(EXPIRED) 20% off Lowe’s gift cards via Thank You points (get 1.25c per point)

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The Citi Thank You portal is offering 20% off when you redeem Thank You points for Lowe’s gift cards, which yields a return of 1.25c per point toward Lowe’s gift cards in any denomination from $25-$500. While we don’t generally recommend redeeming Thank You points for gift cards, this certainly could make sense if you don’t have a use in mind for Citi airline transfer partners. If you also have the Rewards+ card, you can get 10% of your points back (up to 10K points back per year), which would make for a net value closer to 1.4c per point, which certainly might make this worth considering.

The Deal

  • Get 20% off on Lowe’s Gift Card redemptions via the Citi Thank You portal when you redeem ThankYou points (yielding a net value of 1.25c per point) through July 13th
  • Log in to your account at ThankYou.com and browse to the gift cards section to search for Lowe’s gift cards

Quick Thoughts

I don’t generally get very excited about redeeming points for gift cards. Since we see a number of opportunities each year to save 10% on Lowe’s gift cards, I hesitate to value the points based on the full face value of the gift cards. Still, if you have the Rewards+ and a need for gift cards, getting the rebate certainly makes this a reasonable value.

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Thanks for the heads up. I was actually looking to cash in a pile of Citi points and was also in need of a new grill. This timing was really nice. I had the discount in my Citi account, but my wife did not. I was able to transfer her points to my account and redeem enough for a very nice Weber grill. I’m generally not big on gift card redemptions, but I can live with a 1.25 cpg rate for something I was about to buy anyway.


I don’t see 20% in my account. Is it YMMV?

Billy Bob

I don’t either. A $50 Lowe’s card is still 5000 points for me.


Same. Must be targeted.






I think there are a couple other scenarios where this makes sense. For people without a Prestige/Premier, this may be a good deal. A friend of mine texted me about this, who only has a Double Cash card. Since she shops a lot at Lowes, this would make sense for her.

I may jump on it too because I have some “taxable” TYP (ones gained from banking and/or as courtesy points), which cannot be transferred to airlines. The nice part is if I cash out the 2500 taxable ones, my Rewards+ gives me 10% back in real TYP (that I can transfer).