Necker Island Zip Line lunch with Richard Branson


This has been a crazy day on Richard Branson’s Necker Island! I had lunch with Richard, participated in non-stop activities from morning to night, and was lucky to survive a pedal paddle-boarding adventure.

As usual this week, I’m too busy having fun to write much, so I’ll let the videos tell the story…

Zip Lining to lunch with Richard Branson

Turtle Beach

Pedal Paddle-Boarding Adventure.


My wife and I are currently enjoying a 1 week vacation on Sir Richard Branson’s private island: Necker Island.  The usual price for a Celebration Week* on the island is just north of $30,000.  Instead, we paid 1.2 million Virgin Atlantic miles.  For additional background, please see “Considering the 1.2 million mile Necker Island challenge,” and “Days away from Necker Island.”

* The island is normally hired exclusively for up to 34 guests sharing 17 bedrooms on an all- inclusive basis. Rates start from $78,000 per night ($2,294 per person per night). It can also be shared with others during Celebration Weeks; these are held several times each year and allow guests to book individual rooms as opposed to hiring the entire island. Prices for Celebration Weeks start from $30,000 for a 7 night stay.

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Raghu Narayanan

A bit late Greg
enjoyed your posts, pictures and videos. The best picture of course is how Richard Branson felt about the miles and points hobby


Great stuff, Greg. I’m normally not a big fan of islands but I love being in a confined environment with a small group who share the excitement of being there, which seems to be the case here. Enjoy!


Glad you are OK after peddle boarding! Why haven’t you posted any photos/videos of Richard?

dotti cahill

very entertaining ..keep the videos comig maybe some food pictures and how is the wine list???


Can i get the 4th night free here with Citi Prestige?
Is your next VA adventure flying 2 million BIS miles to get a ticket on Virgin Galactic?


Shit, that would have saved $7000


Just FYI – It’s Paddleboarding ;-P


No ODB it’s peddle boarding, if u watch the video u will see he is using peddles like a bike


I love these posts, and am eagerly awaiting the next! They are really genuine and unpretentious, (unlike another points dude blogger we know). Have fun, and show that peddle-board who’s boss!


Thanks again for sharing all your adventures. Been enjoying the new posts on Necker Island this week. So all the activities you’ve been able to take advantage of (scuba) are FREE?
Looks like guests have activities planned for them each day? That’s so great!


When you say ‘almost’, what does it not include?


What fun it is to see your videos and photos! I’m so appreciative that you are posting such wonderful delights for us to vicariously experience Necker Island. Keep having fun, return home rested and relaxed, and always wear your sunscreen! 🙂


I am so enjoying your blog posts, Greg and what a good sport you are sharing your mishaps. I just love the smile on your face in nearly every video. So glad you’re sharing the experience with us, thank you! It’s so fun I dragged my husband into it too and he’s enjoying it as well!:)