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$100 Bill Cash Benjamin Franklin

Amex Business Platinum Fee Going Up On 1/13/22: Save Yourself A Benjamin

Update 1/13/22: This change has been made and the fee is now $695. A few months ago, American Express announced that the annual fee on...

2021’s Amazing Deals

Old timers in the points & miles game like to reminisce about long lost opportunities.  They talk fondly about Mint coins, pudding cups, LifeMiles...

Becoming undead and grabbing over 250,000 points

Thanks to a couple of overlapping promotions, I had the chance to earn over 250,000 Amex Membership Rewards points after adding 5 employee cards...

Business Platinum 190K Offer [Targeted]

A reader received a mailer from Amex offering a welcome bonus of 190,000 points. That sounds huge, but the offer requires $30,000 spend in...

Which Premium Cards are Keepers?

Credit card annual fees keep going up.  In recent years, Amex increased their consumer Platinum card annual fees twice.  First from $450 to $550,...

Build your Amex Point fortune: Up to 620K points with $25K spend

If you have a large amount of spend to make in the near future, this is a great time to collect Amex Membership Rewards...

Business Platinum: New Perks, New Price

Update 1/13/22: The annual fee increase has now taken effect. The fee is now $695. Starting today, October 14th, the Business Platinum Card from American...

[More 150K offers going out] Big Business Platinum / Business Gold targeted offers

Update 8/21/21: We are once again seeing these big welcome offers sent out via email. Greg's son, who has already been targeted to add...

No more Platinum concierge service via email (have to call beginning 8/18/21)

The Amex Platinum card (and some other ultra-premium Amex cards, including the Business Platinum, Hilton Aspire, and Delta Reserve cards) comes with a concierge...

Business Platinum gets $179 CLEAR credit too

This morning we learned that along with the new $695 fee, consumer Platinum cards gained a number of perks.  One of these perks is...

Bypass Amex’s lifetime rule when you “expand your membership”

Update: I found a link for the 150K Business Platinum "expand your membership" offer! My wife was approved instantly and I was approved after...

[Expired] Amex Business Platinum 150K offer (no lifetime language — sort of)

Update: The offer described in this post expired on 9/30/21. See our Best Offers page for current offer information. Amex has been emailing business cardholders...
Amex Business Platinum No Lifetime Language offer

(EXPIRED) (Targeted) Amex Business Platinum 150k Offer With No Lifetime Language

American Express is targeting some existing Business Platinum cardholders with a great offer for opening an additional Business Platinum card which has no lifetime...

[Reminder] Awesome: Cross-brand Amex referrals now possible

Update 3/12/21: I have updated and am re-publishing this post that we originally wrote in October 2018 because in the wake of the awesome...

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