AMEX 20,000 MR bonus for enrolling in Pay Over Time: Check link to see if you’re targeted


American Express periodically sends out targeted bonus offers of 10,000-30,000 points for enrolling in “Pay Over Time.” This is a feature that allows a cardholder to use a charge card (ie Platinum, Gold etc) more like a normal credit card by paying balances off over an extended period. In order to earn the bonus, you just have to enroll in the program, not actually apply it to any charges or balances.

Normally those targeted receive an e-mail or find the offer listed in their account, but the most recent offer of 20,000 points has a link that allows anyone to check and see if they’re targeted. It’s worth checking your AMEX charge cards, as these are some of the easiest Membership Rewards you can earn.


The Deal

  • Earn 20,000 Membership Rewards by enrolling a targeted charge card in Pay Over Time.

Direct Link to check if you’re targeted

This means that you’re not targeted:



Quick Thoughts

If you’re targeted for this offer, it will be the easiest 20,000 points you’ve ever earned, especially since you don’t actually have to use the feature. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Once the points have been awarded, make sure to unenroll the card so that you are eligible to be targeted again (see Stephen’s post on how to do it). If you have cards currently enrolled in Pay Over Time, get them unenrolled pronto.
  • When you reach the landing page, you will be prompted to log-in. The card that you will be checking is your default/starred card only. If that card isn’t showing an offer, switch to another card and checking the landing page again. It is possible to have some cards targeted and not others.

Good luck and may the rewards be ever in your favor!

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Captain Greg

Finally targeted! I just enrolled. Once the points post I’ll unenroll again, but is there anything else I need to do to ensure I don’t pay interest? All of my accounts have been set to “pay in full” before enrollment.


I got the 30,000 points offer for this about a month ago! It was as simple as clicking the link from your email and activating. 2-3 days later the points were in my account! Easiest points earn!

Last edited 14 days ago by Timothy

Thanks. Winner, winner, chicken for dinner!


Thanks. Not targeted on my one eligible card, but I did unenroll another card that was enrolled already.


How long do you need to leave this feature on before turning it back off again?


Thank you!


Charlie Brown Halloween voice “I got a rock” 2 players, 4 cards zero offers


Thanks! P2 was targeted on a normal plat. $200+ just for turning on the feature (again) is great.


Once again, thanks FM. Tried it and no offer, but then checked a different MR card and the offer appeared in AMEX Offers. That’s an easy 20,000 AMEX MR points!


did you get the points yet?


Terms say 8-12 weeks and for me it has been about three hours so . . . no.


points posted!


had this on P1 and P2 – AmexPlat. But have yet to see the points…the 8-12 weeks spiel.


This there supposed to be something on the page that mentions the 20k points?

I don’t see the Promotion Invalid message, but I also don’t see anything about a bonus.


Same here.

Also, how soon do the points usually post?


I signed up for the offer on Thursday, and the 20,000 points posted today, so pretty quickly for me!


Yes if you don’t see it, you weren’t targeted. Sometimes you get an error but sometimes you just get the standard pay over time activation page without ’20k’ bonus.


I had one card say the offer isn’t available but the other says this –
If you’d like to learn about your payment options, please call the number on the back of your Card. Go to Account Home

Does this mean I’m elgible?


I had logged into my AMEX account some time ago and saw this offer pop-up. Needless to say, I quickly took advantage of this. Easiest 20,000 MR points ever earned! In addition to this, AMEX has been targeting me to add authorized users to my platinum card (including the no-fee Gold auth card), spend 2k on those cards and earn 20k MR points. They did this back in Jan 2022, which I took advantage of. Then again, I saw the offer pop-up again in my AMEX offers. Chatted with a rep to confirm that it’s a new offer and not the old offer lingering around in my account (since the terms say I can only get 20k bonus points at max). He confirmed that the POD for both offers were different, so this is a new offer. I took advantage of this and added my dad. All in all, 40k easy points for 10 mins of work. These 40k plus 20k from previous auth user addition gave me 84k BA avios (60k MR converted at current 40% bonus), which I used to book a Q-Suite flight for my parents from Montreal to Mumbai next month (their other option was Air Canada Signature Class pods from Toronto to Delhi).

I measure the value of points based on what it costs me to acquire those points. So at an opportunity cost of $80 (2% max cashback that I could have earned on $4k spent across 2 auth user cards) + $230 in taxes and fees on the award ticket, I was able to get my parents 16+ hours of Q-Suite experience. Incredible!!!


Oh, and let’s add $120 per person for the positioning flight from Toronto to Montreal, which they wouldn’t need when taking AC flight. Still not bad at $430 spent for a Q-Suite flight to the other side of the world!