Southwest flight attendant rescues mom, AA mistakes wheelchairs for demolition derby and CLEAR wants...

American Airlines plays demolition derby with passengers' wheelchairs, CLEAR is "upgrading" to facial recognition and a Southwest flight attendant rescues mother from screaming baby....
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$75 Uber credit with CLEAR enrollment

CLEAR and Uber have again sent out emails with an offer to earn $75 in Uber Credit by signing up for CLEAR using the...

Amex and Delta about to limit SkyClub access (maybe), Chase shutdowns and a $450K...

What to do if Chase shuts you down, a Las Vegas high-roller pays $200K to throw a tantrum, Virgin Galactic launches its first space...
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PSA: Check statements for CLEAR overcharging if you have dependents on plan

Heads up if you have a CLEAR subscription with dependents on it. We've now seen at least two reports of people being overcharged at...

A $185,000 hotel bill, United making America sloshed again and is Hyatt going to...

A $185,000 hotel bill, American Airlines cracking down on skiplagging, United finally letting folks double fist and...is Hyatt preparing for dynamic pricing? All that...
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(EXPIRED) Bonus Alaska miles with new CLEAR membership (1K or 1.5K miles)

CLEAR has occasionally run promotions offering incentives to sign up for the service. Unfortunately, we hadn't seen any new CLEAR incentives for quite some...

8 ways to get CLEAR for less

This post has been updated since last publication with new pricing details and a few new discount options. CLEAR Overview CLEAR is a service that uses...
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Cost of CLEAR is going up for United and Delta members

Last week, news broke that CLEAR is intending to increase the price of membership for those who have been getting a discount through United...
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(EXPIRED) CLEAR offering chance to share free holiday guest passes [Targeted]

CLEAR is offering the chance for some users to share guest a free 3-month guest membership with up to 5 friends or family members....
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Amex Green to get $189 CLEAR credit

Doctor of Credit is reporting that the Amex Green Card will feature a $189 reimbursement for CLEAR. That's an increase from the current $100...

(EXPIRED) 10-15K United Mileage Plus miles with Clear enrollment (stacks with AMEX credits)

Start warming up those Clear credits. United Airlines and Clear are back with another promotion that gives a boatload of miles to Mileage Plus...
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(EXPIRED) 15K United miles for signing up for CLEAR for elite members

United has sent an email to Premier members with an offer to earn 15,000 United Mileage Plus miles when they sign up for CLEAR between...

(EXPIRED) Get $100 United Travel Bank money with CLEAR membership

Update 1/17/22: This deal is back again, but open to the first 50,000 members instead of the first 10,000 members like last time.  (h/t...
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Here’s How Easy & Quick It Is To Set Up CLEAR

CLEAR membership isn't something I'd been too worried about getting in the past, but with Amex handing it out for free to all Platinum...

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