(EXPIRED) 15K United miles for signing up for CLEAR for elite members

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United has sent an email to Premier members with an offer to earn 15,000 United Mileage Plus miles when they sign up for CLEAR between 3/17/22 and 4/1/22. This may finally be the incentive that pushes me over the edge to sign up given that my Amex Platinum card reimburses the fee for CLEAR, meaning that this is an opportunity to earn free miles.

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Valid March 7 through April 1, 2022

Quick Thoughts

I’ve not jumped on previous deals because I’m not a big fan of the biometrics trend, but maybe CLEAR has found my price. I recently booked tickets between New York and Hawaii for 12.5K United miles, so this would essentially pay me back for a ticket to Hawaii (that certainly isn’t a common price to Hawaii, it was a flash sale).

Like many readers, my United Premier Silver status comes via the partnership with Marriott Bonvoy since Marriott Titanium members get United Premier Silver status. I qualified for Marriott Titanium a couple of years ago and have enjoyed status extensions from both Marriott and United through the pandemic.

The “full” price for CLEAR is $179. United Premier members qualify for a discounted price of $109. The Amex Platinum card and Business Platinum card each offer a statement credit for CLEAR of up to $179. I believe that some readers with discounted CLEAR pricing have been able to add a second family member and get reimbursed for both people.

For those curious about the process, Stephen has written about how easy it was for him to get set up with CLEAR. I don’t have any immediate plans to be at an airport any time soon, but who wants to sweat the details?

Previous CLEAR offers included a $100 United Travel Bank credit, but I like the miles here both because they are worth more than the travel credit and because they won’t expire unused.

Each time I see one of these incentives, I wonder what’s in it for United. I suppose that CLEAR must be footing the bill for the miles as a marketing expense. I also wonder how fast CLEAR will be with so many potential new members, but I’ll just have to sign up and try it out myself to see.

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I never got the 15K. Has anyone gotten it? I see the charge on CC (I have not gone in to do biometrics but charged card). Let me know


Still waiting here as a United Silver who signed up back on March 22nd. Terms do state “6-8 weeks after qualifying activity” which in this case seems to just be sign-up/payment screen, so at latest end of this month. Spoke to CLEAR who directed me to United and they said “you should be all set” and to just wait it out. :::FINGERS CROSSED:::


Still waiting for too…


Still waiting. Been 8 weeks plus now! Anyone know how to get to right people for this?


Sounds like nobody has got their miles yet 🙁


UPDATE 6/16: I was asked to send proof of my CLEAR membership payment to mileageplus@united.com back on June 6th after contacting MP online chat support. Today my 15k promo miles posted to my United account under a date of April 14th. Not sure why that date since I had enrolled on March 23rd or if this was even related to my email at all….all I know is I finally got my miles but no response from MileagePlus via email.


Do you have to go thru Clear process to make it count? I signed up via link but the line was long at airport so I went TSA pre instead. Also how long does it take to post? Thank you!


I signed up for the CLEAR promo on March 22nd, paid for my membership and setup my CLEAR profile. My first trip using and setting up CLEAR in the airport was April 19th. Still waiting on the 15k miles to post…..

Art Leyenberger

I wonder if clear renewal counts? My wife is united elite and has Amex plat. She already has family clear (with me) which will expire in Oct. I think.


Facial scanning, fingerprints, and retinal scanning? Nooooo thank you. No convenience is worth giving that much personal data to a private company that can do literally anything with it (including selling the data to 3rd parties for further unknown uses).


Yes, I could also confirm that AMEX Plat card will cover the cost of Clear membership for two family members when using United non-elite member discounted prices. Kids are free to come with parents with Clear.

And Clear definitely helped a lot when you were in a busy airport during the holiday season. We have used it twice in the past 8 months. And in certain airport they even have a dedicated entrance for those with both Clear and Tsa-Pre status. It takes us less than 5 min from meeting with the Clear crew at the entrance to standing in front of the Tsa-Pre luggage screening belt, while there was a long waiting line with more than one hundred people waiting in front of the Tsa officer stations. All you need to do is stare at the machine to let it scan your iris, and you are good to go, the crew just ask the kids about their names and whom they are traveling with. Then the crew will lead the whole family to the TSA station, and you could go directly to the scanning machine.

So it definitely worth it when you are traveling with little kids during the holiday seasons.


Will Amex Platinum pay for two separate transactions of $119 and $60?

P2 has an Amex Business Platinum. P1 has an inactive membership. P2 tried to create a membership and purchase both together, but Clear baulked when provided with P1’s email address. I suppose P2 could provide a new email address for P1 but then P1 will have to go through the whole Clear process again.


Just sign up with p1’s account


P2 has the Chase United Card so there is a $10 savings I think if purchased through P2.

Michael Tarlow

I can confirm that the combo of the United Clear discount and Amex Plat statement credit will cover the cost of both the primary subscriber and a second family member. Just happened to use Clear for the 1st time yesterday returning home from FLL. The initial enrollment at the airport took far longer that the Preck line. BOS only has Clear at 2 of its 4 terminals so I don’t think I will renew at the current price. But if you are a frequent traveler and travel at peak times it’s probably worth it.


Clear for basic UA silver is $119, with ability to add spouse for another $60. Kids under 18 are free so you get the family for free with Amex plat credit.

Reports that you should get the bonus after the online sign-up which is really just your contact details. Biometrics happen later at the airport.

I held off until now partly because I am wary about private company having my biometrics and also because I have yet to see a line where clear was much faster than Pre, though I am sure some have encountered this. But 15k for free is a winner

John Yen

I keep getting Error, try again later.