200,000 Membership Rewards for one card?! Amex goes for it with the Business Platinum (Now available by phone)


Update 8/31/23: Danny the Deal Guru is reporting that this 200,000K Membership Rewards offer is still available when applying over the phone. In order to check and see if you’re targeted, call the AMEX Small Business team at (855) 531-3491 and ask about which offers are available for the Business Platinum. Oftentimes, they won’t give you the best offer on the first attempt, so don’t be afraid to decline whatever they tell you first and/or specifically mention this 190+10 offer. This call-in offer DOES have lifetime language. Original post follows.

We used to think that a 100,000 points offer was the pinnacle of Amex largesse, but, my-oh-my, have times changed. Amex has now blown the roof off its previous highs with yet another massive targeted offer for the Business Platinum card that also has no lifetime language (NLL). This means that even cardholders who have already had (or currently have) the Business Platinum are eligible for the welcome offer.

This targeted Business Platinum offer is the best points per dollar of spend proposition that we’ve ever seen for the card itself, offering 200,000 Membership Rewards (MR) points for $15,000 spend with an additional 5,000 points for spending $1,000 on an employee card needed.

I thought that we were starting to see these insane targeted offers from Amex begin to peter out. My goodness, was I wrong.

The link below came from a targeted pop-up that appeared on my wife’s account today (she was just approved for a third Business Platinum a couple of months ago). It requires you to log-in first and then click the link to find out if you’re targeted.

a close up of a card

The Offer

  • American Express has a new targeted, no lifetime language offer for the Business Platinum card that gives 200,000 Membership Rewards points after $15K spend in the first three months. In addition, adding an employee card and spending $1,000 within the first three months provides an additional 5,000 points.

Click here for the 200,000 Membership Rewards Business Platinum offer  

You must log into your Amex account first, then click the “apply now” link on the pre-approval landing page. 

If, after clicking “apply now,” you see the message below or see a screen with no offer listed, it means you’re not targeted. If you get a pop-up telling you that you are not eligible for the welcome offer, you aren’t.

a screen shot of a computer

Key Card Details

Card Name w Details & Review (no offer)
FM Mini Review: This card is absolutely loaded with high end perks. Depending upon your situation, those perks may be worth the annual fee or much more. Click here for our complete card review

$695 Annual Fee
Earning rate: 5X flights and prepaid hotels at AmexTravel.com ✦ 1.5X points per dollar on eligible purchases of $5000 or more (on up to $2 million of those purchases per year) ✦ 1.5x on US construction/hardware stores, US electronic goods, and US shipping ✦ 1X elsewhere ✦ Terms apply.
Base: 1X (1.55%)
Other: 1.5X (2.33%)
Card Info: Amex Pay Over Time Card issued by Amex. This card has no foreign currency conversion fees.
Noteworthy perks: Select one qualifying airline and receive up to $200 in statement credits per calendar year for qualifying charges ✦ Up to $400 a year in statement credits for Dell purchases ($200, twice-yearly) ✦ Up to $120 in wireless services credits per year ($10 per month) ✦ $100 Global Entry fee reimbursement.✦ Priority Pass membership (Lounges only) with 2 guests and other airport lounge benefits (Centurion and Delta) ✦ Rental car elite status ✦ Marriott Gold status ✦ Hilton Gold status. ✦ $189 CLEAR fee reimbursement annually ✦ 35% Airline Bonus: Get 35% points back after you Pay With Points for flights with your selected airline (or premium cabin with any airline). Enrollment required for select benefits

Quick Thoughts

Over the last two years, Amex has been plying us with wave after wave of bigger and better NLL offers for the Business Platinum and Business Gold cards, but this one sets a new ceiling. It’s the first time we’ve seen a 200K MR bonus on one card and the fact that we’re seeing it with no increased spending requirements from the public 120K offer is incredible.

This is obviously a terrific welcome offer if you can use the card and make the spend.  Without even considering the additional perks and credits, this targeted offer will end up being worth around ~$3200 based on our Reasonable Redemption Values for Membership Rewards. For one card. That’s absolute bonkers.

Keep in mind that both the Business Platinum Dell and airline credits reset on the calendar year.  This means that in the first year of card membership, you can get 3x Dell credits and 2x airline incidentals, adding an additional ~$400 in first year value if you only pay the annual fee once. While the various perks and credits on Amex cards can feel a little “coupon booky,” I find it pretty easy to get full advantage of these two and the wireless service credit as well.

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Dane Jensen

My biz is a sole prop and I already have the Amex biz platinum cc. If eligible for the 200k bonus, will Amex let you get a 2nd bonus for the same business name or do you have to apply under a different business name?

Mary Jane

Tim, I believe there is NLL associated with this offer so Dane wouldn’t be eligible, right?


I haven’t signed up for a new credit card in years. Called in. Instantly offered the 200k offer. Get to the last step before hitting my credit, and suddenly I’m not eligible for the signup offer. Never had any Plat or Biz Plat before. Bummer.


Called in, was offered the 190k+10k, but came with LL, so I wasn’t elligible.


What’s LL?


NLL = No Lifetime Limit


Called and got the link for the 190k +10k offer but got the dreaded popup. Never had the business platinum. Have other amex business cards but first charge card. Any thoughts to why I would get the popup?


Success! Called the number this morning and got the 190k + 10K offer. I did not have a Business Platinum before. I was in AMEX pop-up jail back in May. That was for the personal Platinum card though. In any case, thanks Tim for bringing this offer to my attention!


I called in July and got the offer but it absolutely has Lifetime Language and I got the pop up! I’ll call again to see if that’s changed but I even screenshotted the app for reference


I called in and was offered the $120k/$15k spend offer.


The toll-free number listed at beginning of this article goes to Corporate accounts services. Confirming this is the right # to call?


called amex and they sent me an app with the 190+10 offer via email completed with my biz info i provided on the phone. when submitting the app i got this message: Patricia, because you have or have had the Business Platinum Card®, you are not eligible to receive the welcome offer. bummer


Yup it has LL, same for me


called in and CSR wouldnt budge from 150k


called back and pressed “2” to go to apply for new product, first time i pressed “1” which was for existing accounts. i asked the rep what offers are available and he immediately gave 190/10 by email, and then i was instant approved.


Unlikely that anyone would know, but will this be around in December for a triple dip? Maybe something in the link the CSR sends that signifies an expiration date?


CSR link has a 30 day expiry

Larry K

Bummer that can’t get it with NLL. I’ve been hoping for a NLL offer for several months and have a big payment coming up. Looks like the timing is not going to work. I used to get NLL offers all the time, but nothing in a while. I don’t even need 200k — I’d take 150k or even 120k. I like the card.

[…] Want to learn more about miles and points? Subscribe to email updates or check out our podcast on your favorite podcast platform. Previous article200,000 Membership Rewards for one card?! Amex goes for it with the Business Platinum (Now available… […]


When I called the line the rep asked me if I had the card in the past, and I said yes, and she said that meant I wouldn’t be eligible for the welcome offer. However, she did give me the 190k+10k offer off the bat (i.e., I didn’t have to reject the first offer and ask for a subsequent card). That said the offer I was sent said I “may” be ineligible for the bonus, and when I completed the application I got the dreaded popup.

To be clear I currently have like 4-5 biz plats.


Will Amex match offers? I was approved for a biz plat 150k sub on Sunday


Call or chat to find out