(EXPIRED) Bose QuietComfort 45 bluetooth active noise cancelling headphones

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Update 11/27/22: These headphones are now $229 at most major retailers that carry them. That’s great news for Business Platinum cardholders, who would now basically just end up out of pocket for a couple of dollars plus the sales tax if stacking that card’s Dell benefit and targeted Amex Offer [enrollment required].
Alternatively, if you’re targeted for the pay-with-points discount at Amazon (Tim published that again the other day because a new round went out on Friday – my account was now targeted for up to $60 off), you could get a great deal. My offer there is for 40% off up to $60 when using at least 1 Membership Rewards point, which brings the cost of the headphones down to $169, but some people are targeted for up to $80 off, which would bring the price down to $149.
I did buy these and I’ve been using them for a few days. I’m very happy with how comfortable they are (maybe not quite on par with my earlier model, but very close). The noise cancelling can be toggled on or off with a button push. That noise-cancelling works quite well, though don’t expect to hear absolutely nothing if you’re in a loud environment. Overall, I’m very pleased — especially given the out of pocket cost.
Original post follows.

If you have an Amex Offer for Dell or an Amex Business Platinum card and you’re looking for a use of the $200 July-December credit (enrollment required), Dell is offering the Bose QuietComfort 45 active noise cancelling Bluetooth over-ear headphones on sale for $249 $229. That could make for a pretty perfect stack if you have a targeted Amex Offer for 10% back or 20% back (both targeted, enrollment required) — particularly if you have that offer on a card that also has the $200 Dell benefit.

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The Deal

  • Dell.com is offering the Bose QuietComfort 45 active noise cancelling Bluetooth over-ear headphones on sale for $249 $229.00
  • Direct link to this deal (our affiliate link, but I recommend checking shopping portals for a good return on Dell)

Key Terms

  • Note that this deal could get pulled at any time
  • Valid on all 4 colors

Quick Thoughts

We often see Bose headphones go on sale during Black Friday week and I often find that the best deals on these come via Amazon, particularly when they offer a discount on purchase when paying with points. We once saw a really amazing stacking deal at Amazon when the stars aligned a few years ago on a previous model. I’d be on the lookout for something like that this week, but if you have the Dell benefit to use this could certainly be good.

Personally, I have an earlier version of wired Bose headphones that don’t have noise-cancelling and are the most comfortable set of headphones I’ve ever owned (and I’ve owned more than the average person). I also have a set of high-end B&H over-hear headphones that I absolutely love (they are also above and beyond the comfort of other headphones, but are a slight notch below my Bose headphones in terms of comfort while being a slight notch ahead in terms of sound quality). Neither of my pairs of over-ear headphones have noise cancelling and the B&H pair recently stopped charging, so they can no longer be used as Bluetooth headphones. Since we are now at the point where none of our phones have a headphone jack, I might be in on this deal to pick up a new bluetooth set for air travel given that I definitely have the Amex Offer offer for 10% back on one of our Business Platinum cards and may have the 20% off (if I weren’t in a plane on descent right now without enough time to get it done I’d check — we’ll see if it’s still alive later tonight). Don’t forget to use Cashbackmonitor to find the best shopping portal return for your purchase to stack on top.

But like I said – I wouldn’t be shocked if we see an even better deal at Amazon this week. Still, this could be a nice use of your credit if you’re in the market for this type of product.

H/T: Dan’s Deals

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Nick, You called it. Price has now dropped to $229. I bought at $249. You win some, you lose some. For $20 I’m not going to lose sleep over it.


I ordered in Friday through Bose for $249 and used my Amex Offer for $30 back when you spend $220 or more. I just saw the price drop on Bose and called them to see if they would refund me the difference. They did!

Mark P

You called who? Dell? I did the exact same thing as you and am a bit peeved at the $20 price cut!


I ordered with Bose directly. I called them and the rep refunded me the $20 difference. He said I should see the refund in about 7 days. Fingers crossed!