(EXPIRED) Get $100 United Travel Bank money with CLEAR membership

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Update 1/17/22: This deal is back again, but open to the first 50,000 members instead of the first 10,000 members like last time.  (h/t to DOC)

This will be a great deal for a lot of people: United Airlines is offering $100 in United Travel Bank money to the first 50,000 Mileage Plus members who sign up for CLEAR through United MileagePlus. Yes, that should stack with the CLEAR rebate on an Amex Platinum / Business Platinum card.  If you don’t have access to an AMEX CLEAR credit, there is a reduced rate for membership of $119 for MileagePlus members and $109 for  MileagePlus elites.

$100 United Travel Bank Offer with Clear Membership

The Deal

  • United is offering $100 in United TravelBank cash to the first 50,000 Mileage Plus members who sign up for a CLEAR membership by February 9, 2021
  • Direct link to this promotion

Key Terms

  • Offer valid for the first 50,000 MileagePlus members to purchase a subscription for CLEAR.
  • Offer ends on February 9, 2021, or once all 50,000 offers have been claimed, whichever happens earlier.
  • Members must enroll in CLEAR through offer landing page in order to qualify.
  • TravelBank recipients will receive a confirmation email within 72 hours of enrolling in CLEAR.
  • TravelBank credits will be valid for 9 months after the credit is deposited into member’s accounts.
  • TravelBank credits will be deposited within 8-10 weeks of enrollment.

Quick Thoughts

If you have an Amex Platinum card or another card with the Amex Offer for CLEAR, you should be able to sign up through this offer and get the membership fee rebated also. Stephen wrote about his experience getting set up with CLEAR here: Here’s How Easy & Quick It Is To Set Up CLEAR.

Personally, I’ve held out on signing up for CLEAR, PreCheck, or Global Entry. Goodness knows I use enough Google services that I have almost no expectation of privacy, but I have personally been very resistant to anything that requires biometrics for identification — whether the fingerprint reader on my phone or these programs that require scans of biometric info. Of course I’ve been fingerprinted on the way into a number of countries as part of their routine immigration policies, so I guess I should stop being ridiculous about not giving biometric info to CLEAR, Global Entry, Google and TSA PreCheck. Is $100 the price I’ve been waiting for to give up my biometrics? Maybe. It actually might work out to be convenient for me for once…..we’ll see.

Keep in mind that the TravelBank cash through this offer is only valid for 9 months, so you’ll need to use it to buy a flight by November.

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Hi I signed up through the link on 1/18, but I don’t see anything in the Travel Bank on my United account…would I have needed to already have funds in the Travel Bank in order for this to work? Or maybe I was too late to pull the trigger?


Does anyone have any feedback about this? I am wondering what I did wrong, as no credit ever posted. I did sigh up using the link, and I did stack with the Amex credit…


‘TravelBank credits will be deposited within 8-10 weeks of enrollment’

enrolled with the link on 1/17 here but haven’t got the UA credit or any conf. so far

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Nick or anyone,
about amex clear credit that if i add another member later for $60, will amex issue a credit? or a $179 cr is for 1-time trxn? thx


you will get both credits, as long as the total is not over $179


I never got the 5k UA miles from last time. Who should I contact- UA or Clear?


I signed up last time, paid $109 (United silver) got the $100 credit from AMEX after the free introductory period ended, got the $100 travel bank funds, don’t think I got the $10 RebatesMe portal payout I was expecting and never went to any Clear site to give them my biometrics. You don’t have to go, you just need to sign up. Not bad, $100 in travel bank for 9USD.


In Aug 2021 it was a 2 month trial (FREE) and you got the 100$ in United Travel funds. This time it is not a 2 month FREE trial. I would pass this,

eddie ed

I applaud you for avoiding it. And frankly, I’m surprised! TSA has already made it unbearable to fly for the frequent flyer & even more so without precheck. It’s not just a time tax and inconvenience either because if you don’t pay them for the elite seats to their dog & pony show (precheck), then they instead choose to radiate you whilst in the surrender position each & every time. Of course you could also opt out, in which case you then have an additional time tax to wait for a free agent, followed by a mandatory Spiel that you must listen to in its entirety about how they’re about to molest you… prior to them molesting you.

