a cancellation email from the US Mint this morning indicating that the gold coin "was cancelled because the item(s) are...
a gold coins with a picture of a woman and a bird

(EXPIRED) New Coin Deals: Over $2500 spend plus $1,000+ profit

UPDATE: PFS Buyers Club has increased the commission for each gold coin to $1,005! Update from Nick: I wanted to add a few notes to...
US Mint One Ounce Palladium Coin Deal

(EXPIRED) New Coin Deal: $3,000 Of Spend & $50+ Profit (12pm ET 9/24/20)

The US Mint is releasing a new one ounce palladium coin tomorrow. This represents a potentially great opportunity to knock out the minimum spend...
a close up of money

(EXPIRED) Update: $113-$150 profit coin deal next week

Update: PFS has increased its offer to $113.10 over cost (a flat $200 payment). Update: Blog Miles Per Day is now offering at least $150 over cost...
PFS Buyers Club Palladium Proof Coin

(EXPIRED) PFS Buyers Club: Get ~$1,400 Spend On Credit Card & ~$50 Profit

PFS Buyers Club has launched a new offer that can help you earn miles while making a profit on the transaction. There's some risk...

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