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Tag: Business Platinum Card from American Express

Maximizing American Express credit card rebates & credits

American Express credit card annual fees have continued to go up. And up. And up. In exchange for these increased fees, the bank continues...
Amex Business Platinum 150k referral offer

[New links needed] Amex Business Platinum 150K referral offer is back & we need...

Update 4/5/24: All referral links that have been generated previously stopped working yesterday, but a fresh round of people seem to be targeted for...

Incredible 250K Welcome Offer for the Amex Business Platinum (Still Alive)

Update 3/13/24: Since the public link for this 250K offer died, we've heard several reports of people being able to trigger it through various browsing...
a group of credit cards

Direct link to 200K Business Platinum offer without lifetime language [YMMV]

Update 3/11/24: We've received several recemt DP's of folks being able to successfully apply for this 200K offer that weren't able to previously. It...
a close up of a credit card

Amex Business Gold 150k and Business Platinum 190K offers available online and by phone...

Update 3/5/24: We continue to get numerous positive data points that these offers are still around and that the methods listed below work to...
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Google Fi may now be automatically triggering Business Platinum wireless credits (enrollment required)

The American Express Business Platinum card has a monthly credit for wireless services that requires enrollment. We have a few Business Platinum cards in...

Amex Referral Offer: Get bonus points & 10x on up to $25K spend at...

Today, the referral offers on many business and personal Amex cards just got a whole lot tastier. Not only will you get a points...
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Which Premium Cards are Keepers?

Ultra-premium credit cards often have great perks like lounge access, elite status accelerators, free nights, companion tickets, etc.  The problem is that the annual...
a hand holding a credit card

Amex Business Platinum benefits scheduled to end 12/31/24

Andy at Deals Points reported an astute observation several days ago: a number of the Amex Business Platinum card benefits now show an end...
Tim's Wallet

What’s in Tim’s Wallet? 2024 Edition

At the beginning of the year, the Frequent Miler Team gives guided tours through the credit cards that each of us currently has taking...

(Expired) Amex Business Card Offer: Earn up to 75K points with employee cards (targeted)

American Express has brought back one another promotion for adding employee/authorized user cards to Blue Business Plus, Business Gold and Business Platinum accounts: 15,000...
a laptop on a table

Ways we’re using Dell credits (and maybe making a dent in AA elite requirements)

The other day, I wrote a post about how I need to trim my collection of Platinum cards. On the chopping block in the...
a man holding a pair of scissors and a credit card

A Platinum problem: Nick’s plan for reducing the weight of his wallet by eliminating...

Being organized is one of the keys to winning at the games we play, but I have to admit that I'd gotten lazy. When...
a group of men in clothing posing for a picture

Frequent Miler’s Travel Rewards Holiday Wish List

During our latest installment of Ask us Anything, a reader/viewer asked us a fun question: What is one miles and points item at the top...

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