We live in a truly dystopian world. But hey keep fighting the good fight. I certainly hope you also abstained from the medical tyranny, but I won’t say more about that

Ed Kent

Big brother already knows more about you than you realize and can look at you from above anytime they want to. Although, if you don’t use any social media and have successfully scrubbed your name, age, properties and everything else about you that sites gain from public records (yes, it is possible to scrub a lot, but not all), than there will be less easily accessible data about you for the general public to find. Do you use your own servers and have them running through multiple servers in other countries and effectively hiding your IP in numerous ways? If not, than your more an open book than you realize. I’m in Global Entry and love being able to skip the long lines at customs. So they have my fingerprints, big deal. When I’m older my fingerprints won’t look quite the same anyhow since they’ll be so worn down. By the way, that fact will make it harder for the current generation unless they re-establish they’re scans which will happen due to buying new devices and things like Global Entry having to reapply every so many years. Once we were coming back into the U.S. through LAX and were behind hundreds of people who couldn’t speak or read English and yet they tried to get them to all use kiosks for records before getting to a customs agent,I knew that was my last time waiting in line. My wife was recovering from medical treatment and suffered by having to wait. No more. Now, we breeze through and spend more time relaxing in a lounge waiting for the next flight. But, at least we all have some freedom of choice. I’m not for government mandatory vaccines, for the most part, but will keep up our vaccines as long as government pays (without our taxes these vaccines would not exist). It was Trump’s organized WH that got the vaccines pushed through fast yet tested. Is it perfect? No. It was mankind’s fault COVID exists (we all know by now it was impossible for this to come about naturally and it’s partly certain people’s fault in the U.S. that helped fund a lab that was already known to have problems. That type study was banned in the U.S. yet certain ones found a way to fund experiments in China. Was it deliberate? No. One of many mistakes mankind has made. We reap what we sow.


Signed up. Will report back when I get credit. Wasn’t sure how to stack with another shopping portal


does this work for renewals or just new sign ups?


If you book a refundable flight using these TravelBank credits and then ask for a refund a few weeks later, will the original expiration date remain when the funds go back to the TravelBank? Or they won’t go to the TravelBank and you’ll get an e-credit good for 1 year for only the same travellers?


I have clear already. If I cancel my account and sign back up, do I need to use a different email/userid to get this deal?


better to use a different one

btw, has any folks previously cancel mbrshp? did folks get a prorated refund as Clear specified?


keep in mind the platinum CLEAR credit resets in January.
I used my $179 credit back in Dec. Confirmed with Amex today I have another $179 for 2022. I just used that credit to sign up my mom. Fingers crossed to get the $100 UA TB credit.
Anyone knows if the Travel Bank credit can only be used by her?


Sharing my data point: signed up on 8/31 (had to use a new email as the old one already had a (non-active) Clear account), added family member. $100 Travelbank posted today (9/2). Will reach out to Clear to see if they can “combine” my accounts so I don’t have to re-enroll


Any luck?


Just got an email that $100 has been added to my travel bank


Just noticed that $100 Travel Bank expires on 6/2/22. I thought it is good for five year…


Yup, the term indicates that it is good for 9 months.


Signed up on Friday 27 Aug 2021 with new email as I already had clear when I put my older email. I wanted to quickly ask if my United MileagePlus email on file and the new email should match – Why ? – No Travel Bank bonus as of yet !!!


same here – signed up friday and no bonus received yet.




Just now received an email “Your TravelBank bonus cash is now available in your MileagePlus account.”
Amount: $100


Same. Fantastic!



Larry K

Same here.


No idea you were that paranoid…they already got you bro it’s ok, just enjoy the faster lines it is worth it.


