[Expired] 10,000 Membership Rewards w/ $500 cruise booking

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There’s a nice new Amex Offer out to get 10,000 Membership Rewards on a Norwegian Cruise Lines cruise purchase of $500 or more. That’s a great return if you’re planning to pay for a cruise in the coming months. Note that the terms state that on-board purchases and gift cards are excluded.

The Deal

  • Get 10,000 Membership Rewards points when you spend $500 or more to purchase a cruise with Norwegian Cruise Lines

Key Terms

  • Expires 5/10/18
  • Gift cards, excursions, on-board purchases, and transportation to and from the ship are excluded per the terms

Quick Thoughts

This is a great offer if you’re a cruise fan. While I’m not a cruise person myself, I’ve always heard good things about Norwegian Cruise Lines from friends who have cruised with them. Getting 10,000 Membership Rewards back (in addition to whatever other promotions you’re able to find and stack) is an excellent return. According to our Reasonable Redemption Values, Membership Rewards points are worth about 1.82 cents per point (though you could clearly do much better with strategic redemptions), making this offer worth somewhere around $180.

Again, I’m not a cruise person myself, but I understand that you can often make a deposit and pay off the balance later — which leads me to imagine that you could probably stack two of these offers for 20,000 Membership Rewards points total if you synced the offer to multiple cards and then paid for a $1,000 cruise over two cards. See our Complete Guide to Amex Offers for more information on how to sync to multiple cards if you have multiple cards linked to one login name.

As always, we have added this offer to our database of Current Amex Offers, where you can always search for the latest offers or find what offers may be available for a specific merchant.

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Should have done it yesterday. Gone today!!


I paid for a NCL cruise in Norway that I had on hold for 4 months this morning for $4.5K. I used my new MB AMEX to meet spend. Now I see this… ARRGH. I plan on calling NCL in the morning to try and change payment. and split over 9 cards. AMEX shows the payment as pending and said the offer it can be added until the payment posts ( good to know ). Worst case 10K points… best case 90K points. I am not happy right now


you had the off er on 9 cards? Wow I have numerous cards only had it on 1


Didn’t get 10,000 membership points but did get $100 off Just FYI as a data point. Have 10 AMEX cards and was only found on one. But we are frequent cruisers so I imagine that it’s clearly visible on ppast charges and didn’t offer it. Was offered on a brand new card I just opened a day ago. Would much rather have the 10,000 points


Make a $500+ deposit towards a cruise, get the 10,000 Membership Rewards points, then transfer the reservation to a travel agency like United Cruises or Costco Travel. You can double dip for the bonus miles or Costco cash card they are offering for the same cruise.


This offer was offered around same time last year. I used it (across several cards) to pre-load my onboard account – NCL allows up to $1000 in OBC funds.

Of course, I didn’t use all these funds and NCL sent me refund check for unused amount.


Is it $1000 OBC per person or per cabin?


Per cabin/reservation


1000 per cabin per day or the entire trip?


Thanks for this tip!