(EXPIRED) 20% back on Google One storage with Amex Offer (enrollment required)

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There is a new Amex Offer out today for 20% back when you spend $19.99 or more on an annual Google One storage plan up to $20 back.

The Deal

  • A new offer is out for Google One cloud storage: Spend $19.99 or more on an annual storage plan, get 20% back (up to $20 back; enrollment required)

Key Terms

  • Expires 11/27/21
  • Limit of $20 back
  • Only valid on Google One purchases (excludes all other Google products and services)
  • Subscription will be set to auto-renew.
  • See offer for full terms

Quick Thoughts

I dislike that they not only set the subscription to auto-renew but that they specifically say they won’t notify you that they are going to charge you unless they are required to by law. That’s not a particularly customer-friendly approach.

That said, this offer will be a welcome sight for those of us who are running out of Google storage space. As a dedicated Pixel user (until a warranty issue sidelined my main phone at the beginning of the month), I’m already paying something for Google One, so saving 20% sounds like it is perhaps a good deal for my bottom line. On the other hand, I don’t like the trend of increasing dependency on more and more storage, so I’m not sure I need the encouragement to start paying for it as an annual subscription. I probably need to get in the habit of deleting more stuff as I go, but I digress: I’m on a promo for $0.99 per month right now and when that expires I’ll probably look to use this for an annual subscription. I find the end date somewhat suspect: this is scheduled to end the Saturday after thanksgiving — curiously two days before Cyber Monday. Will there be an even better deal coming? It’s hard to say.

Still, I’ll sync this one up and probably put it to use in the coming months. I’m a little torn between going for the 200GB plan (which would come down to $24 a year – an effective $2 a month) or to suck it up and go for the 2TB plan for $80 (an effective $6.67 per month). I suppose that since I’m not yet out of space at 100GB, there is no reason for me to pay for 2TB yet. I’m close enough to 100GB that I think 200GB probably makes sense for me for now.

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I use Google storage anyway. My annual fee renews next week, so perfect timing.

I got a 1-month and 1-week reminder email that my plan renews next week.


If you don’t want it to renew, you can cancel I think. When I go to cancel it says I have to free up space by the end of the yearly subscription.


10% goes to just sales taxes. Use a Delaware zip code and avoid paying the sales tax


I already have this, but unfortunately, mine does not renew before the expiration date. If anyone can figure out how to force a renewal, please drop a comment. Thanks!


I looked at my account and the date resets if you go to monthly. But, it is $20 more a year so doesn’t make sense


Put the $1.99/month plan on an unused Wells Fargo or Discover card and the charge will get cancelled for free every month. Or put the $0.99/month plan on an unused Barclaycard or CapitalOne card.