Thanks for this, I hope this deal works for others. Don’t let my experience with Clear discourage you, but just a warning that when mine went wrong, it went way wrong using biometrics. We had Clear for years, let it lapse, signed up for a 3-month free trial April – June 2021. Every time we used it – 8/10 times, my biometrics NEVER worked. We were stuck there every time for 10/15 min. but they always would end up letting me through with my I.D. and a promise they would submit a support ticket which never worked either. I would call Clear and be told no, nothing has been submitted, your bios will be reset now via this phone call. Next time, nothing worked and it was a go-round and round. There is no support on the weekends, and texting did not work. In the middle of the night I would finally receive a text response which I missed. Replying to them early morning lead to a dead end of this texting case is closed due to no response from my end. On a weekday I called to ask why no weekend support and was told they were working on it. Spouse said don’t ever sign up for this again, regardless of free and/or the Amex Plat benefit, and I agree. Best of luck to everyone else, though! 🙂


Wonder if I can have two clear memberships … Amex green took care of my last one and I still have the amex plat.


How to tell whether you are within the 10k ?


You guys are the best! You told us about the Resy offer for AMEX Platinum when everyone else was pushing inferior offers (as you noted early today, shocking how fast the MR points add up when small business is included). When I saw your posting, I immediately signed up for Clear. One note–not sure if it works, but went through AA Shopping for an additional 350 Aadvantage miles today. (United and Rakuten were offering less). Thank you!!!

Jose Santiago

Rebatesme had $10 back. Will pay $109 for clear after the trail, will get $10 from Rebatesme, $100 United TB and $100 back on AMEX Plat. Not a bad deal. You guys are great!


Data point–just got the $100 in TravelBank (same e-mail as others say they received below). Have NOT gone to the airport yet to finish sign up there. AA Shopping tracked the transaction but listed the order amount as zero (presumably because my credit card wasn’t charged at the time).

Jose Santiago

Got the $100 added to the UA TravelBank too. AMEX has not charged yet. I assume it will after the two month free CLEAR trial. After which, I am expecting AMEX to credit for $100. Also expect $10 to be added to my RebatesMe account at that time (currently shows pending).


Something cool I just noticed is that once you register you can turn off “Auto Renew” so that it will simply expire after the 2 free months if you don’t want to keep it.

Larry K

For whatever it is worth, I was charged in full before completing enrollment last year when I signed up using my Amex Green with the $100 clear benefit. I signed up as soon as I got the green card but it took me months until I made it to the airport to finish enrolling. I just did this offer for player 2 using her Amex Platinum because she gets the clear credit so we will see if the travel bank gets posted even if she doesn’t finish enrollment at the airport for a while. I suspect it will post. Rakuten tracked my purchase.

Last edited 2 years ago by Larry K
J Can

I’m with you resisting the biometrics feature. We were in a line for Clear at the airport recently and the eye scan was more than I could handle. $100 is not enough in my opinion.


After 2 months, will I be able to get clear at 119$ instead of 179$ with this offer?


I signed up for Clear with a free trial last month but hadn’t actually activated it yet at the airport. I canceled the trial membership and am trying to see if I can sign up for this one, but so far it is telling me to log in (because it can tell I already have an account), and once logged in it doesn’t have the option to sign up using this promo. I guess maybe if you already have a login on the Clear website, even if it’s not active, you won’t qualify for this promotion? Would it work if I signed up with a different email address?


There’s an option on the landing page to link your UA account though idk if that qualifies you. Try a different email?

Tonei Glavinic

Should allow you to sign up again with a different email.


Do you need to go to an airport to finish enrollment to get $100?


What isn’t clear – “Complete your profile at the airport the next time you fly by capturing an image of your eyes and face — no appointment necessary. So, yes you have to go to the airport. And it states “Annual Membership” If you cancel once the $100 is deposited into your Travel Bank, could they claw it back?


What is not clear is whether they will post $100 into UA travel bank if by that time the activation at the airport is not complete. I presume it’s not the case because technically we signed up for the membership and it’s going already and because it’s unreasonable to expect people will go to the airport without intent to fly just to activate Clear.


That’s what I’m not clear about either. No way I can make to a participating airport in the next few days.


The $100 already showed up and I didn’t need to go the airport


Same for me. $100 has been added to my Travel bank, and I have not completed my enrollment at the airport.