Hilton Amex Offer: Spend $750+, get $150 back (targeted)


In addition to the latest Hilton Amex Offer that includes various beach locations throughout the world, there’s another targeted Amex Offer for Hilton properties in Mexico only. This one probably has more limited appeal – especially with a higher than average spend requirement – but it could save you up to 20% if you’re planning a paid trip.

Hilton Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
Hilton Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

The Deal

  • Spend $750+ on room rate and room charges at Hilton brand properties in Mexico and get $150 back.

Key Terms

  • Expires April 30th, 2023.
  • Offer only valid for reservations made online at Hilton.com, via the Hilton Honors app or by calling 1-800-HILTONS (445-8667).
  • Excludes gift card purchases.
  • Offer does not apply to advance purchase rates, including Advance Purchase, Save Now & Pay and Non-refundable rates.
  • Corporate cards are not eligible for this offer.
  • Offer only valid on room rate and room charges.
  • Offer not valid for stays that are paid for before or after the promotion start and end dates.
  • Valid only on purchases made in US dollars (?!)

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Quick Thoughts

The $750 spend requirement to trigger this Amex Offer for Hilton properties in Mexico is quite high, although it’s still less that the $1000 required for the more general resort properties version. Note that, if you have the other version of the Amex Offer on a different card than this one, it should be possible to split the payment and have both credit apply…provided the total is $1750+ and the property is included on both offers. In the unlikely event that you have both offers on the same card, you’re really in the money as they should stack on one $1000 charge.

This offer will be most rewarding if you have any Hilton cards that were targeted. If you have the Hilton Aspire card, that would be the best option as it would also earn 14x on the Hilton spend.  The Aspire card also comes with a $250 statement credit each year towards stays at Hilton resorts. There are multiple Hilton resort properties in Mexico so it should be possible to stack the resort credit with this Amex Offer. If you spend $750 on room rate and room charges, it might therefore have a net cost of only $350 ($750-$150 Amex Offer-$250 resort credit).

I say might as I don’t know for sure if they’ll stack when spending only $750. If American Express deducts the $250 resort credit first, there’s a chance they’ll regard this as spending $500 towards the Amex Offer. If that’s the case, you’d need to spend $1000 in order to trigger both the statement credit and the Amex Offer. However, I suspect that’s not the case and that you could trigger both when spending $750 (would love to hear DP’s on this if anyone’s tried it).

There’s also a bizarre note in the terms that the offer is only valid for purchases in US Dollars…an odd requirement given that it’s only valid in Mexico. There’s no way of knowing whether or not that’s for real or if someone copy and pasted the wrong terms into the offer. Regardless, it’s probably best to have the hotel process the charge in US Dollars instead of Mexican Pesos, even though you’ll undoubtedly get a worse exchange rate.

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DP; I used this offer on my Biz Gold last week at Waldorf Astoria Cancun. I asked if they would make the charge in USD and they said their system wouldn’t allow it and it would be charged in pesos. Thankfully, the Amex offers posted anyway and did indeed stack (a total of $350 in credits on total charges slightly north of $1000 USD converted from pesos).


“spending only $250 toward the Amex offer”? You mean $500?


“There are two Hilton resort properties in Mexico…” there are actually quite a few more than that if you look on the hilton.com/resorts page. I’m planning on using both offers + the resort credit on my Aspire card at the Waldorf Astoria Pedregal in Cabo.