(EXPIRED) 2 Amex transfer bonuses: 15% to LifeMiles & 25% to Hilton

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American Express has launched a couple of new transfer bonuses today – one to Avianca LifeMiles and the other to Hilton Honors.

American Express Membership Rewards transfer bonuses 15% LifeMiles 25% Hilton Honors

The Deals

  • American Express is giving the following bonuses when transferring Membership Rewards to the following programs:
    • 15% to Avianca LifeMiles
    • 25% to Hilton Honors

Key Terms

  • Both transfer bonuses expire August 31, 2023.

Quick Thoughts

Although Citi, Capital One and Brex have all offered 25% transfer bonuses to LifeMiles in the past, Amex has never breached the 15% mark. Despite that, this transfer bonus could still be worthwhile, especially when stacked with one of the many sweet spots that are available in economy and/or business class when booking with LifeMiles.

As for Hilton, we’ve seen Amex go as high as offering a 50% transfer bonus, but the bonus this time around is only half that. Seeing as Amex ordinarily transfers to Hilton on a 1,000:2,000 basis, the 25% bonus makes that ratio 1,000:2,500. That’s not amazing given the value of Hilton Honors points relative to how much value you can get by transferring Membership Rewards to airline partners, but it might still be worth it for some people, especially thanks to how many Membership Rewards points many people are swimming in thanks to the No Lifetime Language offers over the past couple of years.

Amex sometimes offers targeted bonuses for Hilton. My wife and I both only had the 25% offer, but check your account in case you’ve been targeted for a higher ratio.

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British Airways is having a 30% bonus also during the same periods


Keep in mind LifeMiles is 100% blocking all redemptions right now. Except for its own metal


Not true. I made a partner booking on Brussels air J yesterday


I’m not sure how I was able to part the seas, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I had the 25% transfer bonus and I took it. Valuing Hilton points at 0.5 cents, this equates to 1.25 cents per point. It’s not anything to write home about, but it’s the ONLY reasonable way to redeem amex points for hotels.

5 nights at Zemi Beachouse is 440k points (5th night free), so I converted 176k amex points for about $4500 of value. That’s effectively 2.6 cents per point, so I’m not as hard on myself about the transfer itself being questionable.


Since you can often buy Hilton points at 0.5cpp, you should really value MR you transferred at 1.25cpp, not 2.6cpp.


Good redemption, I am going for something similar. Need the extra points for a 5th night free so boosts my hilton points to a good 1.1cents per hilton point so good value for me. So the 2 hilton points from 1 amEx works out well

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