10x Membership Rewards points at Dell via Rakuten (or 10% back)


Shopping portal Rakuten is offering 10% back or 10x Membership Rewards points for purchases at Dell Technologies today, making this a good opportunity to use one’s Business Platinum Dell rebate

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The Deal

  • Shopping portal Rakuten is offering 10% / 10x back at Dell

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Key Details

  • Cash Back is not available on Dell Outlet, Dell Refurbished Computers, or Dell Canada purchases via Dell Technologies.
  • Cash Back is not available on Dell Business Alliance Systems orders, Dell Employee & Affiliates Purchase Program, Dell Premier Orders, Education orders, Emerging Business Division orders, gift cards, Government orders, Healthcare orders, Internet Service Provider Division orders, Medium & Large Business orders, Dell QTO (Quote to order), Dell Outlet orders.
  • Cash Back not available on sales of products and services believed to be sold to parties reselling products and/or services offered by Dell. Cash Back is not available on high volume orders.
  • Dell defines high volume as more than 3 units within 30 days of any item.
  • Cash Back is only available on US orders placed on the Dell Technologies US site.

Quick Thoughts

These rates will likely be today-only. It is worth noting that this is not the highest cash back rates we’ve ever seen for Dell, but it could be timely if you have a need to place an order. For example, those with the Business Platinum card receive up to $200 in statement credits between January and June for purchases at Dell.

Always check Cashbackmonitor for comparisons and historical rates to be sure you’re getting a good deal.

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11% TopCashback.


It’s 12X or 12% now.


I don’t do xbox.But this time found decent enough stuff – $600 for NetGear mesh system, $200 NetGear router/modem combo-no more $10/mo Xfinity rental charge, $150 power bank for computer/phones, another $50 JLab earbuds. Mesh system and router/ modem actually useful. Got email that the 10% Rakuten posted. Best of all, the spend is done til July. Hate that last 10 day stress of using the credits. When AF hits, cards will be canceled, have one more round of Dell spend (actually two- thx to dbl dip).

Carson B

New Amex Bus Plat card holder question – does Dell shut down buying group orders? I tried to see if an order would go through to get my credit + 10x on Rakuten, but it seemed to be cancelled quickly.

Raghu N

Yes waiting for those xbox GC

Repeat Offender Captain Greg

Except still no Xbox gift cards. How worried are you that those could be gone permanently?

Repeat Offender Captain Greg

That’s good to hear, although they’ve been gone since early-mid January. I can’t remember the exact date but it was like the second week of January that they disappeared. What might be more concerning is that a couple weeks ago they still had them on the site, but you couldn’t add them to your cart. Now they are just gone.

Mike Chicago

Yes it’s been almost a month now. I don’t recall xbox cards being gone this long in the past. Of course Dell didn’t send a bunch of xbox cards on cancelled orders in the past either, and I assume not adding to their mess is the reason for this delay. Unfortunately I only have a couple of weeks left to decide whether to keep the business platinum with retention offer for year 2 and it’s much less interesting without xbox cards on dell.


More than a month now. They were removed around 1/16.

Last edited 1 year ago by satellite
Dave Hanson

Still alive at 8am et on Sept 1. Interesting they didn’t expire it right at the end of the month this time.