(EXPIRED) New Mint Coin Deal: ~$5,250 Spend + $162.55 Commission (Goes Live 3/17/22 12pm ET)

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Last year there were loads of US Mint coin deals that buyers clubs were offering a nice profit on. If you took advantage of all those deals, you had the opportunity to get tens of thousands of dollars of credit card spend while also making a profit.

Those deals have been few and far between over the past 6 months, but there’s another opportunity coming up on Thursday that can get you more than $5,000 of spend plus more than $150 in profit.

US Mint American Eagle 2022 Gold Proof Four-Coin Set

The Deal

Once you’ve registered for this deal, PFS Buyers club offers full details online about how the deal works. If you then decide to go forward with the deal, you’ll have an option to click “Four-Count Set Opt In”. Important Note: While it can’t hurt to sign up for PFS Buyers Club, please don’t opt in for these deals unless you are fully committed to purchasing the coins.

Key Terms

  • Offer goes live at 12pm ET on March 17, 2022.
  • Product limit – 10,000.
  • Limit 1 per household.


  • US Bank / Elan cards do not earn rewards for US Mint purchases.
  • Amex cards may code as a cash advance. Amex changed terms last year stating that bullion purchases might code that way, but readers have since reported not being charged a cash advance fee. Of course, things could change at any time.
  • Other Buyer’s Clubs may offer better terms. We’re specifically listing PFS Buyers Club’s offer because Nick has had good experiences with them in the past. For a previous deal he wrote “The club with which I’ve done business many times is PFS Buyers Club and I have always been paid promptly and haven’t had any issue (and in fact quite the opposite – I’ve had positive customer service experiences when I’ve made inquiries).”
  • For general cautions regarding using Buyer’s Clubs, see: Is a buyers club a good idea for you?

Quick Thoughts

The US Mint will be announcing the official price of this coin set later today and it’s expected to be $5,332.50 or $5,240.00. There’s a shipping fee of $4.95 (or you can pay a little extra out of your own pocket for a premium shipping option), with PFS Buyers Club reimbursing you for the cost of the coin set, the $4.95 shipping fee and $162.55 commission on top of that.

Getting the opportunity to spend just over $5,000 means you have the potential to knock out a new credit card minimum spend requirement in one shot. It’s worth having your payment method saved on the US Mint website as that’ll hopefully speed up the checkout process.

Note that PFS Buyers Club (and other buyers clubs) have strict rules if you want to sell to them which includes not opening the package when it arrives at your house, so be sure to carefully read all the requirements if you decide to sell to PFS or anyone else. Please don’t take this as a specific recommendation to sell to PFS, but Nick has had good experiences selling to them and I’ve only heard good things about them.

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Looks like they performed as advertised. After 7 days, no notification from my bank of any check clearing issues. Accomplished my spending goals and made a few bucks.


eCheck showed up as advertised. Now waiting for it to fully clear.


Just got a letter from my bank that the check for $5500 bounced. ‘Return Reason’ “the paying bank could not find the checking account.” I’m a bit worried tbh.


It looks like my bank couldn’t read the account number on the check. I am re-submitting the check. I will take the check to the bank to show them the full numbers are clearly visible and ask for a credit on the returned check fee.


Order Status: BACKORDER


My Capital One Venture X account reflected category “Other Services” for my charge to US Mint.


Mine, too. The charge posted on Friday, but my SUB tracker didn’t move to reflect the spend. You think that I should be worried?


I’m new to Capital One but I did see this from The Points Guy:
“Capital One no longer informs cardholders their sign-up bonus progress, so your best bet is to call customer service to get the most accurate update.”


Anyone buying these coins?


Opted in and placed an order with the Mint. Of course, right after I realized it may arrive when I am out of the state. No one available to pick it up, cant send it where I will be, etc.

Does anyone know the consequence of canceling the mint order and not delivering to PFS? I don’t remember seeing anything in the agreement, and there isn’t anything about it when I look around the PFS website. Seems like worst-case scenario, they will cancel my account?


I have a WOH and AMEX plat I am simultaneously working on hitting SUBs for. Given AMEX may code cash advance, the best play is probably to use WOH card. Thoughts?


Anyone ever notice if using PayPal with the US Mint allowed you to split payment between multiple cards like PayPal does with certain vendors? Thanks!

Randy B

How are these as a way of just investing in physical gold? Getting the spend too obviously.


These are specially produced proof coins with a significant markup over spot gold and thus their value changes both on the value of gold and the collector value of the coin. This makes them highly speculative.

If you don’t want that extra variance, buy normal bullion coins (not sold directly by the mint). They still have a markup over spot but much lower than proof coins, and the markup is much more consistent over time, i.e. you are likely to recover it when you sell.

However note that all forms of physical metal have a very high buy/sell spread compared to something like stocks, in addition to storage costs and/or risks of theft.

Randy B

Appreciate the detailed response. I spent some time researching after my question and came to broadly similar conclusions. A fascinating area.


There are several reports on DoC that people received empty boxes and the Mint refused to refund. I’m not sure how widespread this is but it’s worrisome


I got an empty box last $5k coin deal. Didn’t realize how widespread it was until you comment (and then going to look at DoC).

US Mint denied my claims because the tracking showed the box as delivered. Multiple attempts, calls, and emails to resolve this amicably, but they keep saying no.

They did not tape over one end of the box, allowing it to be opened without damaging the packaging while it was in transit. I’m sure that’s what happened — someone pried the box open, slipped out the coin, and closed the box back up.

I ended up filing a chargeback. I’m currently getting letters from the Mint threatening collections.


I have ordered from the US mint before. I sent the coin to my billing address. Is there any problem sending this one to another address?


Any data on Barclays coding?


following. might be a good $5.3k on AA aviator red card.


That was my tentative plan as well.


I appreciate the info but too much risk for too little reward on this one.

Stew podaso

Better get a new hobby rookie


No thanks. I actually enjoy this hobby. Been playing since 2010 and It’s taken my family to Hawaii, London, and Paris for next to nothing. Everyone can play their own way at their own risk level. I’ve personally used PFS before and it turned out great. I was willing to send them a $100 coin to make a small profit. If it got lost in the mail or they claimed nothing was in the box I was only out $100. I’m not willing to be out $5200. But if you are, go for it!


I agree too much risk. $5,000 (plus) outlay for only a 3% commission. I have done other PFS deals with less principal risk and a much larger commision percentage wise.

Brian Cogswell

Stephen, I can’t seem to figure out when these coins ship? Going on vacation next week and don’t want to have to worry about them arriving while I am gone. Thanks!

David W

Elsewhere, I’ve read that the March 17 coins will be shipping out ASAP.

Sandra S

I just called the US Mint. They said the shipping date is not available, but probably will be put in back order and won’t ship for a few months.

Brian Cogswell

Hi Stpehen,

Yeah, I cxl’ed my participation. I did the prior 5k one and it worked out fine but my whole local family is going on the same trip so I don’t have anyone to help me out this time, lol


Their website says coins that are not backordered ship within one to two weeks

David W

Just got the Capital One Venture X. Anyone have success using Capital One cards with the US Mint?

The Exceptional Traveler

I was about to ask the same question!


Used C1 Venture last September/October and it coded as a purchase. I usually use C1/Eno to generate virtual numbers for multiple account numbers linked to one card.


Any other views on using Amer?


I used the Amex Hilton Aspire last Fall for Mint purchases, coded as purchase, and counted toward the $60K free night spend. Plan on using this card tomorrow. Fingers crossed.